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Chapter 13

When it's all said and done… what's left to do?

Annabeth's pov

It had been a month since the final battle and I hadn't talked to anyone. This was the first day I was out side since the incident. Though it was after hours so no one would know. I was looking out at the lake remembering my first kiss with Percy as my tiers hit the lake. And then the night Percy and I lay out in the middle looking at the stares. I had his shirt and occasionally sniffed it. It smelled like him a light warm sea breeze.

"You weep yet you do not fully understand what has happened." A power full voice said to me.

"Chaos?" I began to get angry.

"Where are you! Come out here so I can kill you!" I said standing up and drawing my dagger.

"now now Ms Chase.." the voice said. with that a wave of emotion hit me and I sat down with my feet dangling over the side of the dock.

"I cant hurt you… Percy trusted you and even if you are indirectly to blame for his death… he wouldn't want me to fight you…" I said sighing.

"Ah well I may be indirectly to blame for his death, but directly to thank for his life. But alas my time is up. Good bye Annabeth." And with that the voice stopped talking.

"Wait! What do you mean?" I was overcome by another wave of grief and sorrow. I began to cry. To make thing worse, I'm about a month pregnant. And no I haven't told anyone. I had stopped baling and was sniffling and wiping stray tiers when some one spoke.

"hey… why are you crying…." I'd recognize that voice any were… I was Percy's! oh great! Now im hearing things. But I humored my subconscious.

"you died Percy and now…." But I was cut off by two strong arms picking me up and I cried into his shoulder. He stroked my hair and kissed my head while whispering it will be alright. "No Percy it really wont be! Im pregnant and your dead!" He pulled back to look at me.

"I'm going to be a father!" He whispered.

"If you were alive yes…" I said my voice breaking at the end.

"Annabeth… I am alive! And I'm Here!" He kissed me and I could feel his lips, soft and sweet as ever. He smelled the same but a bit like the desert. He really was back. I pulled back stuttering.

"bu….but ho… how?" he sat down and patted the spot beside him.

"When I was taken in by chaos… I had to pledge myself to his service. The oath I took was; 'I Percy Jackson swear to protect the innocent, keep the earth in balance, do what is necessary for the world no matter the effect it will have on me. I fight in dark to serve the light, hide in plain sight, and protect the innocent! Where others blindly fallow the truth; I remember nothing is certain. Where others are bound by law and mortality: I remember everything is permitted. Where that came form I don't know. I pledge myself to Chaos and be the keeper of earth. Until death or Chaos releases me from my oath!' And when I died saving the world I did what was necessary for the world no matter the effects it had on me. By saving you I protected the innocent. When I died I was released as protector of earth…. Then chaos brought me back to life. Achilles curse free… and Immortal again. Do you understand now Annabeth?" He asked turning to me.

"Yes… I do Percy." and I kissed him. We went back to his cabin to sleep. The next morning the other campers were freaking out trying to find us. Then Thalia thought I might have gone to Percy's bunk to be closer to him. She was so shocked she fainted. That was hilarious. Percy then explained what had happened and everyone understood. Except for… Nico. Thalia promised explain it to him. So they went off to the forest. But something tells me he wouldn't find out till after a heavy make out session was over. I asked Percy why it took him a month to come back. Apparently He woke up in Egypt and had to find his way back. Oh well all that really matters is I have my seaweed brain back.


Percy and Annabeth had there child eight months latter. They have a permanent residence on the beach at camp half blood. And will never have to help the gods again in there immortal lives. They lived happily ever after at camp training demigods. Ha if only it was ever that simple in a half bloods life! Knowing Percy he'll get his immortal ass in trouble and Annabeth and depending on how old there Children are will have to save him. ;P you know it's true so don't even Pretend it won't happen.

Well there it is the last chapter. I hope you enjoyed a new void. And are happy that I didn't kill Percy off, I hope you'll read my other stories as they come out.