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Allison Cameron was an enigma if nothing else. She was actually a really good secret keeper and she hid a lot from House and the rest of the team. She told Chase that she was a five on the Kinsey scale, and he just happened to be one of the 'incidently's that she encountered. She only told him because they dated, and when he purposed she knew she had to back of that ship before it set sail…

She wasn't the marrying type… At least not after her husband. She couldn't put herself there ever again. She could however, 'live in sin' as her mother loved to remind her of every time she told her about a new girlfriend..or the incidental boyfriend. And every time she asked her mother if she wanted her to just keep her private life private, her mother would respond with, 'No Honey, I want to know who's special in your life…I just like it better when they are the right gender…' At this point, Allison would generally roll her eyes and shake her head. She'd tell her mother that she was who she was and nothing was going to change her.

It was after one of these conversations that she felt the need to go to a lesbian bar and get her dance on…Actually…she always felt like that after talking to her mother…especially when she told her about Chase. She just about dumped him for the night and went to find the hottest chick she could pick up then fuck her until the morning hours…then tell Chase she was sorry, tell him what she did the night before and move on..however her moral code would not allow her to do such things, so she just fucked him the entire night, pretending that he was a hot Australian, blonde woman with a strap-on calling out her name…like Rachael Taylor or someone just as attractive….—THAT is SO NOT the point…

She had just hung up with her mom, and she was needing to get her rebellious dance on…it's like she grew up in the town Footloose took place in…

She went to her closet, "What to wear, what to wear?" She asked herself as she went to her closet. She looked in her drawers at her pants, and a particular pair of white jeans with the fluer-de-lis crest running down the back of either leg. The pair of white jeans that she had to wear heels with because the were too long otherwise…the pair of white jeans that showed off her tight little ass that she knew would be appreciated by whomever she met that night… She put on a tight purple V and a tight, black leather jacket that she left open. She made sure that he hair had the perfect amount of curl and that her eyes were just smoky enough before she left.


Thirteen was in an odd stage in life. She was transitioning. She didn't want to be this..major party girl. But…she didn't want to just sit at her place and do nothing when she actually had time off. She had the day off and she was bored…she was so fucking bored. She had done everything she wanted to do… She went grocery shopping, she washed her clothes..she took a shower. She napped and slept a lot. She worked out…granted these events didn't happen in that order, but they happened. And now, she was sitting in her house, reading Fried Green Tomatoes for the umpteenth time and she was completely and utterly bored.—She loved Ruth and Idgie, but FGT just wasn't cutting it. She needed a woman.

She needed a woman so bad, she couldn't think straight—Haha! No I cannot! She thought as she gave up on having a night in and went to her room to put on some clothes. She put on her dark navy—almost black skinny jeans and her black converse. She also put on a black bra and a see through long-sleeved tight white shirt. She straightened her hair and put on a couple of big bracelets, then headed out to the bar.

What she found there was not what she expected to find at all…


Cameron got to the bar and it was already bumpin'…yeah, she still used that word because she always thought it was funny and a good adjective. She made a beeline to the bar and ordered a mojito…she loved them so much. The lime and mint was just delightful. Then turned to the crowd as she scoped the women out with her sexy-dar.

Now, she wasn't one to make the first move, but she was one to lure her pray in. She was patient; she would wait for them to come to her and like a fly in a spider's web, she'd catch them, wrap them and suck until there was nothing left… She grinned to herself as she thought through that simile. She wasn't necessarily proud of what she did, but she was proud of some of the women she had…'sucked'. She chewed on her straw, still trying to find a girl… Ahhh, here we are. She thought as she saw Minka Kelly's doppelganger, Perfect.

She waited…just as she always did. Their eyes connected and she smirked slightly. She held the girl's stare for three more seconds before she grinned as she turned back around to face the bar. She counted in her head, 5, 4, 3, 2—

"I'm Gaby." The voice was husky and almost a whisper.

Cameron turned around, "Cameron." She said after she turned to face Gaby…she didn't like giving her first name to people in these types of situations…the type of situations that will hopefully be done and over with by the next morning…

"Cameron.." Gaby smirked in approval of Cameron's name, "Wanna dance?" She asked.

Cameron gave a closed mouth smile, "Mhmm." She nodded.

A few songs…if that's what you could even call the dance beats later, Cameron found herself sandwiched between Gaby and a pretty hot pretty boi…like Justin Bieber's brunette twin sister.

"Cameron, this is my girlfriend, Harley." Gaby said as she danced just a little closer to Cameron. She whispered that husky whisper in Cameron's ear now, "We were hoping to have a little fun tonight…you interested?" She asked.

Now…by the time Gaby said Cameron the second time, the blonde knew she had plot twist headed her way…this would not have been the first time this happened to her. She was no angel. She felt Harley grab one of her hips, then Gaby grab the other as they waited on an answer. She had the next day off…and it had been too terribly long since she had sex that just the idea of a threesome had her panties soaked.

She only had one question, "How much fun are you wanting to have?" She asked, obviously trying to politely make sure that nothing to…freaky would happen.

