"Mine stupid" George reached out for the diary "blimey he's left quite a gap."

July 6th 1989

Home at last! No more stupid exams and I'm impatient to see Mia again, it's been months. The train journey takes too long. It will feel even longer come September when Fred and George join us at Hogwarts.

"Rude!" Fred snorted.

"He's got a point though!" Ginny sniped back.

Its late evening by the time we get home so there's no chance of going over the hill without being noticed. Not unless I sneak out my window again which is tempting but I'm too tired today. I wonder if she's started her guitar lessons yet.

July 7th 1989

The first thing my best friend says to me after months of not seeing each other is "God what took you so long?"

I raise my eyebrows at her "Excuse me."

She cracks a smile at my expression "My school broke up a week ago."

"Lucky you."

I'm still feeling fairly disgruntled by the time we settle down by the river but I cheer up the moment she takes out the guitar. It's really cool looking, I've never seen one before but it's sleek and shiny and made out of wood. It surprises me how much I want one.

She shows me the chords she's learnt so far and then I try them myself. She stares at me looking a little miffed about something.

"That took me three hours to learn."

It took me ten minutes.

Charlie looks surprised "he's a natural."

I try not to look too pleased and tell her it's because she's a great teacher and that I'm still useless at everything else. It backfired because she thumped me as she does every time I'm 'being self-deprecating'. I tell her it's honesty but she never believes me.

31st July 1989

"Don't stop belieeeeving!"

We laugh our heads off when the song finishes. We're sat in Mia's living room listening to the radio while she paints her nails and I practice on the guitar. She watches me out of the corner of her eye as I easily change from one chord to another.

"I give up" she finally says.


"The guitar, I quit. You can have the stupid thing. I can't seem to get anywhere with it."

Unfortunately it's true. She's really, really bad but I say nothing and instead try and hand the instrument back.

"I can't take this!" Your parents spent money on it.

She sighs "I know but I'm never going to use it so it might as well go to someone who enjoys playing."

Before I can say anything else Julie comes in and smiles at me "It's true Percy, if she says she doesn't want then she means it. You know that so just take the guitar already."

I'm so incredibly touched that they would just give something like this to me that I don't argue further and try to clamp down on the affection that wells up in me. The fondness I feel for this family is indescribably. Kevin taught me how to play football the other day and I wasn't too bad. I still can't catch anything with my hands so that rules out all other sports but I didn't fall flat on my face this time.

I'm taking it as progress. At least I wasn't hundreds of feet in the air.

"He doesn't know what he's missing" Bill sighed.

Mia told me later that day that her dad loved having me around.

"I know he loves me" she said "but he always wanted a son as well."

I didn't know how to handle that statement but I've noticed that Kevin and I seem to be able to get along easier than I can with my own father. I could never tell him that though, he'd be devastated.

George kept his eyes on the diary instead of his father's face and continued reading before anyone could say anything.

So anyway I take the guitar and hide it in behind my wardrobe. I couldn't even begin to explain such a thing to my mother.

5th August 1989

I did it again! I'm turning into such a delinquent. Fred and George would be proud, a thought which always makes me queasy.

It started with us listening to the radio again. There was a competition in which the winner would receive two tickets to a Queen concert in Brighton. Mia and I both love Queen and we both leap up in excitement.

"What is the Latin word for Queen?"

Mia squealed "I know that! I looked it up out of interest when you showed me your spell books and they all looked like Latin."

So she grabs the phone and dials the radio station and I'm stood there like an idiot, not sure what's happening. The Latin word for Queen is Regina apparently which I've never needed to know but my point is she wins the contest and we get the concert tickets.

What the hell were going to do with them I'll never know because I know that neither of our parents will let us go up to Brighton on our own. Mia even asked hers and they said no. The concert is tomorrow night and I've never wanted to go to anything so badly.

We both sit there dejected and all of a sudden I get the worst idea in the world.

"Let's go anyway."


Fleur almost fell over at the sound of Mrs Weasley's shriek!"

"My turn" Fred said loudly before his mum could say anything else.

"Actually I think we should eat something and take a few minutes for your mother to calm down before we read any more."

"Read anymore of what?"

The voice came from the doorway and the Weasley's turned around in dread to see their Auntie Muriel had arrived.

"Uh oh." Ginny muttered.

What were they going to do now?

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