Molly interrupted before Arthur could start reading.

"It's almost midnight; we've been reading all day."

"Whoa, I didn't even notice." George said surprised. "Might as well go to bed and read more tomorrow, there's still plenty more to go.

It was true they weren't even a quarter of the way through the book. Everyone said goodnight and hurried off to bed, keen to wake up the next day.

"Ok then." Arthur said as the reconvened the next day before clearing his throat and starting to read.

13th January 1989

End of the second week back and I already can't wait until Easter. Our exams aren't until June and they're not even important ones like O.W.L's or N.E.W.T's which are actually pretty stupid acronyms now that I've mentioned it. I haven't even found the time to write to Mia since I've been back to school; I'll have to do it later before she gets annoyed.

Gryffindor common room is abuzz with excitement the second Quidditch match of the year is next week. Oliver can't wait and I try with great difficulty not to roll my eyes every time he attempts to engage me in conversation over the stupid game. I have nothing against sport but I prefer ones where my feet remain on the ground.

"Fair enough I suppose." Ginny smiled.

Muggles have a wide variety of them; I can't even begin to remember them all, though football looks like fun. Wizards tend to just play Quidditch which is an interesting sport but don't they get bored after a while?

I'm writing this in history of magic now. I know I should be paying attention but really this is only second year and Binns is the most boring individual on the planet plus no one else is listening either. I'm pretty sure half of them are actually sleeping.

Molly raised an eyebrow as all her children grinned sheepishly.

Might as well write out my letter to Mia.


I plead for forgiveness; I have had so much homework I haven't managed to write yet.

You are so lucky you don't have this guy for a teacher. For one thing he's dead and he still manages to be completely uninteresting. I can see people drooling and he hasn't even noticed. Also I have had that song in my head for almost two weeks and I can't for the life of me remember what it's called? You know the one; it was on the radio every five minutes on the way back from France.

Haven't taken off my owl pendant yet. Oliver asked me if I got it from my parent's and I was hard pressed not to laugh my head off.

Love Percy.

Molly and Arthur looked confused.

That ought to appease her for the time being. But seriously I don't remember the last thing my parents bought me that I actually found a use for that doesn't involve schoolwork, let alone something I would actually enjoy.

I found my present when I got back to my dorm after Christmas, having managed to sneak past my brothers I might add, and there was the usual jumper and fudge along with this rather strange potions book. I don't even like potions. I just hide random bits of paper in it that I've doodled all over.

I really want to learn how to play the guitar; I might do that this summer.

"He'll be getting a tattoo next." Charlie laughed.

I'm really into rock music at the moment and me and Mia spent most of our holiday when not on the slopes singing along very loudly to the radio. She says I've got a really nice voice but I think she was just being kind.

"Has anyone ever actually heard him sing?" Bill asked. But everyone shook their heads. "Maybe he can actually sing then."

Oliver caught me writing in this diary the day we got back and he asked me what it was. I told him homework but then again I'm way too embarrassed to admit it's a diary. Only Mia knows what it is and the one time I let her read it she burst into to tears for some bizarre reason so I haven't let her near it again.

God forbid my family ever find out. Is it possible to spontaneously combust in shame?

Oh there goes the bell. Thank Merlin for that. Off to transfiguration after lunch so I'll actually have to pay attention. Hopefully I won't leave as much time between entries as I did this time.

"Perhaps telling him that we actually read this is not such a great idea." Arthur said.

"Probably not."Fred agreed. "Whose turn is it to read now?"

Ginny took the book from her father and turned the page.

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