by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion or X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Summary: Shinji and his teammates infiltrate The Island, where they force a final confrontation with Stryker and his lethal agents, including the inhuman Deadpool, and gaining new allies along the way.

Authors Notes: I've taken a few liberties with the timing in this chapter, so please don't be upset with how I've arranged these scenes. Particularly with how Shinji is jumping from battle to battle with ease.


Chapter 3
Team X Returns

Logan, Shinji, John and Fred made their way through the large nuclear complex, passing through several rooms where some people were working, and others were being held. They headed towards the main lab where Col. William Stryker and Dr. Carol Frost were putting the final touches on Weapon XI.

As the quartet entered the lab, Logan was in the lead. Shinji on his right. John on his left. Fred right behind him.

Their presence alone was enough to alert the hairs on the back of Stryker's neck.

He gasped when he looked up and saw the quartet. While he had only been expecting Logan, he was rather shocked to see the others. A fact that he hid well.

"Well, well, well. Looks like someone has been getting the band back together." Stryker said, trying to be humorous.

"You look surprised to see us." John said.

"I am, actually. I should have figured that it would take more than one of you to defeat Victor." Stryker admitted.

"Actually, it just took Logan." Shinji said.

"The rest of us came along for the ride." Fred said.

"Where's Victor?" Logan asked with fuming anger in his voice.

"He's here." Shinji said.

"And how would you know that?" Stryker asked.

"I can smell the blood on him." Shinji said.

From the shadows, Victor actually grinned.

"Seriously? You can smell the blood on him?" John asked.

"Either that or he doesn't shower anymore." Shinji said with a smile.

Ignoring the jokes, Logan glared at Stryker.

"Before I gut you, I wanna know why!" Logan growled at Stryker.

"I needed your powers for the Pool." Stryker answered simply.

"The what?" Logan asked.

"The mutant killer. Deadpool. Years of research and refining, trying to find the right combination of powers that could co-exist in one body, without tearing it apart."

"And you got everyone's powers, 'cept mine." John said.

"Actually, we still had you on file. You remember those blood tests all those years ago?" Stryker asked.

"Oh, shit!" he gasped.

"Not as potent as a fresh blood sample, but still viable." Stryker said.

"So the rumors were true. You were kidnapping mutants just to steal their powers." Shinji said.

"To create a weapon... to kill us all." John said.

"And we helped you." Fred said.

"Yes. My son was the first piece of the puzzle." he said, staring particularly at Logan. "Logan, you were the last. You made Weapon XI possible. I asked you for your help, but you said you wanted the quiet life. Well, I've learned that nothing motivates the men in your family quite like revenge."

Shinji suddenly turned his head to the side, now noticing a raven-haired woman standing nearby them.

"Who are you?" Shinji asked, looking directly at the woman.

When Logan turned and looked, he gasped when he saw Kayla Silverfox standing there, alive and like she had never been touched.

Logan gasped, shocked and stunned, as if he was looking at a ghost.

"What... who... who are you?" Logan gasped.

"Oh, she's real, old friend." Stryker said.

Logan groaned, kneeling to the ground, as if he was having stomach pains. Shinji and the others did not move.

"You think we'd just let you walk away? You're a dangerous man, Logan. We like to keep an eye on dangerous men." Stryker said, turning to Kayla. "Tell him about the day you died."

"They gave me a shot of hydrochlorothiazide. It reduces the heart rate so low it appears you flatlined. It was meant to look like Victor killed me." she explained.

"Don't be angry with her. She's a real credit to your species." Stryker said.

"What?" Logan gasped, the others looking at Kayla in mild surprise.

"Did you know that her sister has diamond-hard skin? Quite beautiful, really. Kayla's mutation is tactohypnosis. She can influence people as long as she touches them. Quite a useful tool in a seduction. It was never real, my friend."

Kayla moved towards them, but Stryker pulled back his coat, revealing his gun.

At seeing this, Shinji nudged John's elbow, causing the dark-skinned cowboy to vanish as Shinji leapt towards Stryker, who turned towards Shinji and went for his gun, only to have someone appear next to him, and yank the gun out of his holster, the barrel pressed up against his temple.

"Don't move." John said as Shinji moved in and grabbed Stryker by the collar, pulling him forward.

"Tell us the truth, Colonel." Shinji said, lifting the man off his toes. "You really were planning on killing us. Wiping us all out. But you couldn't do it by yourself. You needed us, to kill us."

"To kill the bad ones!" Stryker said. "The real threats to everyone!"

"NO! I Don't Believe That!" Shinji shouted, shaking Stryker in anger. "You lied to us, manipulated us, sent us to hunt our own kind, even killed us! And if that wasn't enough... you took our powers... why? Why do you hate us so much?"

"You wouldn't understand!" Stryker said.

Shinji turned to Kayla.

"Make him tell us the truth!" Shinji ordered her.

Kayla moved towards Stryker, the man struggling in Shinji's grip as Kayla placed her hand on his neck.

"Tell us the truth." Kayla said. "Do you hate mutants?"

"Y...yes." Stryker said, struggling to resist Kayla's mutant powers.

"Why?" Shinji asked.

