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Of Memories and Faces

Thump, thump, thump. The two odd children wondered if the entire room could hear their pounding hearbeats. Tez staired at the bronze handle as it turned agonizingly slow. He couldn't stop himself, his over anxious mind began shutting down. He was pushed into his mindscape as he felt himself get overstressed.

Warm colors. They swam together in the sky above, red, yellow, orange, gold, all mixing and twisting together. The trees were a resplendant purple surrounded by blue and indigo grass that swayed in the gentle breeze. The sun, if it could even be called so was completely jet black. The odd thing about that was it still produced a very light shade of grey that shined down on the multicolored landscape. A thin, pure white river flowed in the distance, pushed along by the breeze. It seemed to be sometime in the spring, yet felt as though it were fall.

What...is going on? The thought seemed to be amplified in the air by an omnipresent force causing Tez to look around in surprise as he recognized that as his own voice yet knew he hadn't spoken a word. Turn around, Tez, the voice spoke once more. This surprised Tez even more, for he had thought the other sentence, yet this hadn't been a conciouse thought.

Tez spun on his heel to come face to face with a large, two headed snake. Their beady, ruby read eyes glistened in the grey lighting as it watched Tez. He could've sworn one of them smirked before the left head opened it's mouth and swollowed him whole. Blackness swirled around him as he opened his mouth to scream, yet nothing came out.

After a few minutes of the swirling darnkness, he hit a familiar hardwood floor. He got up and glanced around the small room, not recognizing it at first since it seemed so much bigger. He got an odd feeling and, slightly panicked, peered down at himself. Now thouroughly freaked out, he found out that he was now six and in a very familiar situation. It all came back to him in that moment, everything he had went through in that bloodsoaked room. It litterally had blood stains on the walls, he gazed at a few more familiar ones: the far corner behind spooky the spider's spider web, around loose board in the floor, and the one covered by a map of the town.

The rumbling of thunder almost drowned out the pounding footsteps. Almost. They stopped outside the door, followed by it practically being pulled straight off the rusty hinges. A man stood in the doorway, his scaly blue skin stood out underneath his signiture smooth black armor which covered his broad shoulders, slim wrists and forearms. He also had a pure white cloth around his waist seccured with a belt. His black hair had a greasy sheen to it, his grey horns protruding from his forehead. His square jaw was clenched as his beady reddish-brown eyes were squinted, glaring at Tez.

"What do you think you're doing? Have you done any work at all today? Your sister has been cleaning up the house all day and you're laying in bed? Stop being such an ungreatful failure and go help her clean! Foolish child." The large, scaly man turned sharply on his heel to exit the room. The actions of a man reflects on his children. Tez always remembered sitting alone in that room. Just sitting. He thought, about things that mattered and things that didn't matter. What he was going to do the next day and what he would do if he ever got out of that opressive household.

The blue man faded to mist, as did the room around Tez. He couldn't get the footsteps out of his mind. He could always tell when his father was going to come up to his room and yell at him. Tez didn't want to remember, no he wanted nothing more than to forget.

He suddenly remembered where he was and the strange man coming up the stairs. He exited his mindscape and watched as the door opened, he had apperently only been in his mind for a few seconds.


Blackhawke knew the sound of Yulgar's feet when he heard it. The giant brute was never one for stealth. Blackhawke wondered why the room had gone so silent , it was just Yulgar. He was sure they knew, becuase everyone knew when Yular was out and about.

He turned his attention back on the children after Yulgar entered and noticed the looks on their faces. Upon the smooth face of Adel was a troubled expression. It showed pain, and sympathy, but for whom? Blackhawke guessed for her brother, most likely becuase she had been staring at him for a good majority of the time.

Tez had a look on his face that Blackhawke didn't liek very much. He was distant. He was distancing himself from the situation, but what situation was that? Why was Adel looking at him like that as well? It made no sense to Blackhawke, one so young should never wear such an expression. A curious pair, these two make. A curious pair indeed.

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