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The buffalo skin boots pounded against the cold forest floor, the smaller animals scurrying away from the fast moving bodies. Terror showed in their black eyes. They ran as fast as their legs could take them. Not fast enough. Above the overhanging trees was a dragon and its rider. The dragon, black as night and the rider, a malicious looking man wearing armor that matched the color of his dragon. It flew through the skies, watching them, tracking them. One tripped, they knew it was the end. Falling to the ground, the other hung back, trying to raise the other. A boy and girl, sibblings it seemed, as they looked so similar. The boy had fallen. How ironic is it that it happened to be a clearing, admitably one with more obsticles to trip on, yet the perfect area for a large animal to take solace. The dragon rider, taking notice of this, instructed his dragon to swoop down. Its large paws crushing and pounding the sticks and dried leaves littering the clearing. The rider hopped off, his large, steel toe-ed boots cracking twigs as he swiftly made his way across the area to come to a stop in front of the fallen boy. The girl looked up in fear, knowing the chance of survival with this meeting. The fallen one turned onto his back and glared threateningly up at their hunter. He stepped forward drawing a sword from his belt and pressing the tip to the girls chin.

"Tell me where they are. Or she dies." He spoke through a closed jaw, displaying his anger to them in body language. He pressed the tip harder, drawing crimson droppes from under her turquose skin.

The dark clouds above moved swiftly accross the sky as the wind picked up, causing their white hair to whip around haphazardly. They didn't seem fazed by this, as they were locked in an intense staring contest, not lifting their gaze. The cold night air pricked their skin, raising goosebumps. The clouds shook and groaned above them. They knew it wouldn't be long untill they opened up and let the rain fall.

With one word, the almost calm of the forest broke. "No." It was spoken with such power and finality that it lit a fire in the evil rider's belly. With another word, that fire grew to dangerous heights that burnt and scorched all it touched. "Never."

He turned his sword on the speaker, a venomous glint in his eyes. He grabbed the boy by the shirt and pulled him up. He pulled his hand back and beckoned his dragon closer. They knew it wasn't going to be a fun night.

"Why do we have to wait for the rain to stop? It can't last much longer, it's been like this all night!"

"Trust me, Blackhawke, we will take our leave soon, for I have seen the rain ending soon. While we wait why don't you gather your supplies and make sure you have all that you need."

Blackhawke sighed before turning and making his leave. "You better be right, Uldar, or there will be some serious ass-kicking later!" He called back as he headed up the stairs of the inn. Uldar stood in the lounge as he listened to his friend leave the room. He chuckled softly to himself as he heard Aquella walk into the room.

"Are you two leaving anytime soon or am I going to have to call in a guardian to do this job?" There was a humerous edge to her claim, as she sat on the stool closest the the fireplace. Uldar sat down as well, waiting for Blackhawke to reenter the room.

"Very funny, becuase I'm sure those boneheaded guardians would know where to get magma leaves! The only thing they're really good for is protection and battle!"

"Oh don't be so spitefull," she said. "It wouldn't hurt to cut them a little slack once in a while! They're just trying to be the best they can be. You musn't be so critical of the way they do things! Who knows? They might just save your life one day."

Uldar pondered this for a moment, but was cut off before he could reply by Blackhawke's shout of 'No Twig! It's my fish! Stay out of my room!' followed by multiple thumping sounds unique the that of a moglin being kicked down the stairs. Uldar groaned slightly before raising himself from the stool and bid his farewell to Aquella, who politely said her goodbyes as well.

Uldar left the room and came to a stop in the main room where he saw Yulgar and Hans standing behind the counter shaking their heads with slight smiles on their faces. Blackhawke came down the stairs soon after, carrying a bag and some supplies. He scratched his scar and turned to the fallen moglin on the foot of the steps. He glowered down at it and turned his head to Uldar. They both left the room and headed towards the nearby forest. As they entered the first gathering of trees, they both noticed the earieness of the forest and the lack of immedeate wildlife. Uldar paused for a moment, before heading in a certain direction. Blackhawke, not sure of the crazy blind man's choice in direction, followed anyway, knowing full well of the sage's abilities.

After many minouts of walking towards an unknown destination, they came to a stop in a desicrated clearing. The trees were burnt and toppled over, the ground was torn up and scorched, with randome large holes in the earth. The entire scene had a sad tone to it, the death and destruciton of such beautiful wildlife. Both the sage and the fighter knew something was terribly wrong for it wasn't common for a part of the forest to be blown up like this. Blackhawke walked around for a bit, searching for anything that could hint at how and why this happend as Uldar felt the trees in an attempt to hear what they had to say. They were much to scared to listen to his comforting at the moment so he turned away and waited for Blackhawke to say something, anything helpful. Shock overcame Blackhawke though as he cried out for Uldar to join him over by a pile of rubble. Uldar quickley scurried over, a frown marring his face as he knelt down beside Blackhawke.

Blackhawke pulled things away from the pile like broken twigs and scorched leaves. What it revealed was quite curious. There lied two children, both with odd turqoise skin and snow white hair. They wore clothes fit for riders of some sort. They were both badly injured, blood still flowing freely from the cuts that marred their skin. Blackhawke raised the boy in his arms, holding him carefully as to not jostle him too terribly and watched as Uldar did the same with the girl. They hurried back to Battleon with their cargo, completely disregarding their earlyer mission.

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