by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, or their characters.

Summary: Shinji is teleported to Africa, where he phases through Wade Wilson, gaining all of his abilities, but not his personality. Here he becomes Wolverine's and Wraith's newest ally.

Authors Notes: Please bare in mind that I'm kinda 'eyeballing' alot of these ideas, such as the dates, so don't judge me too quickly.


Chapter 1
The New Merc

(Africa, 1975)

"VICTOR!" Logan shouted as he leapt at his half-brother, grabbing his arm and stopping him from killing yet another innocent villager. "Don't even think about it!" he growled at the slightly older man. "We didn't sign up for this. Put him down!" he insisted.

Victor, a tall and imposing man with short hair and rather long nails, let the man go and turned to his little brother, a man with wavy brown hair and sideburns that were turning into a beard.

"What are you doing?" Victor asked, obviously irritated. "We finally got a good thing going here. Don't you screw this up."

"Enough. That's enough. We've done enough." Logan insisted.

"Who do you think you are?" Victor hissed. "This is what we do. Maybe you'd rather be rotting in a hole somewhere till they figure out a way to do it to us, is that it? Huh?"

Logan stared at Victor for a few seconds, before replying.

"I'm done. You coming?" Logan asked.

When he didn't receive an answer, Logan released his older brother and started walking away.

"Jimmy!" Victor shouted.

Logan stops walking, turning back to the assembled group of 'unique' men like himself.

"We can't just let you walk away." Victor stated.

Without saying a word, Logan ripped off his name-tags and threw them to the ground.

"Jimmy! Jimmy!" Victor called out.

However, as Logan is walking away, a strange thunder storm starts up. A swirling black and purple portal explodes open right in front of the group.

"What is that?" Fred Dukes, the largest and most muscular of the group, with short blond hair and a tattoo of a woman on his left arm asked.

"Do I look like I know?" John Wraith, the only black man on the team who wore a cowboy hat said to the large man.

"Is it dangerous?" Chris Bradley, the shortest and seemingly meekest of the group, asked.

"How should I..." John started to say, only to get preempted.


The group of mutant soldiers were practically knocked backwards as the portal glowed brightly, and a human figure was practically fired from the dark circle like a cannonball, flying right towards Wade Wilson. The good-looking, sword-wielding merc in the red shirt, who was known for his lightning fast moves, was caught off-guard like the others. The boy was hurled so quickly at Wade that the merc had no time to react, which would have resulted in him slicing the boy to ribbons with his swords. Instead, the boy slammed into his chest and knocking him down.

Only a couple of them noticed the unusual electrical energies that surged around both the boy and Wade, and within a few seconds of the portal's closing, the electrical surges faded also.

"Wade! Are you alright?" Major William Stryker, the team leader and only human on their team, asked the mercenary swordsman.

Wade rolled the boy off of him and stood up. "I think so, sir. I don't appear to be suffering from any kind of post-traumatic stress or injuries, or any kind of physical..."

"Wade, Shut It!" Stryker snapped.

"Who is he?" John Wraith asked, light nudging the unconscious Japanese boy with his foot.

"Do I look like I know?" Wade asked. "Just ran into the kid myself."

"Should we take him with us?" Zero, the more Asian-looking man with the handguns, asked.

"Yes. We can at least learn more about him." Stryker said. "Considering how he got here and all."

"What about Jimmy?" Victor snarled.

"Don't worry about Logan. We'll get him back." Stryker said with a smile.


Shinji blinked his eyes open, staring straight up at yet another unfamiliar ceiling.

"Where am I?" he asks to no one in particular.

"Good. You're awake." a middle-aged man in a military uniform said.

Shinji sat up as three men entered the room.

The first was the middle-aged man in the dark blue military uniform, he had dark hair that seemed to show the first signs of white edges near his ears. The second looked like an American man with soft wavy light blond-brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, he was dressed in a red shirt, black cargo pants and had a pair of swords strapped to his back. The third looked like a Korean man with a pair of guns in holsters under both arms, dressed in a white shirt and black pants.

"My name is Major William Stryker. This is Wade Wilson," he said, indicating the man with the swords. "And this is Agent Zero." he said, indicating the man with the guns.

Shinji nodded to each of them before he spoke. "Ikari Shinji."

Taking his first name to be Shinji, given that he was Japanese, the Major spoke again.

"I'm sure you have a lot of questions, but so do we. To start with, do you know where you are?" Stryker asked.

"No." Shinji said.

"You're in a special military hospital where we brought you after we found you." Stryker said.

"Found me?" Shinji asked, not sure where he had been beforehand.

"What's the last thing you remember?" Stryker asked.

