Come What May

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Bella's POV

I wasn't very happy. I can't say that this wasn't news I had not been expecting, or at least dreading, but rather, that I had hoped to put off the inevitable. With trepidation I made my way from the downstairs office, slipping past the little used kitchen in order to get to the side of the wrap around porch that Esme had built onto this, the latest of our family homes.

I cast my eyes across the expansive yard and took in Emmett's large form far across the grassy clearing as he wrestled with my sons. Masen, almost Edward's doppelganger in size and shape but with my coloring, was lithe and fast, easily evading his uncles grasping hands. He had inherited his father's speed, surely, and he enjoyed making a game of it, currently using to his advantage to keep just a breadths hair away from his uncle's grasping hands.

It was amazing to have been able to watch my children grow up in such a short span of time. I had watched in just months as they had been born, weaned themselves in just weeks, and soon were walking and talking with the control and skill of any adult. It was actually a bit overwhelming.

Their bodies had grown rapidly, but not as rapidly as their minds. From birth Emma and Masen had been overwhelming in their abilities and perception, and just weeks after them came Matthew, and though he was far more quiet and reserved, he was just as amazing as they were. Though each was unique, they were as close as it was possible for three beings to be, they often preemptively knew what they the others were thinking.

I tried to push away those moments of memories, and instead focused on what was happening now. There was change in the air, and I was unsure if the changes were for the betterment of our children's lives, prophecies be dammed. I shook my head, letting my thoughts jumble as much as was possible for a vampire, and turned to watch the good natured fun as it continued. My beautiful daughter, Emma, watching her brothers as they tussled with their uncle.

Emma cheered along from the sidelines from where she sat with Rosalie while Matthew waited his turn to join in with the sparring. Emma had blossomed into a beautiful woman, her hair, much like Edward's in color had grown into a riot of curls that cascaded down her back. She was small of frame like me, but taller than I, and her smile never failed to bring many in return.

I watched as she and Rosalie, thick as thieves those two, seemed to whisper into one another's ears before they turned back to the match before them.

It was hard not to smile when I watched them distract Emmett just as it seemed he was about to finally catch Masen. Rosalie had called out to him asking him a question about lingerie just as his large hands were about to seize Masen's arm, causing him to swivel his head, totally distract by his other brain due to thoughts of his wife in lingerie.

His pouty face and plaintive whine almost caused me to let my turbulent emotions be temporarily soothed.

"Rosie, that's not fair!" He bemoaned in her direction.

"I didn't say you needed to look at me!" Rose countered, "I simply asked if you thought I should by the outfit in the catalogue with the crotch-less panties or without!" Rosalie quipped back, not an ounce of remorse in her tone.

"But baby," Emmett groused. "You know that I can't think of anything else when you say crotchless panties! Then all I can do is imagine you with nothing covering your-"

"I get it, Em!" Rosalie interrupted as my daughter giggled beside her, covering her face as she laughed.

"But I wanna get it too, Rosie…I want the crotch-less panties!" Emmet whined . "If I had to lose the match, the least you can do is let me win the panties!" Emmett complained so loudly he might as well have been next to me on the porch. Emmett's child like grousing was enough to turn the tone of the wrestling match from intense to jovial as he shuffled over to Rosalie to complain until she took pity on him, snuggling him close in her embrace.

My sons took their uncles departure in stride and Matthew, tossing his shirt, moved in and began to circle his brother to start the next match. I looked on, not wanting to break up their fun, choosing instead to wait for my beloved to arrive to have this crucial family conversation with him. I leaned gently against the wooden banister and watched as Matthew tried to pin his brother. The two were very well matched, both with Edward's broad shoulders and height, but Matthew was a bit stockier, and it sometimes gave him an advantage over his brother.

AS the games continued I became uncomfortable, Why had Marcus chosen today to make this decision? Could it wait? I became consumed with nerves, and finally in frustration I let my shield down to open my mind up to the one I loved more than life, needing his comfort now more than ever.

Edward…love are you almost home?

We had discovered through years of playing with my gift, that paired together we could touch each other's minds far beyond what Edward's gift usually allowed, as if our bond made the connections stronger. I wished he was close enough to respond, but at least he would know that I was here, and what was happening.

Marcus called…he said that it was time…he wants the children to go to Volterra.

A second later the screen door behind me slipped open, and clattered closed with a bang, and Alice's small form moved up beside mine at the railing.

"I thought I would let you know that Edward should be home in approximately 5 more minutes. He was halfway to Canada to hunt Pumas on his way home from visiting with Jenks, but he suddenly decided to forget it and come right back to the house. Anything you want to share?" She enquired her eyes watching the same heartwarming camaraderie across the field.

I shook my head no and she responded by nodding her head, her spiked locks fluttering around her face.

"I take it, that it has nothing to do with the large order of crotch-less panties that Emmett has decided to make?" she asks with a small chuckle.

I can't help return her giggle as I shake my head once more before speaking.

"I surely hope not!" I reply, still smiling amidst my worried thoughts. Alice nods once more, her smile softer as she turns to me, turning her back on the scene that I have used to try and distract myself.

"Just let us know if you want to share, were here for you, Bella." She says softly, not waiting for a response before gliding past me to head towards the playful group across the expanse of grass.

She knows I will tell her when I am ready, but for now she will wait, just as I will, for Edward needs to know first.