Charlie read on with anticipation.

24th November 1988

Mia's thirteenth birthday at last, I've been planning what to get her for ages and this year it was easy. I sent her a long letter the day before yesterday with congratulations in it and even wrote out the Happy Birthday song because I'm not there to actually sing it.

"Cheesy, but cute!" Ginny said with a grin.

In the envelope wrapped up in tissue paper is her gift. This year I got her a silver necklace with an owl on it because we spent the summer laughing how our relationship was best represented by all the letters we send to each other. I hope she likes it but I imagine she will because she likes that sort of thing.

I still haven't made up my mind about what to do for Christmas but I must say that I am increasingly tempted to go skiing with Mia and her family. I mean mine will just ignore me anyway and the presents will be there when I get back. Selfish as I'm sounding now I just want one Christmas where I feel included and not just a figure in the background.

Fred and George groaned desperate to find out if he actually did it.

"Hurry up Charlie" they complained.

I'm actually sitting in History of Magic now so I should be paying attention not writing in here but I can't bring myself to care. I've been so busy lately I haven't had a spare minute to write anything in almost a month. Besides it's not like Binns will notice.

Fleur motioned Charlie to read on quickly when she saw Molly start to turn red.

26th November 1988

Got this letter back from Mia today:

Dear Perce,

Oh my god! I love my present so much! You are the best friend ever I'm so going to have to work hard on your gift this year to make us even! The symbolism was perfect.

My birthday was great fun, we had the whole family over, extended and all, for lunch and my parents took me out to a really nice restaurant for dinner. The really want to know if you're coming this Christmas so they can book tickets and such. I really hope you come otherwise I won't get to see you this year.

How are your classes going?

Love Mia

"I can't believe she's encouraging him into that crazy plan" Molly fumed.

I knew she'd like it, just proves how well we know each other, and all the exclamation points made me laugh. She's right about Christmas though I won't see her if I stay home. You know what I'm going to do it! Why not? There's no reason I shouldn't go, except my mother would kill me, but if everything goes according to plan then she'll never know.

I'm going to write home now and tell them I want to stay in school this year to study (ha what a joke) and then write to Mia and get her to tell Julie that I've been given permission to go.

"YES!" Fred, George, Bill, Charlie and Ginny all cried but it went unheard due to their mother's shriek of fury.

"He is so dead the next time I see him" she seethed.

17th December 1988

Today's the day. My palms are sweating so hard and my heart is beating at a 100 miles per hour. I have to successfully sneak both on and off the Hogwarts express without any members of my family seeing me. I did not sign the school sheet to say I was staying there and I told my family I wasn't going home. Then at the end of the holiday I'm going to have to get back to the train station earlier than anyone else to avoid being seen again.

So many things could go wrong right now. This is complete lunacy, why did I agree to this? I should just tell my parents I changed my mind and go home.

"Yes do that" Arthur said looking at his wife warily.

No, I can't chicken out now, Mia would be annoyed and they've paid for my ticket. Deep breaths. Here I go.


I did it! I'm currently sat in the Eliot's car on the way to France. Were taking the ferry, I'm excited because I've never been on a boat before. Not a real one anyway, the little first year ones don't count. Mia and I are sat in the back of the car and we've spent the last hour and a half complaining at the classical music her dad's got playing. She's fallen asleep now and I'm trying to write this in the dark. We won the battle of the music in the end and pop songs are now playing instead.

I think I'm going to go to sleep now too.

"I wish I could go to France." Ginny muttered.

18th December 1988

We are here! I'm in another country, high in the mountains, and there's snow everywhere. I've never seen so much off it

"Are we there yet?" Mia asked again and I laughed at her enthusiasm. I'm excited to but also a little anxious. Sport has never really been my thing and sliding down a mountain with nothing but strips of wood on my feet does not invite confidence. Then again the only sport I've ever tried is Quidditch and at least this means I remain on the ground.

Oh were pulling up to the resort now.


I needn't have worried, skiing is great fun. We took it easy for our first time and Mia's parents taught us what to do because they've been before. It's not that hard actually. All you have to do is slide across the slope in a zigzag type pattern to maintain your speed and when you want to stop just point the skis in an upside down V shape.

The best part though is how fast you go and with the wind in your hair, even though it's absolutely freezing like -23 degrees, it's still one of the most enjoyable feelings I've ever had.

"Awesome" Charlie said "I never knew he had it in him."

"Eet is my turn again." Fleur said and he handed her the book eager to know what happened next.

A/N I can't apologise enough for the delay, but I promise I'm not abandoning this story. I've benn busy with university applications and if you know how stressful that is then I hope you understand:)