Chapter 100 The End is Just the Beginning

Naruto Namikaze fell down his knees as he held his bloody mangled arm, all around him were the remains of Sasuke's attempt to end his life. Lying dead on the field where not only the demon snake Sasuke but the three referees who only job was to stop something like this from happening. Suddenly a sound like breaking glass filled the air as Naruto looked up to see the chakra barrier which Sasuke had put up was shattering into pieces like a giant sheet of glass.

He started to stand up only to be forced back down as he felt a pair of hands on him. One of the hands moved to his bloody arm as instantly the feeling of cool healing chakra wash over his wound.

"Thank God your safe." stated Sakura as she applied even more chakra to Naruto's wound.

"And here I thought you would be calling me a Baka for getting hurt." Laughed Naruto as he turned his head slightly to look Sakura in the eyes. As the rest of his family plus his friends arrived, teams of demon feline warriors where busy making sure everything was normal as the few thousand people still in the stands stood and watched.

"There is a lot of time for that latter." explained Sakura as more medical foxes arrived to treat the wound.

"Naruto Namikaze, on behalf of the Feline Kingdom I apologize for what happened here." apologized King Gamba as he and Hinata moved toward Naruto. "I am sorry this happened."

"You are damn right you should be sorry!" yelled Seth Namikaze as he screamed with rage at the King of the strongest military in the world.

"It's alright Seth, there was nothing that he could have done to stop Sasuke." stated Naruto "Besides I am alright."

"I wouldn't say that, you should regain full muscle movement but it will always be weaker than your other hand." added a medical fox who had joined with Sakura in treating the wounds. "We have a better chance of making sure that doesn't happen if we get him to the hospital now."

"Agreed." stated Sakura as a stretcher came out to carry Naruto off the field however as the stretcher came a roar filled the air causing everyone to look up as suddenly a strange ship appeared in the sky over the stadium. It had long neck with a slanted front black glass front, a massive duel barrier chain gun located under it. It had a wider body with two wings coming off the sides ending with two giant engines which were now pointed down allowing it to hover two smaller set of wings came out from the engines. It had a long tail in the back with two smaller engines located on the side. The skin of the craft was painted black as two more crafts began to hover to the side of the first one.

"What the hell is that?" asked Gamba as his royal guards moved to protect him and Hinata as the first craft lowered itself to the ground spinning around so that the rear of the craft faced the group.

"Everyone prepare for combat!" yelled Itachi as the engines died.

"That ships belongs to the demon apes." stated Vachan as he looked at the craft

"But that is impossible there is only one of those left." stated Oda as she moved to stand beside her son as the rest of the leadership from every demon nation moved onto the field.

"What are you talking about? The Apes are dead." stated Gamba as he looked at Vachan and his mother.

"Well that isn't true there is one left and he decided to remain behind his nations boarders." stated Vachan

"Why wasn't I informed about this?" demanded Gamba

"You would have been in time but since it wasn't important and there was more pressing matters at hand it was decided that it could wait." explained Vachan

"So the Apes are alive?" asked Adria Namikaze

"Only one, those other crafts must be flying by computers." stated Vachan as the back ramp lowered as Vachan and the others came face to face with a line of six figures dressed in black armor and black helmets with a dark visor covering their faces. In their hands where strange weapons as they stepped off forming a semi-circle around the back of the craft. Three more figures slowly made their way off the craft two of them dressed in slimier outfits but in the center dressed in a black business suit and a large cane in his hand was the demon ape Dr. Winters.

"What are you doing here Dr. Winters?" demanded Vachan as the figure on his left moved out of formation and moved toward Naruto.

"I came to make a little announcement." stated Dr. Winters as the doctors around Naruto jumped back as the black dressed figure moved and knelt down beside Naruto. Naruto and Sakura almost said something until they both smelled a familiar scent coming from the figure. Everyone watched as the figure reached to its hip pulling a metal wand which was attached to a short line to a larger pack on its back.

"Hold still." ordered the figure in a female voice as she ran the wand back and forth over the arm as green energy radiated down. Everyone watched as the bloody mass which was Naruto's arm began a rapid healing process as new muscles grew and new skin before new fur grew out of the arm.

"There you go." stated the figure as she stood up.

"Thank you Shizune." thanked Naruto as everyone watched as the figurer touched the side of her helmet as the visor shot up showing the human face of the former aid to Lady Tsunade.

"No problem Naruto." confirmed Shizune

"Your human?" asked Gamba surprised

"Your point." Stated the other figure standing beside Doctor Winters as he took off his helmet to revival the copycat ninja of the Leaf, Kakashi Hatake. Slowly down the line all the other figures took off their helmets to revival that they were all humans.

"What are you doing with those humans?" demanded Vachan as he glared at Dr. Winters

"And why do they have your races weapons?" asked the horse leader as Doctor Winters grinned a bit.

"You claimed your humans and I have claimed mine." Explained Doctor Winters "See I always believed that we demons should have paid for our sins and just died out and let the humans forge their own path however that is no impossible. So I did the next best thing I saved the remaining humans and gave them something you never did."

"What?" asked Hinata

"A choice." explained Doctor Winters "You are looking at the inheritors of the demon ape nation."

"You gave them all your weapons?" exclaimed Queen Mother Oda remembering how the demon apes ended the last war within hours and now all those weapons where in the hands of humans.

"It is there weapons now don't worry I am advising them to focus on rebuilding their lives instead of living only for vengeance." explained Doctor Winters "They have their own new nation, the Human Nation."