"I was... in a battle. My Eva was being swallowed by an Angel. I was trapped inside it for several hours... and then... I guess I passed out. Am I... still in Japan?" Shinji asked.

"Actually you were in Africa, where we found you." Wade said.

"Africa?" Shinji gasped.

"Do you know what year it is?" Agent Zero asked.

"2015." the young man replied.

The trio looked at each other in shock.

"Actually, the year is 1975. And you're in America right now. North America. Just outside of New York. The state, not the city." Wade said.

Shinji's eyes went wide as he just stared at the trio. They didn't seem to be lying to him, since it was not the kind of thing that a person would or could lie about. At least not convincingly.

"Then... the war never happened?" Shinji asked.

"War? What war?" Stryker asked.

"World War III. After Second Impact." he said.

"Second Impact?" Zero asked.

"Yes. In 2000, an Angel exploded in the Antarctic and caused flooding and devastation all over the world. 3 billion people were killed within a month's time. As more people started dying, the world governments panicked and started shooting at each other. Millions of people died before the United Nations put a stop to it in 2002." Shinji explained.

Again the trio looked at each other with shock. This kid didn't seem like a liar, or even that creative. He seemed scared and nervous, but what he was saying sounded like a rehearsed history lesson.

"Shinji, do you feel strong enough to stand up?" Stryker asked.

"Uh... yes. Sir." Shinji said as he pulled himself out of the bed, noticing he was dressed in a pair of plain white children's pajamas.

As he stood up, he noticed that he wasn't as fatigued as he normally was. He was steady, not even his normal shaky walk. And he wasn't in any form of pain. Which to him was strange.

"How do you feel?" Zero asked.

"Good. Really good." Shinji replied to the Korean man. "But I shouldn't be."

"Why not?"

"I'm usually not whenever I wake up in a hospital." he explained.

"Shinji... when we brought you here, we naturally did a series of tests on you in order to make sure you were healthy. The blood and DNA test results were... unique." Stryker said to him.

"Unique?" Shinji asked, slightly confused, and worried.

"I'd like to test you." the older man said.

"Test... me?" Shinji asked. "How?"

"Wade, give him your swords." Stryker said to the American young man.

"Oh, no. I couldn't do that, sir. They're very special to me. It would be like cutting off one of my own arms." Wade protested.

"That can be arranged. Now give him your swords." Stryker ordered.

Wade huffed but pulled his swords out of their sheaths from behind his back and handed them to Shinji, who accepted them rather reluctantly.

He gripped the handles tightly, noticing how light the swords felt. He would have expected both weapons to be heavier, since he knew for a fact he wasn't that strong.

"Zero... shoot him." Stryker said as he and Wade backed up.

"WHAT?" Shinji gasped.

Zero pulled his guns out of his holsters and aimed them at Shinji. Instantly, the boy was on the defensive. Zero pulled the triggers on his guns, bullets firing straight at him at point-blank range.

Panicked, Shinji's mind suddenly shut down, a strange, unknown impulse taking over, causing him to pull the swords up quickly, blocking each bullet that was fired. Stryker and Wade just stared in shock as Shinji deflected each bullet with almost superhuman ease and skill, slicing half of them to pieces and deflecting the others back towards Zero, the bullets flying all around the gunman's body.

And for some reason, none of the bullets hit Zero, Wade or Stryker himself.

Zero's guns soon ran out of bullets. Shinji dropped the swords as soon as the shooting stopped.

"What... how... Are You Trying To Kill Me?" Shinji shouted in panic.

"If I was trying to kill you, I wouldn't have given you Wade's swords." Stryker said as the talkative merc retrieved said weapons. "It was a test, Shinji. And you passed."

"Test? Passed? What for?" Shinji asked, his heartbeat only now starting to slow down.

"There's a lot to explain. We'll get you a fresh set of clothes and something to eat. Then... I'll explain everything as best I can." Stryker said with a smile.

Stryker, Wade and Zero left the room. Shinji sat back down on the bed.

He looked at his hands, both of them now visually shaking.

What did they do to me? He thought to himself.


It was an hour later and Shinji found himself in a small lounge eating lunch with the man called Wade Wilson. They were joined by three other men.

One was a large man with a crew-cut, kind of whitish hair, and a tattoo of a woman on his left arm. The second was a much smaller young man with a very short haircut, unshaven face, and seemed to be carrying a small shotgun around with him. The third man had dark skin and wore a cowboy hat and a pair of large sunglasses.

"So you're the new guy, huh?" the dark-skinned man in the cowboy hat said.

"Um... I guess?" Shinji replied.

