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Klaus, Stefan, Damon, Elena, Rebekah, Caroline, Alaric, Elijah and Tyler were sitting in a circle and they were all drunk.

Stefan was the first to spin the bottle. It stopped and pointed to Elijah. Elijah cracked a coy smile as Klaus' jealous stare burned holes in his soul. Stefan, completely drunk, giggled and without arguing or leaving any place to others commenting, leaned in to give Elijah a short peck on the lips. They both laughed after the kiss like it's the most casual, heterosexual thing in the world. But Klaus smiled dangerously.

"It's a good thing I am hard to kill." Elijah said without making eye contact.

"Indeed it is." agreed Klaus as he watched Elijah take his turn to spin the bottle.

The bottle pointed to Elena and Elijah stared at her for a second with hesitation and amazement. She looked so relaxed and she just got up on her knees and reached her hands to grab his face. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him fully.

Even Stefan found himself intrigued by them and then he shook his head.

"Naah...too awkward."

Klaus was amused by the kiss and he looked at Stefan to catch his reaction and laughed when he saw him look away.

"Shut up". Stefan stuck out his tongue and Klaus couldn't help but feel enthusiastic about his turn coming.

Elena grinned, pleased with herself as she sat back in her place, next to Damon. Damon whispered something to her ear and she frowned, slapping his arm with mock annoyance.

Stefan ignored this too. Elijah bit his lip as Alaric, who was sitting right next to him realized that he had no chance what so ever for his bottle to point to Elijah. For some reason that bugged him. He got up with an excuse to get more bourbon, with Damon requesting a glass for himself too.

Elena spinned the bottle so fast it turned and rolled as everyone waited to see to whom it would point.

And the bottle stopped, pointing to Caroline.

Damon sighed. Tyler and Stefan raised their eyebrows as they watched the girls with anticipation.

Caroline smiled.

"You did it on purpose." she said cheekily.

Elena smiled back without saying anything and moved closer to the center of the circle.

Alaric came back with two glasses and handed one to Damon. Damon grabbed the glass without looking and just pointed to him to sit down and watch.

Caroline pushed her hair back and gently pulled Elena to herself as she felt the men and Rebekah watch them intensely.

Klaus stared at the blonde vampire kissing Elena softly and felt a different kind of jealousy burning him. He pushed back the intense desire to kiss Caroline and watched her smile while the kiss ended. Both Caroline and Elena giggled.

Stefan decided this kiss was a lot better than the previous one, but he did his best to hide his pleasure while Tyler simply asked:

"HEY. Why'd you guys stop?"

"Because it's the rule. They kiss, they don't make out." Rebekah explained.

"I just think we can change some rules for some people." Tyler grinned.

Caroline shook her head at Tyler and spinned the bottle. When it pointed to Damon she spinned it again without hesitation.

"Hey! You cheated!" Damon protested.

"I couldn't spin it properly." Caroline replied.

"Whatever, see if I care." Damon shrugged.

Elena laughed at him being offended. But like everyone she excused Caroline cheating, considering the past relationship the two had.

"You can't do it again though." Stefan whispered to Caroline.

The bottle pointed to Damon again.

"Really?" Caroline squeaked.

Damon smirked.

"Oh no." he said with a deadpan expression. "What should we do?"

Caroline huffed.

"Alright, let's get it over with." She stood up.

Damon got up and put on his careless, bored face before he grabbed Caroline and kissed her.

Everyone watched the angsty kiss with curiosity and other mixed feelings.

Damon kissed Caroline passionately but tenderly. Which caught Caroline off guard to says the least. She put her hands against his chest and stared up at him when he pulled back, realizing he was holding her in his arms.

Damon let go of her.

"This was better than the ones we shared before. You're learning, blondie." he said as he returned to his place.

She frowned.

"Maybe it's you who is learning." she said as she sat back.

"What does that even mean-?" Damon made a face but Elena cut in:

"-Please? Can we continue? Damon. It's your turn."

"Oh, OK." He spinned the bottle a little too fast and it stopped in front of Klaus.

"That's a No." Damon shook his head.

"I'm not kissing the lonely hybrid. You're not making me."

"What is it, Damon? Afraid you might like it?" Klaus asked. It's not like he wanted it any more than Damon did but what the hell. They were playing a game.

