This is just the prolog. I'm a horrible person so it may or may not be good but at least I'll update this story! ENJOY!

I was bored and tired. Bored out of my mind and body and tired of dealing with this. I hate Axel, Andy, Sora, Riku, and my father. I really hate that Lanerx.

But now that I thought about, maybe I really hated myself more then them. I looked at the white pills in my hand. Enough to kill two people I think. If I was gone then Axel and Lanerx could be happy together. And I would be gone.

I grabbed my sleeping pills from my bathroom. I sat in front of my bed and looked at the bottle in my hands.

My phone jars me from my thoughts. I pull it out and it's Axel calling. I put the phone down next to me and ignore him.

I pour the little white pills into my hand and glance at the still ringing phone.


I put the pills into my mouth.

DUH DUH DUH! Look forward to the rest!