The next morning saw the youngest Weasley in a curiously apprehensive mood about her planned activities for that day as she headed down stairs to the Great Hall. Hermione walked along beside her, Harry and Ron being down already for their morning meal. The older girl looked sad and confused herself as they trudged along.

Seeing the approach of the massive double doors Ginny hung back half a step making her friend look back in question. Inside the red head looked over at the Slytherin table immediately catching the eye of a certain blond boy. He smirked at her and went back to talking to Theodore Nott as though they weren't about to do something horribly scandalous. Ginny spied her older brother and long time crush together down the table and snatched her companions sleeve quickly. "Today," she began in a whisper. "You're going to hear and see some things. Don't worry though its all for show, but you can't let anybody else know that. Not even Ron."

The bushy haired witch looked concerned for a moment as she asked, "what are you talking about Ginny?"

"You'll see, just remember… Not a word," the younger girl implored.

They took their seats and began stacking their plates with fruits and toast. "Okay Ginny…" Hermione reassured her friend quietly.

The young Weaselette was starting to believe that perhaps Draco had granted her a mornings reprieve before their plan would began to take effect. She was happily joking with Neville Longbottom about just which mind altering herbs Professor Trelawney might be slipping into her tea to gain her such high sighted visions when that reprieve was broken.

They were just reaching the doors when the Slytherin Prince and Pansy Parkinson herself came bounding up to the Gryffindor pair. Draco easily threw a well toned arm around Ginny's shoulders and gave her a seemingly genuine smile, no smirk evident. "How was the rest of your night Ginny?" he asked still grinning.

"Um… Okay," she answered quietly.

Pansy looked at Neville where he was observing the odd pair, looking utterly confused. She placed a gentle hand on his sleeve, capturing his attention, as he looked from her hand to her face. "So Neville…. I was thinking we could go to Hogsmeade together this weekend?"

He gently pulled his hand away and scratched his head, unsure of how to respond. "Um…. I actually have other plans already. I need to go to potions now," he murmured before wondering off down the halls brunette head shaking as he went.

The dark haired witch shook head and muttered quietly to herself as she passed Ginny and Draco. "I know, I'm in that class…"

Ginny looked up at Malfoy's pale visage to his arm still firmly placed around her as they began walking down the halls towards her first class of the day. "What's going on?"

He shrugged lightly ignoring the way the Golden Trio was watching their every move. "Thought I'd walk to class and see if you were busy later…"

The ginger blushed as she noticed her brother's angry red faced and Harry's confused visage. "I meant with Pansy and Neville, was she seriously just asking him out or did I hallucinate that?"

Draco frowned, his pale brows scrunching up for a moment before they relaxed again. "Yeah, I believe she was," he pulled off coolly.


"She saw the notebook, guess she started looking at Longbottom in a different light. A lot of that's been going around lately," he pointed out tiredly.

Ginny frowned as they walked together, "is that why Zabini was smiling at Luna all morning over breakfast?"

Malfoy let out a surprisingly rich laugh that vibrated against the younger girls side. "No, he's always been mad about her, just now he's making his move. Not that she seems to have noticed."

The witch smiled lightly, "yeah she can be a bit thick sometimes." They were nearly to her charms class now, still walking in sync as they were. "So who else has the notebook been getting to?"

At this the blond wizard smirked, "don't tell me you haven't noticed."

"Noticed what?" she asked in genuine confusion, the heat of his arm beginning to seep through her uniform and warm her skin.

"Granger and those twin brothers of yours," he explained as they came to a stop in front of Flitwick's classroom. "The way they all look and.. Avoid…looking at each other."

Both took notice of Ron's sputtering angry face a few feet away as Draco's arm slipped from around the youngest Weasley's shoulder. Harry was holding the elder brother back with his dark brow quirked in confusion and worry. Hermione was blushing a few feet away as Ron looked at her angered and stalked off.

As he was passing Draco, Ron's shoulder forcefully knocked into the other boy knocking him back harshly. "Watch it, Weaselbee!" the blonde called after him, scowl firmly in place.

Ginny's eyes hardened as she glared at her supposed boyfriend, "Draco!"

He turned his pale grey eyes back to her, releasing a deep breath. They needed this plan to work and for their 'relationship' to appear real. He shook off the mild confrontation to address his 'girlfriend.' "Sorry, Ginerva, I overreacted."

She immediately rolled her eyes at his apparent nonchalance, "just don't let it happen again. The last we need to make this relationship work is you and Ron at one another's throats."

"You're right, Gin," he admitted, glad they were on the same page. "I gotta go to class but I have a free period after lunch."

"Me too. See ya then?" she nodded turning away from him, red hair swinging behind her.

"You know it," Malfoy called as he rushed off towards the dungeons but Ginny called him back before he turned and made him pause for a moment.

"Don't call me Ginerva!" was her last reply before letting him leave.

In charms Ginny sat down in her usual seat shaking her head as she did. Colin took the seat next to her as always but this time he was starring at her intently. She turned her hazel eyes toward him expectantly, "what?"

