The Co-op Bots

Chapter 4: More Genius Decisions

Wheatley had been working with the Frankenturrets for quite a time by now. The initial design, which was two turrets on a cube, remained unchanged. The test was also principally the same, but because of the concept of beginner's success, the Frankenturrets were no longer able to accomplish their one and only purpose, which was to walk onto buttons.

Of course, the last thing he expected was for two human-sized robots coated in blue to fly in all of a sudden. What did they think they were, rockets from space?

The robotic disaster-causers then bounced all over getting half the panels in the room they were dropped in destroyed and half coated in blue as well (think 25% of them were undamaged). Wheatley immediately found the hydrogen peroxide and made the robots as white as Conversion Gel, dropping them somewhere else, and rebuilt his test, keeping the blue walls that made the turrets bounce.

Though, Wheatley didn't know about the gels. Even though he was probably a former Aperture employee, as a personality core he was forced to forget all he thought he knew about himself.

As it was absolutely predictable, the bots were on another chamber. The one with the floaty light tunnel. That made you float. Even though Wheatley's way of speech didn't fit here, as Wheatley didn't give a second thought about the two "test subjects" in huge quotation marks and just wanted to test the Frankenturrets. Even if, seemingly, they didn't cure the itch.

The test also was one of the simpler ones. Throw around the funnels, carrying the monstrosity of a cube that isn't the Sentient "Companion" Cube and get to open the door. It corresponded to Wheatley getting SLIGHTLY better, but not enough to have him be distracted from his mad sciences. This was bad.

ATLAS and P-body needed Wheatley's attention.

Until they solve this more complex chamber with black walls and floaty light tunnels. Or Excursion Funnels. They were just another test element that may be useful in real life, but it was damned to be stuck forever in the asylum of Aperture Science.

Author's whatevers do I look like I care?: You know which story the hydrogen peroxide part is from. For the next sentence, let's assume I don't. Review this story, and tell me whose genius I'm stealing.