"However if you do not free those older humans you didn't turn our new nation will wage war against you and with the technology we have now we will kick your buts." stated Kakashi

"You expect us to give in to you, you are humans." growled Vachan

"We will release any humans we have within two days." Stated King Gamba as Vachan looked at him.

"Thank you King Gamba." stated Kakashi as the humans began to fall back to the transport as the engines of the transport began powering up again kicking up dirt, everyone watched as the humans got back onto the transport before it took off leaving everyone standing there stunned.

"Ok, what happens next?" asked Sakura wondering where they go from here.

"I have no idea." admitted Naruto knowing that aside from saving the humans and the tournament those where now done.

"That is a simple question." stated Kushina Namikaze as her son and her future daughter-in-law "Live your lives."

"But first we need to award you and Queen Hinata with the champion metals." added Queen Mother Oda

"Mother, I think we have more important things to worry about first like taking care of the dead." Explained Gamba as he looked at the leaders of the snakes, horses and foxes who were moving toward their fallen, only Sasuke had no one around his body "It can wait."

"Very well." Stated Oda "However I believe under the rules since Sasuke didn't listen to the referees he is removed from the tournament meaning Itachi as third place takes the second place metal."

"I don't care about the metal." Stated Itachi as he moved to stand over his brother's body "I am just sorry it came to this."

"Are you upset over the lost of that monster?" asked Vachan to the personal guard of the King.

"He may have been a monster but he was still my little brother." explained Itachi as he looked up as his father and mother walked onto the field moving toward their fallen son.

"You helped murder my son." growled Fugaku Uchiha as he glared at his disowned son.

"He helped Naruto save his own life, if Sasuke had given up when he realized what he was up against with Naruto he would have lived." stated his wife Mikoto as she looked at her son's body "Our son was a monster and now all I can think about is how much the world is better now that he is gone."

"How can you say that?" demanded Fugaku "He was our son the monster is Itachi."

"Sorry my love but you have that backwards." stated Mikoto "What will happen to his body."

"Since he brought shame upon our nation by violating the rules of this tournament and killing one of our own he will have a funeral fitting a traitor." Stated Val as he slithered up toward Sasuke.

"And what is that?" asked Mikoto

"He will be left out in the forest and let the animals pick his bones clean." Stated Val as everyone eyes widened at the disrespect that was being shown. "Pity he was a great source of strength, we had hoped he would span a new strong den of snakes…well he does have a daughter maybe she will do it in time."

"Is that all that matters to you?" snapped Mikoto

"It is." admitted Val as he slithered away as more snakes arrived to carry away the Sasuke's body however missing from the group was Sasuke's mate and daughter.

"Let's get out of here." offered Naruto as he placed his arm over Sakura's shoulder as he and his family and friends left the arena.

Five years later

Naruto sat at the kitchen table waiting for his mother to finish making Sunday morning breakfast for her family. Sitting nearby with a newspaper in his hands.

"I see even the paper has gotten word about the buildup of forces on the wolf/feline boarder." stated Naruto as he read the front page of the Sunday paper.

"True." stated Minato "And if there is a war you can bet that we will be one the feline side."

"Well it isn't that surprising since we are carrying out a joint military training exercise next month." stated Naruto knowing that since it was well known that he is a 15th tailed fox that he would play a large part in the training exercise.

"Personally I am just happy they are finally stopped talking about the New Prince of the Feline." Stated Seth knowing that for the past month the newspapers had been talking almost none stop about the newborn son of King Gamba and Queen Hinata.

"As much as I hate to agree with my little brother it is getting a little tired of the constant coverage of the little lion." added Adria as the now 21 year old red vixen leaned back a bit in her chair "Then again he is the first Prince and next in line for the Throne. Also he is kind of adorable in the baby sort of way."

"So what are you plans for the rest of the day Adria?" asked Kushina as she walked forward carrying a large stack of pancakes.

"I have a babysitting mission for Jiraiya and Tsunade in the evening other than that nothing much." explained Adria as she leaned back a bit in her chair before looking at her older brother "And where is your mate anyhow?"

"Sakura-chan is coming off a six night stretch at the hospital." explained Naruto knowing that his now wife had been working the night shift to make up for two of the other doctors being out on maternity leave.

"So son what do you have planned today?" asked Minato as he looked at his oldest son. He hadn't changed much since he was turned but since one year for a human was almost a million years for a demon it wasn't surprising.

"Some light personal training before running Seth and the rest of his squad through some exercise before we go to this joint military training." explained Naruto as looked at his 18 year old brother, he was now a full grown black demon fox and apart from the fact he was a hair shorter than his big brother and his fur color he was a perfect match to Naruto and Minato.

"Great I am so looking forward to that." complained Seth as he rolled his eyes a bit.

"Morning, Sakura." said Kushina suddenly as Naruto turned around to see Sakura climbing up the stairs.

"Sakura-chan I thought you would be asleep?" stated Naruto as he looked at the beautiful vixen which was all his. She had her hands behind her back as she moved out into the living room.

"I plan to take a nap but there is something I have to tell you." said Sakura as Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"What is it?" asked Naruto unaware that behind Sakura's back in her hands was a positive home pregnancy test

Well I hoped you enjoyed this story from start to end, it was fun writing this story and while I know some may want more from this story as in a sequel I currently have no plans to do such things. In fact I am happy with leaving some questions unanswered and let you the readers dream up different answers. Now I thank you all for reading and I hope you read some of my other stories. Thanks Wilkins75