He stared a moment longer before unpacking his bag and waiting for the class to start. "You and Malfoy?" he asked quietly. "I thought you couldn't stand him."

She lowered her voice as Professor Flitwick came in and began the lesson for that day. "I guess he's just kind of growing on me."

"Whatever you say Ginny," he relented almost tiredly. She huffed at his response but chose to focus on the professor instead of picking a fight with one of her closest friends.

Pansy stood with parchment and quill clasped in hand beside Neville as Professor Sprout gave the days lesson on hygenea verium. She looked over the tall Gryffindor and let out a sigh which made him nervously glance her. Finally after several more exasperated sighs she whispered, "what's your problem?"

He turned towards her slightly, glancing at Professor Sprout to make sure they weren't noticed to be talking. "Huh… Wha-?"

The dark haired girl flipped a fallen strand out of her eyes, "I've asked you out twice now and twice you've turned me down. Why?"

Neville took a deep steadying breath before he decided to face her questions and schemes head on. "Believe it or not Pansy, I'm not an idiot. What ever Slytherin plot you and Malfoy are up to I don't want to be a part of it."

She turned to face him directly not caring what the plump herbology teacher had to say on the matter. "You think everything we do is some horrible plot? Did you ever think I just wanted to go out with you?"

"Do you?" he whispered quietly, for the first time considering that innocent possibility.

She turned back towards the lecture and gave a slight shrug trying not to show any emotion. "I don't know, I did…"

"Sorry," he mumbled quietly. "I just didn't think you were all that serious."

"Yeah well I hardly would have stood there getting laughed at by your friends if I wasn't serious," Pansy pointed out.

The brunette wizard studied the girl beside him for the first time ever truly. Her hair was medium length and dark, her eyes almond shaped, lined with dark lashes, and a deep blue. She was short and petite but curvy in all the right places and her nose… It was smushed up slightly at the end much like a pugs but it only served make her cute. All in all Neville Longbottom thought Pansy Parkinson oddly pretty.

Professor Sprout interrupted any further conversation they might have had at the time. "Quiet in the back there," she called before continuing on with her lesson.

Later that afternoon Harry and Ron were seated in the common room and somehow after going through all their classes for the day, Ron was still red faced in his anger. "Come on mate," Harry attempted to cajole his friend into a calmer mood. "You know what Malfoy's like. He's just doing this to get on you nerves."

Ron Weasley shook his head, shaggy red hair flying in all directions, "that's just it Harry. I'm not even sure what bothers me more…. That Ginny's apparently gone bonkers or that 'Mione's with my brothers."

The dark haired boy let out an exasperated groan, "I think if 'Mione were with your brothers she or thy or both would make it known. Especially to you Ron. And I'm not sure what's going on with Ginny but if it involves Malfoy it can't be good."

Ron was far too busy stewing to listen and instead managed to zero in on his twin elder brothers entering the room. He bolted up from his seat to confront them, "oi! What the hell do you two think you're doing with Hermione?"

George's grin slid from his face as he carefully asked his enraged sibling, "what are you on about little brother?"

Harry stepped forward trying once again to calm his friend, "Ron… don't…" He tried a cautious hand on the other wizard's shoulder but was just shrugged off.

Fred stepped in front of his twin, infuriating mischievous grin in place. "What's this about?"

"I'm talking about the two of you putting the moves on my best mate and not even having the decency to tell me you bloody well liked her!" Ron shouted at his brothers, making the younger students bolt upstairs while the older just watched on. "I had to hear about it from Malfoy of all people."

Fred laughed at his furious outrage, whilst George just looked mildly confused and amused. "Well, maybe if you weren't being such a selfish, self-centered sod with your little girlfriend all the time you might notice these things for yourself," Fred answered mildly.

Ron stepped right up to his brother's face, nearly spitting his next words. "So what, you just wait 'til I'm distracted to swoop in?"

George shook his head, words now free of amusement as he spoke. "Actually we were waiting for you to take notice of her and make a move yourself… and waiting, and waiting, and waiting…"

"Do you have any idea what it was like watching you ignore and treat her like crap for all those years?" Fred asked his brother in a near whisper.

"You lost your chance, little brother," the other twin muttered.

Ron sputtered angrily at this before jumping in and attacking both of them. His fist connected with Fred's jaw even as George, tackled him knocking his away from his brother. Harry was finally able to break up the fight when Hermione came through the common room door.

"Stop it!" she screamed forcing all three brothers to break apart. Her eyes were brimmed with tears and red from her reactions earlier that day. Harry pulled Ron back and managed to restrain him from attacking his siblings once more, whilst did the same with Fred. The distraught witch looked between the boys, "what is wrong with you?" After looking between her best mates and her crushes for a moment longer she fled up the stairs to her dorm room alone.

Fred angrily shook his head at this youngest brother, "it doesn't matter, she turned us down. Even after all you've put her through she still wants you."

Ron was still shaking with anger as the twins moved on the seventh year dorms on their own. "Stay away from 'Mione," he called after them.

George drug Fred the rest of the way up the stairs all the while muttering about 'stupid, selfish prats.'