"No, I just think you're the biting type." Damon stated.

"Rules are rules Damon. Kiss him." Stefan said with his best serious face.

"Yeah, Damon. You have to do it." agreed Tyler.

"Exactly." Caroline and Rebekah said at the same time and laughed.

"Just do it Damon." Alaric chimed in.

"Really? You're in this with them?" Damon stared at him with honest disappointment.

Alaric raised his eyebrows.

"Just kiss the man."

Damon looked at Klaus.

"Alright. It's a good thing you're a looker." He said. He got up once again and stood on his knees. Klaus appreciated the trusting, submissive and unexpected approach and caught Damon's lips between his. Damon pulled back a few seconds later.

"I don't want us to do this long enough for me to start enjoying it." He said before getting up.

Klaus laughed. "I am not sure we had to continue for you to like it. I could hear that moan making its way out of your lips."

The girls snorted and started to laugh as Tyler and Elijah chuckled with amusement. Alaric and Stefan tried their best to restrain themselves but it was useless.

Damon ignored everyone because if not he knew he would kill them all for laughing. Well, at least he would try. He sat next to Elena who was holding her sides as she laughed.

"Well, I hope you enjoyed it, that was the only treat you're getting from me, ever." Damon sassed at Klaus, who pouted in return.

Stefan playfully hit him on the arm.

"Stop it."

"Jealous?" Caroline teased Stefan.

Alaric sighed.

"Maybe we should stop playing."

"You are only saying that because you don't want to kiss my brother." Rebekah smiled cockily.

"Which brother?" Alaric mumbled as Tyler talked over him:

"Yeah man, no running back now."

"I'll remind you that when you have to kiss me." Alaric said calmy as he took a sip from his glass.

Tyler turned his head to the side as if he was trying to get the image out of his head.

"It's your turn." Damon said to Klaus. He kept frowning so Elena playfully nudged him on the arm and tried to get his attention. Damon rolled his eyes and made a face at her. She laughed.

Klaus spinned the bottle with great concentration.

Everyone kept silent.

The bottle stopped and pointed to Tyler.

"Huh? How the hell did that happen? I am sitting right next to you."

"It's not exactly impossible." Rebekah mocked.

"I am not big on kissing men either." Klaus explained. "But these, are the rules."

"Yeah and you were beyond OK with them earlier." Alaric pointed out to Tyler, grinning.

"Yes, thank you." Tyler said shortly before he suggested:

"So Caroline did it once. How about we all have one chance to say no too?"

"No, you didn't let me do it!" Damon objected.

"You didn't exactly ask." Alaric said.

"Yeah, especially not like Tyler did." Klaus agreed.

"He has a point. It would only be fair." Stefan added.

"What? Why does the wolf boy and the barbie get to choose but not me?" Damon barked.

"Alright, one more spin." Elena said to Klaus.

"I feel rejected." Klaus mocked and Tyler laughed.

"No offense man, If I were a girl, you'd so get it." He laughed and Klaus chuckled.

"You should just kiss him if you're gonna keep sucking up to him." Damon suggested.

The bottle stopped spinning and pointed to Elena.

"Me? I am getting tired." Elena sighed and laughed. Klaus shrugged and gave her a smile.

Elena walked on her hands and gave him a soft, quick peck on the lips. It wasn't all that bad. He was leaning back on his arms and he didn't change his position. They both smiled after the kiss and Elena turned back next to Damon.

"Your turn!" Caroline said and Elijah rolled the bottle towards Elena.

Elena spinned the bottle.

The bottle pointed to Rebekah.

"Can I choose someone else?" Rebakah asked.

"Fine by me." Elena shrugged.

"No, it's Elena's turn." Damon grabbed the bottle.

"Kiss her, come on."

"No, she can have it." Elena said. "I have kissed enough people."

"So, I'd like to kiss Tyler." Rebekah exclaimed. Tyler raised an eyebrow.

"You can't choose like that. The bottle chooses for you." Damon emphasized

"But why not? It's boring." Rebekah pouted.

"Just spin the bottle then." Damon handed her the bottle.

"Just like a little kid." Klaus said before taking the wine bottle from Stefan and drinking.

"Maybe we should stop playing?" Alaric suggested one more time.

And the bottle stopped and pointed to Alaric.

