"I swear Ron if you weren't so busy stuffing your tongue down Lavender's throat you wouldn't need me to check over and help you finish your charms essay this late at night." Hermione was in full on lecture mode as she pulled his scrolls and books out of his backpack. Finding a strange black leather notebook in his bag she took it out and looked it over. "Ron what is this?"

He rolled his eyes and tried to pretend that his cheeks weren't as red as his hair from her comments about his snogging habits. The ginger boy flicked a lock of his hair away from his before stuffing his mouth full of a handful of Bertie Bott's every flavor beans. "I don't know, 'Moine, a notebook I'd reckon."

She rolled her eyes at her friends idiotic antics and decided to look through the book herself and figure out what it was.


- If the couple becomes real they're no longer 'taboo' and therefore not fit for our 'fiction' any longer.

-No rape or non-con of any type in the stories.

-All stories must be rated M aka Nc-17

-All S&M stories must be clearly labeled as such to avoid upset. (Thank you Romilda!)

-All slash stories, whether m/m or f/f must be labeled.

-No incest stories! (In exception of the HAWT threesomes involving the Weasley twins.)

-No one under 15 mentioned in sexual situations. (This includes snog sessions Lavender.)

Hermione looked up from the notebook's front page after reading the 'Rules' listed there. "What?" she questioned worriedly.

"Hi, Granger," Fred and George called out in unison as they passed through the Gryffindor common room. She nodded and called out a 'hey' herself as they passed by and she went back to reading the weird notebook.

'He ran his olive skinned hand through her silvery blonde hair making her neck arch towards the erotic heat of his mouth. Luna moaned loudly, her pale hands raking through his dark hair, pulling him closer. His tongue suckled her sweet flesh as his other hand massaged her small breast through her thin cotton night gown. He continued his talented stroke down her curvy figure until he was reaching beneath the gown's hem to pull it up. "Oh yes, Blaise," Luna cried out in her sweet dream voice as his long fingers moved up to her nether lips, stroking them lightly.'

"Oh my," Hermione whispered in shock as she realized what she was reading. "Ron I don't think this is your notebook," she blushed horribly. "At least I hope this isn't."

"Wha-?" he murmured as he looked up from where he'd started his essay, more beans spewing from his mouth as he spoke.

She looked at him in disgust, "ugh, close your mouth please. I said I don't think this is your notebook Ron. Its got… uh… stories in it."

"What kind of stories?" Harry asked as he came to sit with his two closest friends.

"Um… adult ones it seems," she answered flicking through the notebook again. "They seem to be about the students here being involved with um, other students and sometimes teachers… or spiders."

Ron looked at her in horror, "spiders?"

She nodded, "actually the story in here I'm referring to is called 'Ron and the Night of the Spiders."

He jerked the notebook from her hands looking at the story she was referring to with eyes wide and full of terror. "Why would someone want to write such a horrible story about spiders?"

Harry blushed and looked between his two friends, "I don't think its that kind of story Ron."

"They're erotic stories," Hermione tried to explain to the slower of her best friends.

"Erotic? What with spiders?" he shrieked.

"So it would seem," the brilliant bushed haired girl answered.

Ginny wondered over to the Golden Trio and plucked the notebook from her youngest brother's hands. "What are you whining over this time Ron?" She flopped down on the couch next to Harry and Hermione and began flipping through its sordid pages herself.

"Someone's been writing creepy erotic stories about me and a bunch of bloody spiders!" the boy screeched out at his sister, enraged by the very concept.

Hermione smirked and giggled a bit, "well it was in your bag, Ronald."

He sputtered a bit as Ginny looked over the object in question, "where'd you get this Ron?"

"I don't bloody well know," he griped with a frown.

Harry thought about it, "it could be Lavender's, after all you two were in a rush to get back here after your stint in the library this afternoon."

"No way did Lavender write this," Ginny quipped as she flipped through the stories.

"What makes you think that?" Hermione asked.

Ginny flipped to two pages that showed very different writing, "the hand writings different, besides Lavender is in no way intelligent enough to write this stuff."

"Hey," Ron inserted in an attempt at defending his girlfriend's idiocy.

"Oh don't worry she's a perfect match for you in that department Ron," Ginny teased him.

He glared at her, "once again I said 'hey.'"

The redheaded girl rolled her eyes at her brother and went back to talking to Hermione. At least she could keep up with Ginny's thought processes. "There must be at least six different writers here… And what the…?"

Harry looked over at the girl in alarm, "what is it Ginny?"

"Some blasted skrewt wrote a story pairing me with Malfoy! That's bloody disgusting!" her face was bright red and her eyes wide in fury.

"WHAT?" all three of the other Gryffindors cried in shocked unison.

Ginny glared at the offensive notebook before pulling out her wand. "Effingo," she muttered making an exact copy of the notebook before standing up and taking her new copy in hand.

"Ginny! What are you doing?" Hermione asked in shock.

The youngest Weasley looked down at her friend and explained, "taking a copy. These people are writing about me and I have a right to know what they're writing. They wrote about you too 'Mione, don't you want know what people are making up about you too?" With that she flounced up the stairs to her dorm room with her copy of the elicit material.

Harry watched after her and noticed Lavender coming down the stairs. "Lavender's coming," he whispered to his friends.

Hermione looked at the blonde witch that had stolen Ron's attentions from her and quickly made up her mind. "Effingo," she cast and snatched her copy before standing to flee as well.

"Mione," Ron mumbled in shock as she clutched the book to her chest and headed upstairs as well.

"Finish your essay Ron!"