"Only as much as you agree to." Harley spoke for the first time.

Cameron could immediately tell that she was polite and probably really adorable in a sexy way. She looked behind her into Harley's eyes and turned to look at Gaby's, "Yeah…but let's dance a little longer…" Cameron said.


Thirteen got to the bar and immediately ordered a beer. It wasn't the classiest and it didn't necessarily taste the greatest, but she liked it. She took two drinks before she turned and saw something she never thought possible… Dr. Allison Cameron in a lesbian bar… Dr. Allison Cameron in a lesbian bar dancing… Dr. Allison Cameron in a lesbian bar dancing with not one, but two other women! Oh Jesus, Dr. Allison Cameron in a lesbian bar dancing with two other women…and now kissin' on both of them…I have never seen a sight hotter than that. She thought as she set her bottle down. Why the hell is she here? She's straight…well, that's what I was told but never believed, Remy raised her brows as she watched the woman that invaded her thoughts more than once a day dance in the dirtiest of ways with two other completely different, but equally hot women. Fuck me! That was pretty much her last thought of the night. She couldn't very well fuck someone besides the blonde doctor because she would be calling that person Cameron all night and it would be very awkward…and she obviously couldn't fuck Cameron because she is now walking out with both of those women…I am so fucking jealous…

Remy went home and pondered over what she saw…she also made really good friends with her vibrator and fingers as she pondered what she saw. After she got over…well, she didn't get over it, but after she could look passed the utter hotness of the whole thing, something inside of her snapped and she had to do something about what she saw…in a secret way.

She went to her desk and opened the bottom drawer that she never gets into. She pulled out a box of fancy stationary. It didn't have her name or anything on it. It was just really fancy. It was white paper with a paisley design that came from the top left and bottom right, and it had grey envelopes that were completely bare unless written on. She took a piece of paper and wrote on it. Then she put it in the envelope and sealed it. She wrote 'Cameron' on the envelope then put it in her bag for work.

After she got to work the next day…and found that there—oh so conveniently—wasn't a case, she decided to go to the doctor's lounge and get some coffee before she went and did her clinic hours. As she left the lounge, she saw Cameron in the hallway.

She did her best not to flush pink when she looked at the older doctor, "Cameron." She gave the blonde a closed mouth smile.

"Oh, hi Thirteen." She smiled and made her way into the lounge. Jesus, why am I embarrassed? It's not like she knows what I did last night..and it's not like she's interested or has a say in what I did last night…which I wish it was her and not Harley and Gaby..mmm, Harley and Gaby… Maybe I don't wish it was Remy instead of a threesome..or maybe I do—GAHHHAH! Why do I have to be in like with her? Why Thirteen? Just…breath Allison. Don't think about it…any of it.

Thirteen lingered a moment or two outside the door before she dipped her hand in the pocket of her coat and felt the envelope. She quickly made her way into the blonde's office and set the note on her desk…on the keyboard so there was no way she would miss it. Then she had a thought as she made her way to the clinic.

She went to the security room. She knocked on the door.

"Yeah?" A voice said from inside.

"Hey, who all works this room during Dr. Cameron's shifts?" Thirteen asked as she entered.

"How the hell should I know?" He asked.

"Have you seen Dr. Cameron?" Remy asked as though it should be obvious.

The guard was silent for a moment, "Me and Carl." He gestured to the man sitting next to him.

"You and Carl, that's it?" She asked.

"Mhmm." He nodded.

"Alright, if doctor Cameron comes in here, and asks to see the tapes to and from her office, don't let her see them." She gave them both $100.

They looked down and back up to her, "We wouldn't legally be allowed to do that anyways." Carl said.

"Yes, but I'm sure she can be quite persuasive…" Remy still tried to give them the money.

"Alright, suppose she does come in here and asks to see the tapes…what is on them that you don't want her to see?" He asked.

Remy looked at his nametag, not hearing his name before, "Well, Daren, I'm trying to be all secret admirer and if she sees the people that went in her office from the hallway camera, my cover will be blown…" Remy sighed, "I know, I know, your ears are burning with the hospital's latest gossip…if I add fifty to each will you not spread it around? The last thing I need is rumors about us when there isn't even a possible us."

Daren looked at Carl and back to her, "You got a deal." He shook her hand and took the $300 from her…good thing she went to the bank before work…


Cameron finished her coffee in the lounge and made her way back to her office. She needed to at least start on paperwork while there was a lull. She got back to her office and saw a letter, Oh fancy! She thought as she skipped over to it, Woah! No…should not skip when I can't hardly walk..thank you Harley and Gaby. She blushed again just thinking about her nightly adventure, then shook out of her thoughts and opened the envelope. She read the letter.

Dr. Allison Cameron,

I always knew I knew your secret…I never thought I would have proof or enough balls to actually do anything about it… But now that I do have proof, I guess I have the kahunas… I'll give you more and more clues about who I am and your secret with each letter.

Your Secret Admirer

"What the fuck?" Cameron said this out loud. Who the hell knows my secret…and which one are we talking about? This is the worst and creepiest of all admirers…

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