Crack. Pure crack. This is M (the writer), with the question: why does everyone forget about this article of clothing when writing smut?

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Sasuke pressed his lover down into the bed, kissing him fiercely as he moved his fingers teasingly inside of the moaning blonde. They were both stripped of any clothing as their bodies slid against each other. Sharigan whirled as Sasuke watched intently as Naruto purred and panted with pleasure.

"Come on Sasuke, please," Naruto whimpered, blue eyes desperate. "I need you!"

Groaning, Sasuke consented. "Alright beautiful." He slicked himself up with lube, reveling at the thought of being inside the hot, tight heat that was his boyfriend. Sliding his hand down, he pulled Naruto's leg up to hook around his waist-

And paused.

"Naruto," he murmured dangerously, "Why are you wearing socks?"

Naruto blinked, attempting to shake the haze of lust from his mind. "Umm... because you didn't take them off?"

Sasuke growled, displeased with the man's weak answer, "Naruto, you mean you were intending to keep your dirty, stinky socks on during sex."

Utterly unable to understand how hot, steamy groping had turned into this, Naruto flailed for an answer. "I don't know! I just forgot! 'Cause you got the rest of my clothing and there just wasn't any time to be like, 'Hey, Sasuke, I need to take my socks off'! Besides, old, married couples don't bother taking off their socks during sex all the time!"

Sasuke stared. "Did you just compare us to an old, married couple, dobe?"

Naruto gulped. Not good. "Yes?"

A moment of silence.

Then Sasuke climbed off him. "You've ruined the mood. I'm going to go shower."

"Sasuke! They're just SOCKS!"


Well... Yeah. Came to me in math class... And I wrote it while very awkwardly shielding my paper from prying eyes.

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