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Chapter 4

The phone next to Toby's bed began to ring. Groggily, he got up and answered the call.


"Toby, sweetie, it's mom."

"Oh, hey mom," Toby said, just a little surprised.

"How's everything been?"

"Fine, my friend Vincent got married to his girlfriend a few days ago."

"How sweet; I wish could have been there. So, how's your special girl?"

"Mom…" Toby was slightly embarrassed. Even from far away she had that ability.

"Come on, how is she?" She was anxious to hear.

"She's been good."

"Good, I'd love to meet her."


"Matter of fact, I think I might do that."


"Your father and I haven't seen you in a while and we miss you. We've decided to come and visit. See how you've been doing."

"When will you be here?" Toby was getting nervous.

"Possibly tomorrow afternoon. Aren't you excited?"

"Yeah…" Something was bothering Toby.

"Can't wait to see you Toby! Bye!" Toby could now hang up. He lied down on the bed, now completely stressed out. It was nice that his parents were coming to see him, but that would mean they would meet Erica. His parents would meet her and expect their grandson sometime after: Problem is, explaining why there is no child yet, or even worse, telling his parents she was once a man. So many things could and possibly will go wrong.

"So now my parents are visiting tomorrow and will finally see Erica," Toby said, done telling what happened this morning.

"You have nothing to worry about. It's not like your parents will immediately know her secret," Jonny consoled.

"Yeah, but it won't be too long before they start wondering why she isn't pregnant yet."

"Geez Orlando, I guess this is what you mean by your friends 'having problems' huh?" Orlando's girlfriend, Lita said. She was sitting in Vincent's spot, since he and Katherine were spending some quality time together. Since she and Orlando were trying to give things a second chance, the first thing she should do is refresh her memory on just what kind of guy Orlando was: That meant hanging out with him at the bar. Jonny and Toby accepted her easily and were impressed with the fact that a (seemingly) fragile looking woman drank a beer like Orlando.

"Yeah, poor Toby is going through a lot right now; the little kid can't handle it," Orlando joked.

"Ha, ha, ha, very funny…I don't what to do…" Toby dropped his head on the table, just like Vincent used to do.

"You said you mother wanted her grandson to be blood-born, right?" Lita asked.

"Yeah…" Toby lifted his head off the table.

"Is that what you want?"

"…Honestly, one day, I just want to have a family, with Erica still in the picture."

"Then don't care about what your mother wants. She'll just have to deal with the fact that you will have an adopted child with Erica, because of her secret."

"…You're right. If my parents don't like it then fine. It's my life; I'll live it my way."

"That's the spirit Toby!"

"Saying you're going to do it is one thing…" Jonny said.

"Yeah…" Toby. "Still, I'm going to do it; somehow." Toby got up from the booth and went to Erica, who just finished taking an order from a customer.

"Hey Erica." Toby came up to her.

"Oh hey, what's up?" She was on her way to get the customer's drink.

"Well I just wanted to let you know my parents are coming to see me."

"That's cool. How long are they going to visit?"

"Don't know yet; all I know is that they're coming tomorrow."

"Okay…I uh guess they're going to see your friends, right?"


"And your girlfriend?" her voice went silent. She turned her head away from Toby. He held by her waist and turned her head towards him.

"It'll be okay."

"But what if they-"

"I'll handle it, don't worry." He kissed Erica on the lips. It really did feel right to kiss her for that one moment, despite the fact that there could probably be a huge problem with his parents about this. He was truly happy with her, no one could change that. He forgot all about her secret in that split second of a kiss and saw her as a woman, not a woman that used to be a man. Her eyes twinkled with hope after the kiss, trusting that Toby could take care of everything and had a smile on her face. She stroked Toby's cheek with the back of her hand.

"I trust you," she said softly.

"Hey Erica! Can I get my drink or what?" the customer yelled.

Erica giggled, "I better get a drink for this asshole."

"Okay, I'll let you get back to it." Toby walked away, but before he got back to the booth, he turned around and said to Erica, "Everything's going to be okay."

It was a late night at the Stray Sheep and Jonny was at the bar, but not by himself. He was accompanied by the girl he met at Vincent's wedding, Stacy. He didn't tell the group about this, because he didn't want the unneeded attention. This wasn't a date, just hanging out. She was quite different in personality than how she looked. At the wedding, she seemed very shy and fragile, but here she was very laid back and relaxed, almost like him. She told him how other girls say she doesn't act like a girl, when really; all she's trying to do is live her life the way she wanted to. The average girly persona just didn't do it for her.

"So you had a crush on your friend's girlfriend? That's rough," Stacy said taking a sip of sake.

"Yeah it was irritating. All that time I thought Vincent was cheating because he meant it, but when Boss explained he was the one to cause all of the confusion and Vincent…well…" Jonny kept quiet

"You forgave him?"

"Something like that. It still baffles me how he they got together after all that, but hey, I can't live in the past." Jonny had never really told anyone else about what Boss did to cause the mysterious deaths. Stacy was the first he ever told it to. He just had to vent it out somehow.

"Well out least Boss is paying for what he did and you and the other guys can live your lives without fear of those nightmares."

"We've changed Stacy. Orlando is trying to patch things up with his ex-wife, Vincent and Katherine are married, and Toby is in a relationship with Erica."

"So how have you changed?" Stacy asked, resting her chin in her hand.

"Just trying to find the right girl for me: I don't stay committed to a girl, unless I know that I will marry her someday. Unfortunately, that girl hasn't come along yet." Jonny took a sip of sake.

"I know what you mean. I don't go on dates with guys I'm not interested….Good thing I went on one with you."

Jonny nearly choked on his sake. "What?"

"Come on Jonny, did you really think you could get away with this not being a date?"

"I didn't even know you thought of it as a date."

"A woman knows. You started blushing when I came in and ever since then you've been nervous to talk to me. I can see by how your constantly taking sips of sake every time you finish talking."

"I do not." He unconsciously took a sip of sake and blushed. "Dammit."

"Lighten up," Stacy said giving him a friendly jab. "You're a cool guy and just the type of man I wanted to meet."

Jonny figured that if she was being honest, he might as well be.

"Well honestly Stacy, you're someone I can relate to and I like that."

She grinned, "Well with that out of the way, here's to a good date." She raised her sake cup. Jonny raised his in agreement and just as he lifted his arm, Stacy quickly kissed him on the cheek. Nearly dropping his cup he blushed deeply and looked dreamingly into her eyes.

He was glad he asked her out.

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