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A few months went by…actually it was almost a year. It was the beginning of November 2012.

Allison walked inside her place—that Remy might as well call their place. Remy told her that they were going on an adventure that night. She was actually kind of excited seeing that she hadn't really seen the brunette woman lately...

She had a smile on her face expected Remy to be there…she had to work a couple extra hours to get through her massive stack of paper work…but the brunette was nowhere to be found.

"Hhhh," She sighed. She went to go change into comfortable clothes. Remy had been a little distant lately; she figured she was at her place or doing something somewhere else…whenever she asked what she was doing, Remy was passive…and Allison promised herself that she would never be that girl… She wasn't co-dependant on anyone…except for maybe Remy. She had taken her contacts out and had her glasses and PJs on.

She walked into the kitchen to get her dinner on. There, in the kitchen, Remy had written all kinds of notes…post-its, stationary…they were everywhere. Well, that might be an exaggeration, but there a lot!

The first one was on the fridge. It was an orange post-it that said, "No! Stop!" Allison tore it off and moved to grab food anyways.

She found the second, a Kelly green post-it on the microwave, "Babe! I said stop! What are you doing with that food?" Then another right under that said, "Seriously, Boo…put the food away. We are going to eat later…"

Allison snorted…she and Remy had had a conversation before bed one night about horrible nicknames that they still wanted to call each other…'Baby-Boo-Boo' was one of those names. So when she saw 'Boo'…she knew why Remy called her was funny.

Allison turned to the counter where she found a royal blue post-it, "Now that I've got you to stop from eating…" it said then pointed to the magenta post-it next to her, "I want to apologize for what you're about to read…for where I am…"

Allison opened the stationary. At first, she had to place where she had seen it before, but she quickly remembered and wanted to take out her shoebox and look through her letter's from all those months before…

Dr. Allison Cameron,

Hey Baby, I felt odd not starting out a letter on this stationary like that…

Baby…I want you to meet me at the address that I sent to your phone tonight, 'kay?

Allison looked around suspicious…she hadn't gotten a text from her that evening. She took the letter and went to her coffee table to grab her phone. Like she was being watched, her phone buzzed and it was from Remy. She raised her brows and tucked her feet into the couch with her.

It was like magic right? I'm just that good…Alright, alright! You've pulled my arm! I asked Mrs. Henderson next door to call and tell me when you got home. I wanted to make that look appear on your face…you know the one..the one when you look like a kid that's just gushing with wonder..

Haha! Now I can tell you who I'm with! I'm hangin' with your mom…she asked and begged for me to go shopping for a couple ThanksChristmas presents for you I'm sorry! I won't be with her when you get here, kay?

Listen, Baby…stop whining! I'll revert back to the subject at hand…tonight!

I want you at that address as soon as possible… and…well, if you could, could you wear that Victoria's Secret dress? You know the one…

I love you,

Your (Not So) Secret Admirer

PS-YES! I had to finish it like that!

Allison had a goofy grin on her face. She didn't know why Remy thought she was going to fuck it up…Alright, she did know why, but she wasn't surprised that Remy had only made her happy… She was in complete love with that girl… She looked at her letter again, like she always did…"Mom!" She grumbled under her breath. She couldn't believe her mother! Honestly, who steals a daughter's girlfriend?

Yes, that's right. Allison's mother, after having a very…shall we say..rocky relationship during the first couple months of their being together, Judy had grown quite attached to Dr. Remy Hadley.

She began asking just Remy to dinner…see after ThanksChristmas, Judy began sMothering…It. Was. Horrible. She would be on Allison to go to dinner every night! Allison wanted to have sex with her girlfriend…and you know…cuddle and talk as well, that should be clear with the first one, but it's not….she did not, however want to be eating dinners with her mother and her lover.

One minute, the dinners were awkward. One minute they were filled with laughter. One minute, one of them would just about rip the head of the other…or her… That wasn't her cup of tea… She didn't like it. She felt like she wasn't really getting to see or be with Remy…kind of like she felt now.

She especially felt that way when Remy and Judy decided to go to dinner and chat and all of that on their own… She actually had to ask her girlfriend to give her time and not just her mother.

Remy immediately apologized, only just realizing after it had been pointed out that she was spending more time with her mom. It ripped Allison's heart in two when she asked her next question… 'Why?' she was spending so much time with Judy.

Remy just kind of looked down. She was a bit taken aback. Allison could tell, she didn't really know how to answer…or she didn't know the answer at all. But never the less, the younger doctor began speaking, "I don't know. I guess because I like her…she reminds me of you obviously…but more than that." She swallowed, "She reminds me a bit of my own mom." She shrugged, "I just…I like having someone to fuss over me—I know that you do plenty of that, and I love you for it, Sweets, but I like having a mom fuss over me…I like having a mom period…" She looked at Allison.

"Sweetie…" Allison clearly didn't know what to say. She enveloped Remy in a hug..more like attacked Remy into a hug and said, "I take it all back!"

"What?" Remy looked at her.

"Spend as much time with her as you want! I take it back." She looked at the other woman.

Remy started laughing a bit, "No Sweets…you're right…I need some Allison time…I need a lot more Allison time than I need Judy time…" She smiled and kissed the blonde.

Allison smirked at the memory, then dabbed her eyes to make sure she didn't shed a tear. She went to her room and picked out the dress Remy requested. She found the perfect pair of shoes and put on her coat before she went to her car.

