9th December 1992

Ron is still spending time in the girl's bathroom.

Honestly, I give up. If he wants to hang out in such a strange place then he's quite welcome to do so. I've got enough on my plate and so I won't waste the energy wondering why my youngest brother wants to spend time in close proximity to Moaning Myrtle.

In other news, Harry Potter is a Parselmouth…yikes.

I'd be more alarmed but if Dumbledore, strange and eccentric though he is, hasn't hauled Potter in for questioning then clearly, he doesn't have any doubt about the boy's character.

Also, as I've said previously no twelve-year-old boy is likely to be the heir of Slytherin. Potter is bright but unquestionably lazy judging by his average grades in last year's exams. The lower years however seemed to have seized upon this idea and are running with it. I wouldn't want to be Potter right now for all the money in the world.

Personal dislike aside I really feel sorry for the poor kid.

Ginny winced. That had been the worst time of her life and poor Harry had taken all the abuse that should rightly have been slung at her. She still felt terribly guilty about it all.

Things only got worse after the Finch-Fletchley kid got petrified as well. Especially as Potter had been outed as a Parselmouth when he spoken to a snake

Caught some second year Hufflepuff boy talking rubbish about it afterwards and docked some points along with a stinging remark about how likely it was that someone who took down a Dark Lord not once but twice would be evil himself. Judging by the little brat's mutinous expression I doubt it made an impact but it felt good to say.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I don't like it when people talk shit about others in public where anyone can hear you.

Honestly the only good thing that came out of that useless duelling club was seeing Snape humiliate Lockhart. He's is genuinely the worst Defence teacher I've had and that is saying something considering last year's teacher was a possessed Death Eater.

"Agreed" Fred and George muttered.

Molly went slightly pink remembering that she had once admired the man.

Fred and George as usual are taking none of this seriously and took every opportunity to announce to the school that Harry was the Heir of Slytherin in deeply sarcastic ways. This was not in any way helping the other students to back off and it was distressing Ginny deeply. I tried to get the twins to cut it out but they've never thought me worth listening to so it made absolutely no difference.

Potter didn't seem to mind it at all oddly so eventually I just left them to it.

I remain hopeful things will improve after Christmas though.

25th December 1992

Christmas Day at last. Though this is the second Christmas I've spent at Hogwarts in a row I didn't feel as though I had a choice.

Mia is more than a little miffed but she calmed down when I explained that as my parents were going to Egypt to visit Bill I'd not have been able to spend Christmas at home anyway. Although at sixteen I do think I should have been allowed to stay home alone, it's not like I'm the get drunk and party type. Plus I'll legally be an adult in just under eight months. This argument did not fly with my mother however so staying at school it was.

It gave me the opportunity to keep an eye on Ron and his partners in crime who were acting increasingly more suspicious the closer we got to Christmas. Today they've been downright strange and were lurking about in the Entrance Hall for a long time after they'd finished eating. I'd have stayed to investigate but had to go on patrol down in the dungeons.

Other than a decidedly unpleasant encounter with Malfoy while on patrol nothing of note happened that could explain my brother's peculiar behaviour and when I returned to the Common Room that evening both he and Potter seemed decidedly disappointed and upset about something.

As it turned out Hermione Granger had, judging by rumours, been the victim of a horrible prank or something and would have to spend several weeks in the hospital wing.

Merlin, I hope the three of them haven't taken up Fred and George's favourite pastime but it would certainly explain why they've been sneaking off so much.

I'll have to keep an eye on them in the next few weeks but perhaps the consequences will have put them off doing such a stupid thing again.

10th January 1993

Another new year.

Harry and Ron have seemed to have stopped whispering and sneaking about so I feel safe in relaxing a little. It doesn't look like they'll be the next Hogwarts pranksters after all. I did spot them coming out of Moaning Myrtle's bathroom again though.


I'm busier than ever with homework and even though the exams this year aren't as important as the OWLS I'm already feeling the pressure. I dread to think what next year will be like. I'm so envious of my siblings whose exams mean very little at this stage.

It's been increasingly difficult to spend long periods of time with Penelope what with Prefect duties and homework so we've been trying to finish patrols in the same place at the same time and then take advantage of the fact that there's an empty classroom close by.

And no we don't spend all of this time kissing but it's definitely a high percentage. I feel as though I'm improving with all the practice though.

Ginny rolled her eyes while her brothers sniggered.

It's actually quite fun when you get used to it and don't spend all the time overthinking it.

There haven't been any new attacks lately and Professor Sprout is making some progress with the Mandrakes so the mood in the castle has taken an upward swing at least for now.

I can only hope that things continue to improve.

A/N I've been furloughed from work so have found some time to finally work on this. I hope you are all keeping well and safe in these terrible times.