The man smiled. "Relax, kid. Name's John. John Wraith." he said as he sat down on Shinji's right. "This is Chris Bradley, and that's Fred Dukes." he said, indicating the small man and then the larger man who sat down across from them. "We're all on the same team as Wade here. Stryker told us we'd be getting a new guy. Guess you're him."

Shinji didn't have an answer for that, and stared intently at his food.

John looked at Wade, who just shrugged his shoulders.

"Guess the Major's getting slow in his old age, or desperate, putting a teen on our team. But the kid's a good candidate. He's just like me." Wade said.

The trio looked at Shinji, then back to Wade.

"If that were true, he'd be talking more. A lot more." Fred said.

John and Chris just nodded their heads.

John and the others spent the next few minutes trying to engage Shinji in conversation, until three other men walked into the room. Shinji instantly recognized Major Stryker and Agent Zero. But the third man that was with them, immediately scared Shinji. He was tall, hulking, dressed head to toe in black, unshaven face, and very sharp-looking fingernails.

"Ah, good. Everyone's here." Stryker said as they approached the table. "Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to Shinji Ikari. He is, like Wade and Zero, a unique individual."

The group looked at Shinji and then back to Stryker as if waiting for the other shoe to drop. There was more than what they were being told. And why were Wade and Zero being singled out?

Shinji in particular gave Stryker his undivided attention.

"Shinji, when we brought you in for testing, it was discovered that you have a unique genetic anomaly. Similar to Wade, you have an 'enhanced' physiology. Far greater than a normal human. But this enhancement has also given you a rather unique mutation of your own. Much similar to Victor here."

Shinji turned to the hulking, scary-looking man next to Stryker.

"Enhancement? Mutation?" Shinji questioned.

"Yes. Shinji... have you ever been able to do something that was... extraordinary? Like... block bullets with swords?"

"No." he answered quickly.

"Well, you do now. You possess an enhanced physical prowess that makes you stronger, faster, more agile than a normal human being. But there is something else in your physiology that we believe was activated by your gaining these physical enhancements. A natural mutation of sorts." Stryker said. "In your case, a unique healing factor that is on par with that of Victor here."

Shinji just stared at Stryker, more confused than ever. But now he was frightened.

"Oh, my apologies. I assume you've met everyone here. This is Victor Creed." he said, indicating the scary man in the black jacket and pants.

"Hi." Victor said curtly.

Shinji only nodded to the man.

Victor smiled a little, sensing the fear that was rolling off the boy.

"I'm... I'm some kind of... freak?" he gasped, almost asking the Major.

"Hey!" John snapped. "You ain't no freak! Okay? At least not to us."

"Everyone here is rather unique, Shinji. Like you. That's why we want you on our team." Stryker said. "Unless you have some place else to go?"

Shinji looked down at his food. He seemed more confused than before.

"I... I really... don't know." Shinji said, thinking back to everything he had seen.

Walking from the hospital to the mess hall, Shinji had passed several offices and rooms, each with wall calenders and even desk-top day calenders that showed what the date was.

The people he had seen thus far were all dressed in simple, kind of old fashioned clothing. And he had even seen the cars outside the building.

If this whole thing was some kind of trick or hoax, it was a very elaborate one.

"I... I don't have any training." Shinji said.

"You couldn't have convinced us of that an hour ago." Stryker said with a smile.

"I don't even know what happened or how I did that." Shinji stated.

"You reacted. Pure instinct. And with the same skills Wade had." Stryker said. "Now I'm not some theoretical scientist, Shinji. I couldn't possibly tell you how you gained those skills. But the fact is, you have them, and it would be a shame to waste them."

"And if you want, we can get you a pair of swords of your own." Wade said. "You seem to have quite a talent for it."

"What would I be doing?" Shinji asked.

"Protecting the world from all manner of threats. Dangerous threats. Specifically, threats of a more superhuman nature." Stryker said. "You see, Shinji, there are people in the world with unique skills and abilities, like you and everyone at this table. People who don't view the world the same way we do. People who, for all intents and purposes, are criminals. Terrorists with super powers. Like out of a comic book. These threats, need to be countered, and if necessary... eliminated."

Shinji didn't seem too convinced about this.

"You said... you said I was like Mr Wade and Mr Zero. But like Mr Creed as well. How am I like him?" Shinji asked.

"Victor possesses a unique healing factor. It keeps him nice and healthy, and regenerates his body from any injury he gets. Knife wounds and even bullet wounds heal up quickly in a matter of seconds." Stryker said.

"Would you like to see?" Victor asked, walking over to the boy.

Shinji looked up at the tall and imposing man.

"Can I stop you?" Shinji asked.

"Probably not. But you wanted to know, right?"

