laughing in the daylight, dancing at night

She laughs, as golden sunshine reflects off her golden hair and makes the golden wheat all around her seem to glow with radiance, though nothing can beat the brilliance of her smile.

They are walking, hands entwined as they always are and always should be, moving slowly along a path that winds its way through a vast field of grain. Each soft summer breeze causes the stalks to dip and sway, whispering and rustling all around them.

He can't help but smile, just because she is. If 'heaven' isn't this, he doesn't ever want to be there, because this is all he needs. Her hand in his, her expression bright and joyous, that cheeky little smile so familiar beaming up at him.

They twirl about the room, and his old girl hums in contentment as she dims the lights. The pair giggle, the moonlight serenade plays on, and they glide around in never-ending circles, their bare feet tracing patterns on the wooden floor. Above them, the ceiling is shining glass, revealing stars and planets as they pledge to dance on each and every one, allowing soft starlight to gather in pools around them, forming shadows that they waltz right through. They leave trails of blazing light in their wake, and the echoes of their laughter chase the remnants of darkness away.

Inspired by "The Bird and the Worm" by Owl City. I don't own the characters or the song.