Charlie Weasley was in a hurry, their family had just caught wind that they were about to be targeted. Dad had left his job at the Ministry and they were all going into hiding at Aunt Muriel's. Everyone was running around the house like headless chickens gathering things up. Charlie darted into rooms here and there gathering up things at random. He found a brown leather book under a pillow in Percy's old room. He felt a surge of hurt at the thought of the traitor. He looked at the book curiously, turning it over in his fingers.

"CHARLIE!" he heard his mum bellow from floors below.

"Coming!" he shouted back, shoving the book into his pocket without a second thought.

Later at Aunt Muriel's the eight Weasley's (including Fleur) sat around in Muriel's badly decorated living room in silence. They were all concerned about Ron, Harry and Hermione. Percy too though none would dare say it. Charlie's hands were cold and he shoved them in his pockets. Felling a square, leather object in his left one, he pulled it out and stared at it before remembering.

"What's that Charlie?" George asked curiously.

"It's a book George; you know what they are right?" Fred deadpanned.

"I found it in Percy's room" Charlie muttered.

The room stared speculatively at the book.

"Well what is it?" Ginny asked impatiently.

Charlie opened the book, flicked through the pages briefly then shut it again.

"I think it's a diary" he said. Molly looked scandalised.

"What did you take it for?" she chastised her second eldest.

"Chill mum" said Bill "Charlie didn't know."

"I think we should read it" Fred said. Most people threw him confused looks. "Well think about if we read we might understand why he..." he trailed off. He didn't need to finish.

"Shock horror, Fred said something clever, I feel so betrayed" George fake sobbed trying to diffuse the tension. It worked as everyone chuckled.

Fleur volunteered to start reading and no-one objected.

August 17th 1987

Found this book today, figured I might as well use it for something. It was just gathering dust in the attic. Bill and Charlie are home for the summer

"Wasn't this just before he started Hogwarts?" Bill asked. Arthur nodded.

and their full of amazing stories about Hogwarts as always. Fred, George, Ron and Ginny are all over them and mum and dad are bursting with pride. I haven't been able to get a word in edgeways, I'm so jealous. I can't wait to get to Hogwarts. I hope that I can be as good as them when I do though. Charlie got on the school quidditch team this year

"I remember that" Charlie beamed.

which, you know good for him, but flying terrifies me so I'm never going to live up to that. Bill's got great grades and just got his prefect letter. I'm nowhere as smart as either of them so I'm going to have to kill myself trying to get noticed in this family for something that's already been done. Nothing new there then.

Nobody said anything, too stunned to believe that perfect Percy was so insecure.

August 18th 1987

You wouldn't think it was possible to feel so completely alone in such a large family but somehow I've pulled it off. Well done Percy. When I was younger Bill and Charlie would let me tag along with them but I always got the feeling they didn't want me around.

Bill and Charlie had the grace to look guilty.

Then when Fred and George came along I was excited, I'd always wanted younger siblings, being the baby of the family's embarrassing

"Ain't that the truth." Ginny muttered.

But I soon realised they didn't look up to me like I'd hoped they would. Hero worshipped Bill and Charlie but I was just boring predictable Percy. So did Ron and Ginny when they came along. And me? Overlooked, ignored because I'm not cool, because I like different things, because I'm too shy to make friends.

"Oh Percy" Molly sobbed. Arthur said nothing but he was beginning to feel bad for the things he'd said to his third son.

Great right? And then there's the teasing. I mean sure I'm an easy target, but I wish they'd pick on someone else for a change. Worse day of my life was when I got glasses. They kept staring at me...all fricking day. I cried myself to sleep. First time, definitely not the last though unfortunately.

Everyone looked horrified. They hadn't realised he was so sensitive. Fred and George exchanged glances; they had kind of singled him out. They didn't realise their jokes weren't so funny to Percy.

So there you have it. Bill and Charlie hang out together. Fred and George. Ron and Ginny. Everyone has a sibling to be close to. Except me. I've never been so lonely.

"What have we done?" Ginny asked the room at large. Nobody answered. They all went to bed. Thoughts churning. Could it be that Percy leaving had nothing to do with Voldemort and beliefs after all? Was it their own fault?