Shinji nodded.

"Roll back your sleeve." Victor ordered him.

Shinji carefully rolled his sleeve back. Victor stretched out his hand over the boy's arm, the fingernail on his pointer finger extending into a point. He brought his fingernail across Shinji's skin, carving a long line from his wrist to his elbow, and drawing blood.

Shinji winced, but didn't cry out. Compared to what he had gone through inside his Eva, this was nothing. Looking down at his arm Shinji gasped when he saw the lengthy incision quickly heal itself up. Grabbing the napkin, Shinji wiped the blood away from his arm.

"Not... not even a scar." Shinji whispered after a few more seconds.

"Impressive, isn't it?" Stryker said. "Sufficient to say, your health issues are pretty much taken care of. I mean, Victor hasn't needed a doctor in... decades."

"So... what do we do now?" Wade asked.

"Well, the first thing we need to do, is train our newest recruit. That is... if you want to join us."

Shinji looked at Stryker. "You're... giving me the choice?"

"Of course. I prefer to have people work for me of their own free will. Forcing unique individuals like you to work for me has often proved disastrous in the past."

"Last time I... wasn't given a choice. My father..."

Victor cocked an eyebrow at hearing that.

"What about your father?" Victor asked rather curtly.

"He was the commander of the agency I was... recruited in to." Shinji said.

"Recruited?" John asked, his eyebrow raised.

"He left me when I was four years old, after my mother died. I didn't hear from him for over ten years, until he called me back to work for him. He said that he had a need for me. That I was finally useful. I... thought that maybe he wanted to see me again because..." he paused at the thought.

"You thought he wanted to be a family again." John said.

"Yes. But he just wanted to use me." Shinji said.

The group looked at Shinji, seeing the angst rolling off of him. Each of them could tell that he wasn't lying about any of this. Victor knew this as well, as his scent didn't change to that of a liar.

"Use you... how?" Bradley asked.

"He wanted me to pilot a weapons system that his agency had developed."

"Pilot a weapons system? You? You're a kid!" Zero said.

"I'll be 15 in June." Shinji said.

The group looked at each other in shock. He was younger than they thought he was.

Stryker himself had issues with his son. Victor, he had father-issues. So in a way, they both had a degree of sympathy for the boy.

"Join us, Shinji. And maybe we will be able to make your life better than it was before." Stryker said.

"But I don't have any training. Even if I can do... what I did before." Shinji stated.

"Yes, you have skills, but you're not 'perfect' just yet. We'll train you, Shinji. Wouldn't want you dying on us when it could so easily be avoided." Stryker said.

"Would I have to pilot a giant robot?" he asked.

The group looked at Shinji and then at each other in confusion.

"No, no. Nothing like that. We actually have much... simpler means of dealing with all of these problems. Soldiers, on the ground, face-to-face with the enemy. And speaking of which, we need to get going. Are you with us, Shinji?" Stryker asked as the group stood up around the table, one-by-one.

Shinji looked at the men standing around him, before slowly rising to his feet himself.

"Welcome to Team X!" Stryker said with a smile.


Authors Notes:

Not much I can say about this. This is mostly a test chapter to see just what I can do with this idea. I've wanted to do an Eva/X-Men crossover for a while, so this is kinda perfect. When I saw the movie: 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine', I knew I wanted to use that as a basis for what I had in mind. However, I wasn't sure how to get this started, but after a while, I thought how much of a waste it was for Wade to be turned into 'Deadpool'. I mean... honestly? Super healing and teleportation is one thing, but laser vision and swords coming out of his arms? That was just overkill! Plus I didn't like how the movie turned out. While it was fairly true to the comics, I didn't like the fact that so many people were dying, and others were just background characters. (Though that's probably not a good estimation of things) So, in this, I have basically turned Shinji into a teenage badass where he has all the same skills as Wade Wilson, but none of the psychological flaws. Seriously, I thought it was a good idea, especially for what I have planned later on.

Please let me know what you want me to see and who you want me to pair Shinji up with for later on.



"What... how... Are You Trying To Kill Me?" Shinji shouted in panic.

"If I was trying to kill you, I wouldn't have given you Wade's swords." Stryker said as the talkative merc retrieved said weapons. "It was a test, Shinji. And you passed."

"Test? Passed? What for?" Shinji asked, his heartbeat only now starting to slow down.

"There's alot to explain, but first we'll... Wade, what are you doing?" Stryker shouted as the merc moved towards Shinji and wrapped him up in a hug.

"MY SON!" Wade shouted, causing everyone else to become wide-eyed in shock. "I HAVE A SON! And he doesn't even look like me!"