Come What May

Chapter 13

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An/ I have t say I am not sure if this story will be able to be completed, sad because I finally have inspiration to do it, but sad as I have now been diagnosed with issues with the nerves in my left hand, and early symptoms are appearing in my right hand as well. I had this bit already written so I will post it, and I will see what I can do as meds and therapy proceed. I promise not to stop it without warning, but I won't risk my hands for fan fiction…

Bella's POV

It was driving me crazy. I couldn't ask Edward if he knew where Matthew had gotten to, but I knew he was aware. If he gripped my hand any tighter it might start to crack under the intense pressure. His hair was tousled more than usual due to the fact that he was constantly running his fingers through it in his state of agitation.

We moved along with the congregation as I tried to decide what to do. The idea hit me quite simply.

"Edward?" I asked softly, knowing full well that every word I spoke would be overheard by those surrounding us.

"Yes, Love?" He asked, his voice tight with tension.

After we have Emma settled, I was wondering if you would be able to take me on a tour of the city... I've never been here, and I am sure the Rose, Jasper, Emmett, Alice and Carlisle can keep an eye on the boys." I said as I watched my husband's eyebrow twitch.

"Not that they need watching over, of course…their grown men." I added, knowing full well that Masen was listening closely.

"That sounds like something we could do?" Edward responded, his response sounding more like a question than an answer.

"Of course it is!" Alice interjected smiling. "You must show her the sights, the old and new parts of the city. Perhaps Bella will be able to understand why Matthew loves the old architecture so much." She added slyly.

Edward and I did not need to worry for ourselves, but we had to watch out for our children until we "Esme…Carlisle, Em…Rose, Could you keep your ears and eyes open while we're gone?" Edward asked. His intentions were clear, but Masen could not get upset as we had not actually asked them to watch over him specifically.

"Alright hon…let us go and see the sights…Alice…Jasper, perhaps you should come too?" I asked wanting to ensure we had help if we required it.

"Sure thing darlin'" Jasper said with a nod as he held his hand out to his mate.

"As long as Alley promises that we won't be spending too much time in the stores…I much prefer the sights to my credit cards being maxed out." He said with a chuckle.

"I promise to keep the shopping to a bare minimum Jazz, today will be all about the sights and sounds of Volterra. Though for the record, I doubt it would be possible for even me to max out your credit card." She said with a chuckle.

Our family could have been award winning actors for the performances we were putting on. For the next few minutes we rushed around getting coats and sweaters to use as props in the city, not wanting us to stand out more than our kind already did by not wearing appropriate gear for the weather. Our appearances stood out enough without us giving the humans more reasons to stop and stare.

A few moments later we were ready, and raring to go. With a last nod at Carlisle and a wave at Marcus we headed off. Our other children were safe, even if they were in turmoil. We had to find Matthew and bring him back so we knew he would be safe as well.

Sorry for the shortness, but I am only posting this because it was prewritten…better something than nothing.