"Here you go." Tyler grinned.

"Thank you… Alright. Let's do this." Alaric turned to Rebekah.

Stefan laughed at Alaric's emotionless voice and face.

Rebekah frowned.

"Do I have to kiss the alcoholic one?"

"Could be worse." Damon stated. "Could be one of your brothers."

Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah made voices equally expressing their disgust.

"Damon, ew." Elena hit him on the arm.

"What? Could happen. Of course we wouldn't force you to kiss them. No one wants to see that." Damon said nonchalantly.

"So are we going to kiss or what?" Alaric asked. Rebekah leaned in and held his chin as she kissed his lips. Alaric caught her bottom lip between his lips and kissed her softly.

"Good kisser, though." Rebekah remarked as she pulled back.

"Thank you." Alaric winked at her.

Tyler laughed.

"I love this guy."

"Do you love me enough to kiss me?" Alaric asked smiling warmly. "Because it's my turn to spin it."

"Oh no." Tyler closed his eyes. "Please no."

Alaric spinned the bottle and it pointed to Caroline.

Tyler sighed with relief.

Alaric thought this was too inappropriate for a second but then again he was too drunk to care now. Or ever.

Caroline walked on her hands like Elena and pulled his face closer. Then she kissed him slowly. She had drunk a little too much as the game progressed so she cared a lot less right now. She sucked and nipped on his lips. And then she pulled back.

"That was longer than necessary." Tyler said, annoyed.

"Yeah?" Caroline shrugged.

Stefan nodded, smiling.

Alaric hadn't landed on earth yet so there was no response on his part. Elijah waved his hand in front of him.

Caroline spinned the bottle. It spinned and it spinned…then it stopped.

And pointed to Klaus.

Caroline smiled and with one quick move she sat on Klaus' lap. Klaus thought she resembled a pretty cat asking for affection. He kissed her the moment she reached for his face. Her hands went to his neck and than to his hair. He deepened their kiss, parting her lips with his tongue and tasting the cherry wine in her tongue. God, she was sexy.

"AHEM!" Tyler cleared his throat.

Caroline was lost in haze when she opened her eyes wide at the sound. Klaus licked his lips, watching the little light in her eyes. Then he let go of her. She stood up and slowly walked over to Rebekah and sat down. Klaus wanted to taste more but it seemed, it had to wait.

Alaric took another sip from his glass.

"That was intense."

Caroline bit her lip.

"Your turn, brother." Rebekah reminded Klaus.

Damon and Elena were whispering back and forth.

"Anything you want tos hare with the class?" Alaric asked.

They ignored him.

Klaus spinned the bottle, wanting it to point to Caroline again. Would it raise suspicion?

It stopped at Alaric.

"Wrong brother." Alaric sighed.

"You don't really have a crush on Elijah, do you?" Stefan wondered.

"No it's just that if I had to choose, you know." Alaric said matter of factly.

"Alright, Beka had her choice. It's only fair." Klaus pushed the bottle towards Alaric.

"Oh, so I spin…" Alaric spinned the bottle.

Elijah sighed when it pointed to him.

"It seems I am the lucky brother."

Alaric sat up.

"It's OK if you don't want to."

"Dude, don't be a loser. Kiss the guy. He wants it too."

Stefan laughed at Tyler's bro talk.

It all went right over Alaric's head. He only had eyes and ears for Elijah right now.

"Well, you have pretty hair." Alaric said as Elijah laughed.

Elijah kissed Alaric but the contact was short. His kiss didn't linger. It was a quick, sweet peck.

"That was manly." Alaric remarked and Stefan burst out laughing.

"It was actually OK to watch too." Tyler stated.

"Everyone has kissed everyone, can we go to sleep now?" Damon asked.

"Alright, we'll play again tomorrow." Said Elena.

"So who kissed the most?" asked Stefan.

"Elena." Caroline stated.

"No, Caroline." Elena objected.

"Klaus." Tyler suggested.

"It certainly wasn't me." Rebekah yawned.

"Or me." Elijah nodded.

"I was certainly happy to watch." Stefan said as he lay down on the floor.

"I am not playing again." Damon whined.

"You mean tonight, but tomorrow we'll continue." Alaric teased.

Klaus didn't say a thing. He was going to play again, but not with them.

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