She made her way to the place after putting it in her phone. It was in a neighborhood called Storybrooke. Allison looked at the sign as she entered the neighborhood, "…Seriously?" She wasn't impressed by the name, but the houses all combined were like her dream neighborhood….they weren't little boxes by any means. They were each different and unique.

She pulled up to the address and got out of her car. Remy came to the screen door. She smiled and walked out to her blonde counterpart.

"Hey Baby." Remy said. She was very 'Ellen' that day. She was in a checkered black and white shirt, a tie and a vest and jeans and cons. She kissed Allison on the lips, "How was your day, Sweet Pea?" She asked as she brought Allison inside the house.

There wasn't a ton of furniture…actually, all the furniture looked familiar, but Allison couldn't place it. The place was tidy and smelled faintly of cleaner. But that was masked by the smell of an amazing dinner.

"It was good, Boo-Boo…what's all this?" She asked.

"Nothing…I just want to hear about your day." She brushed it off.

"Fine…as soon as you tell me whose house we're in…" Allison said.

"Oh, I'm house-sitting…" She said casually with a wave of her hand.

"Oh..umm, were you gonna tell me this?" She asked.

"Uh…yeah, I just did…Baby, just tell me how things are. We haven't gotten to talk in like forever…" Remy said as she served her homemade fried chicken and fried okra—two of Allison's favorite things—and macaroni and jell-o with chopped apple pieces in it.

Allison looked at all the food. Her mouth watered, "It was fine…boring. Lot's of paperwork." She quickly reverted back to the subject at hand, "Hey…Whose place is this? Have I met them before?" She asked.

"The Nnifers…" Allison gave her a puzzled look, "Yeah, Jennifer and Ginnifer…Ginnifer had to get all fancy and spell it was a 'G-I' not 'J-E'. They're best friends…do everything together…kind of like us, but they like sex with men…" Remy said. Allison made a face to that remark, "Seriously…" She shrugged.

"Fuck you." Allison called her bluff. Remy looked surprised, "I know that those are the two stars of your new obsession…Whose house is this…really." She said.

Remy half-smiled, "Did you notice the neighborhood's name?" She asked.

"Yes, Rem. I did." Allison gave her an expectant look.

"What?" Remy asked when she looked up from taking a bite of food.

"Tell me whose fucking house we're eating in, REMY! This is fucking weird!" Allison stood up and walked a couple feet from the table after throwing her napkin down.

Remy didn't answer again, "Hey, why don't you finish your food?" Remy asked.

"Remy Fucking-Jane Hadley, I swear to God, if you don't tell me whose house this is I'm leaving!" Allison stared at her.

Remy wiped her mouth and put her napkin down. She stood up and walked over to her girlfriend. She took her hands and kissed the top of either, then dropped one and pulled her out of the kitchen and back into the foyer, "Let me take you on a tour."


"Just!...Let me take you on a tour." She said quietly, seriously. "This is the foyer. The kitchen is obviously in there. This is the dining room…it's a little bare." Remy took Allison down a hall to the right, "This is the hallway to the garage and the laundry room..and then the bathroom and living room, then back to the kitchen." She stopped again and pointed out the window, "That's the backyard and patio with twinkly lights." She smiled at her lover and kept going, "This is the study…it's a huge study…for two." She said as she gestured to both of the desks and both of the chairs.

"Is that my study desk and chair?" Allison stared at it…the pieces were starting to align.

Remy kept moving, "Then if you go out this door, we're back to the foyer." She looked at the stairs to her right, "And the stairs and coat closet. Now, if you go upstairs, you'll find a game room and two guest rooms, but one of the guest rooms has been converted into a music room…and a bathroom."

Allison stared at the music room when Remy brought her in it, "Are those your drums? And your guitars?" She looked at the next room, "Isn't that your bed?"

"Then this… on the other end of the hall…this is the master bedroom."

They walked inside and there was no bed. There was just a couple pieces of furniture.

"Is that your chair?" Allison stared at Remy's back…Remy wouldn't turn around, "Remy? Whose house is this?" She asked.

"It's ours baby…" Remy said as she kissed Allison hard.

"Its ours?" She asked.

"You like it right?" She asked.

"Are you fucking kidding? I love it!" She said.

"This is why I've been spending so much time with your mother…since we've had our talk…" She said, "I wanted to move in with you, but I wanted it to be a surprised..and an option..and I wanted you to love the place, and Baby! I know I'm gonna get hit for saying this, but you and your mother are like the same person…so she was my second best bet…if she liked it, then you were going to like it…"

Allison smiled, "I do like it…I love it actually…" She looked at the bare spot on the floor where her bed will go, "Next time you pull something as big as buying a house without my knowledge though, your disease won't kill you, I will." She said as she leaned into her partner, "You hear me?" She asked.

Remy smirked, "I hear you." She nodded.

"Good." Allison kissed her and they eventually made their way to the ground where the bed would go.

"Hey…is there any chance you'll have another three-some sometime soon?" Remy asked.

"Why? You want to watch?" Allison countered the brunette's efforts.

"No… I just…"

"Want to know all the places I'm getting laid?" Allison joked.

"No! I just…fuck you! I was just trying to make a joke!" Remy finally said.

"Mmhmmhm." Allison laughed in her throat, "Yes please to the first, and I was just pushing the conversation along.." She smirked.

Remy grinned and rolled on top of the blonde, "I love you."

"I love you, too." Allison pulled her in and kissed her once more.

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