I silently lurk into the living room. Its small, blue, green, and smells like beer and cigs. Damn too late.

I tiptoe to through the kitchen and up down the hallway. I pause next to my dad and Sora's rooms. I can hear Sora whimpering. DAMMIT!

'I'm sorry Sora…' I slide that note under his door and move to Dad's door.

'Die you dirty, drunken, bastard.' I slide that under his door.

I creep to my room and lock it. I sigh then go out to the roof through my window.

I don't sleep or eat much. I most likely should but no. Those things have no value to me. I need to protect Sora. That's all I'm here for.

My dad became a drunk 2 years back. Mom was alive then. He started beating her and she knew I knew. But she told me to be quiet and protect Sora. She died after a year. I've stayed true to my promise.

I fall asleep on the roof around 3 am.

When the sunrises I hop back into my room and get ready for school. I walk to Sora's room and knock. I don't hear anything so I brace myself and open the door.

LE GASP! I'm awful xD ANYWAY! What will happen?

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