Daniel sat on the steps of his porch watching the sunrise. It was still warm enough to sit outside, but he could feel the chill of winter coming on. "Want some coffee." His wife said handing him a cup.

Startled, he looked up at her and then took the cup she handed him. "You know, you can sneak up on a man better than a Shawnee brave." He told her.

Smiling, she sat down next to him. "Well, I hope you pay better attention, when you are in Shawnee country." She said.

"I reckon I better." He agreed. They sat together in companionable silence watching the day begin. After a time, Israel rushed past them and she called after him, "Wash your face too!" He came back after a few minutes with a face still dripping and walking oddly. He sort of shuffled past them sideways.

"Morning, Ma." He said sweetly and then rushed towards the door. Without even looking up, his mother said, "Stop right there mister. She pointed her long arm at him. "If you think you are taking that toad into my house, you've got another think coming!"

He sighed. "Aw, Ma, I was just going to show him to Mima and Katie!"

"I've no doubt of that." She pointed her arm the other direction, towards the creek. "March!"

He hung his head and started past her, the toad no longer hidden. He got to the bottom step and then stopped suddenly and doubled back to her.

"I'm sorry Ma." He said looking straight into her eyes. She smiled and ruffled his hair. "Get that toad away from me." She said with a laugh. He leaned in and gave her a kiss before he ran off to the creek.

She rose, and reached for her husband's hand. "C'mon, I'll fix you breakfast and then I can make sure your pack is ready."

"Am I going somewhere?"

"Well, I'm sure you need to. Isn't there something you need to trap or hunt or blaze? Some helpless folks to rescue? You know you've been home for nearly five months straight."

"Tired of me?" He asked. "I always said you would be if I stuck around." He followed her in to the cabin.

"No chance of that. Taim i ngra leat." She said wrapping her arms around him. "But I know who I married. I know you're going after them - maybe not this trip. But you will go some time. Just promise me that you'll come back again. You've never broken a promise to me yet." She looked up into his green eyes. He smiled at her, and standing on tiptoe she kissed him.

"I promise." He said. "But I'm not going anywhere today. How's that go? Ta mo chroi istigh ionat." He lifted her up and kissed her right back. Setting her down he said, "Now if you don't mind, my own inouin, I've got chores." He winked at her and disappeared out their door.