1st September 1992

The day started in total chaos and got steadily worse from there.

The monumental task of getting five Weasley's, Harry and all respective animals ready to go should have qualified as an Olympic sporting event with my mother as the gold medallist.

"Olympic?" George asked.

"I think Hermione said once it was a huge worldwide event that included dozens of kinds of sports." Arthur said.

To a group of wizards who had very few actual sports, as a community this was a baffling concept.

I did my level best to stay out of the crossfire but that was next to impossible. It seemed as though every thirty seconds someone did an about face and charged back upstairs because they had forgotten something. A particularly memorable moment was when my father tripped over a stray chicken and nearly smashed his face open. I wanted to scream when Ginny started shrieking about having forgotten her diary when we were all finally in the car and moving.

I considered telling her to just leave it and then thought about how much I write in this thing and decided it would make me a hypocrite. So I kept my mouth shut unlike the rest of the car. The resultant bickering lasted thee entire journey to King's Cross.

By the time we all got onto the train we were sweaty and irritated and we all stormed off to separate compartments. I spent the time, after an extremely dull fifteen minutes with the other prefects, with my girlfriend. It had been a long time since we'd seen each other so we spent a lot of time catching up and then we spent some time not talking…and that's all I'm saying on that subject.

Charlie waggled his eyebrows and the twins and Ginny creased up laughing. Bill smirked and Fleur rolled her eyes at the lot of them.

The point is that it was perfectly understandable that I hadn't noticed my youngest brother was missing. I spent the next thirty minutes trying to calm my heart down after I realised. Then people started talking about how they had flown the car to Hogwarts and crashed into the Whomping Willow. This did not help my heart rate.

It wasn't until I discovered that they were fine that the panic eased into all-consuming rage. I wanted to grab Ron by the scruff and shake him for being so stupid. They both could have been killed; they had in the process broken several laws and could be expelled or in fact arrested, not to mention the fact that soon enough people would start asking how the car became enchanted.

If Dad lost his job over this then who knows what we would do. It's not like we can afford for him not to be working, we're barely coping as it is. Plus with something like that going on his record who would want to hire him anyway.

The twins and Ginny looked startled. At the time they had been envious of Harry and Ron's infamous car ride and had remained ignorant of all these consequences. It was quite jarring to consider what could have happened instead.

They were incredibly lucky that neither they nor anyone else had been injured. At twelve Ron should not know how to drive anyway, Muggles had to be of age and earn a special licence to do it. If Ron had hurt or even killed someone he would have to live with that for the rest of his life.

When we finally got to the common room after the feast I was genuinely stunned to see them walk in without apparently a care in the world. After the brainless idiots in Gryffindor had finished cheering (honestly it's not that cool!) I discovered they had not been expelled but instead had received detention and a letter home.

Detention! One singular detention for flying a car to school!

I had of course forgotten that HARRY POTTER APPARENTLY WALKS ON FUCKING WATER! He has walked away from breaking the law with no actual consequences. Again. It's a total mystery to me why his head isn't the size of Jupiter. It's a fucking disgrace.

While I expect Ron to receive a howler in the morning, Potter as made it abundantly clear that his relatives could care less about what he gets up to at school. And yes it's very sad that his so called guardians have no love for him but it does not give him the right to be above the law! It doesn't even give him the right to be above school rules for god's sake!

If Hogwarts has decided that teaching twelve year olds that they can get away with just about anything short of murder then what the hell are they going to be like as adults.

Actions have consequences. Always.

"He's got a point for once" Fred murmured.

I head off to bed still seething, Ron had made a quick escape when he saw me coming. Not that I blame him for that one. He probably saw the look of pure fury in my eyes. The other kids are predictably ruminating on what they might be able to get away with.

Sorry I think snidely, you'll need a lightening scar to get away with murder.

Lying in bed unable to sleep I start thinking of all the poor muggles that have had their memories wiped. I think of Mia and how it would feel if she no longer remembered me and it's like being doused with ice water. She's known for years, they'd leave her with the mind of a ten year old in a sixteen year old's body. It is horrific.

But then to the rest of our world they are only muggles after all, best leave them ignorant like mindless sheep with wizards as their shepherds. I'm suddenly furious on behalf of the kind generous muggles that I know.

The International Statute of Secrecy was started to prevent the burnings but it's not like they'd do that these days. To most muggles magic is something wonderful, like a fairy-tale so why do we still treat them as beneath us. Maybe it's time to come out of the shadows.

But these are dangerous thoughts and are best left alone.

For now.

"He's not turning revolutionary is he?" Ginny asked mostly amused but with a tinge of actual fear.

"Of course not" Her father reassures but his smile does not reach his eyes.

Fleur held out her hand for the book ready to continue.

A/N I'm not dead! Many apologies but life got in the way and I hadn't realised how long it had actually been. I swear I don't hate Harry but when I'm in Percy's headspace he seems to be getting there.