"My son... is a mutant. Created illusions, that made my wife... kill herself. It became... personal... for me. I knew that there couldn't just be... one kind of mutant out there. There... had to be... others. When his powers first manifested... I took my son... to get help. Went to... Charles... Xavier before my wife... killed herself. But he couldn't... cure my son. So... I did what any military officer would do. I studied them. Watched them. Analyzed them. Until I came up with the perfect plan. Mutants... all of them... they had powers and abilities that I couldn't fight... conventionally. So I decided to use mutants... to kill mutants. I used government resources and connections... to assemble a team... under my control. Mutants with special gifts. Like Wade... Zero... Bradley... Dukes... Wraith... Victor... and Logan. Steps in the process... to creating the perfect weapon."

"And were you planning on using this... Deadpool... on everyone? Even Victor?" Shinji asked.

"Yes." Stryker said.

Nearby, still crouched low in the shadows, Victor was listening to all of this. His mouth turning into a snarl as Stryker confessed.

"Logan was the last step, you said. You pumped Adamantium into him, to make him indestructible! Were you planning on doing this to anyone else? Victor, perhaps?" Shinji asked.

"No. Logan... barely survived. Victor... his regeneration powers... they're not as strong. He would die. And I would lose my favorite... pawn." Stryker said.

"Pawn. Yeah, I guess that sounds about right." Shinji said as he pulled Stryker away from Kayla, pulled back and punched him in the mouth, sending him flying and slamming up against the nearby wall. He slumped to the ground and sat there, unconscious.

"Nice punch." Fred said casually.

"Thanks." Shinji said, turning to Kayla. "And you... why were you helping Stryker?"

"They have my sister. Stryker said that if I did this, all of this... he'd let her go."

The mutants looked at each other in mild shock.

"And you trusted him?" John asked.

"What choice did I have?" Kayla asked.

"By yourself? None. But you have us now." Shinji said.

Logan, Fred, John and Kayla, and even Victor, looked at Shinji in confusion.

"What?" Kayla asked.

"We're going to free the mutants that we helped capture. The ones that are still here." Shinji said.

"Can't let you do that." Victor said as he landed in the middle of the group, knocking Shinji and Wraith away and grabbing Kayla by the throat. "Time for you to die!"

"VICTOR!" Logan shouted, springing instantly from his crouched position as his claws sprang out and he jumped at his brother.

Victor tossed Kayla away as Logan tackled him to the ground. The pair scrambled to their feet where Victor lashed out first, only to have his strikes blocked by Logan, who slashed him across the face and then pierced him in the chest, knocking him down. Victor slashed at Logan's face, then grabbed him by the head to flip him over his body and onto the floor. But Logan rolled onto his feet and pulled Victor back up with him. He punched and slashed Victor again and again, swinging low in order to knock him off his feet and onto his back.

Logan growled again as he rushed towards Victor, kicking him away and towards the glass wall that overlooked the holding cells for the mutant prisoners. Victor forced himself to stand up, even as Logan rushed him again, impaling Victor in the stomach and knocking him back through the glass wall and down, down nearly two stories, until they fell onto a metal platform at the bottom of the open room. Logan was on top and recovered quickly as he pulled his metal claws out of Victor.

Victor shouted in pain as Logan pointed his right hand claws directly under Victor's throat, as if ready to push his claws straight up into Victor's head.

However, Victor only laughed.

"Feels good, doesn't it? All that rage?" Victor chuckled. "Do it!"


The man looked up at Kayla.

"You're not an animal." she shouted.

"Oh, yes, you are." Victor hissed. "Do it. Finish it!"

"Come on!" Shinji shouted as he leapt out of the window, falling two stories and landing easily on the ground a couple meters from where Logan and Victor were.

"Don't Logan." Shinji said as John appeared right next to him. "If you kill him like this, you'll be exactly like him. And that's what he wants. That's why he threatened Kayla. To push you."

"He's right, Logan." John said. "Victor, Stryker, they've been playing us like puppets. Getting us to do what they want us to do. We gotta end it, but not like this."

Logan stared at the pair for the longest time. Stared at them and then back at Victor.

Logan retracted his claws... and punched Victor hard in the face. He was out cold.

Getting off of Victor, Logan looked over and saw Kayla and Fred coming down the stairs to where the three of them were.

"I'm sorry about this. But I didn't trick you into loving me. It was real for me too." Kayla said.

"Why should I believe you?" Logan asked.

"Because they have my sister. I'm so sorry. Please, they have my sister." she said, crying the whole time, her voice about to break.

Logan looked back at Shinji, John and Fred, searching for some help. They all looked back at him as if expecting him to make a choice. He then looked back at Kayla.

"Where is she?" Logan asked.

Running towards the holding cells, the group easily got past the gate, and into the containment area where dozens of cages were, all with a single mutant inside it.

"Oh, my god!" John gasped when he saw them.

Nearly two dozen mutants, all with special powers and abilities, some of their features less than human. Some acted normal, but others, like the boy who became a living whirlwind, the boy who was tied up with rubber chords to keep him from moving too much, a boy with lizard like features and even a tongue, and a girl who was surrounded by ice all over her cage, really stuck out.

"It's worse than I imagined." Shinji said.

"And exactly what I expected." Fred said.

Logan grimaced as he extended his claws and started slashing at the cell doors, the locks in particular as he ran down the middle of the row of cages, freeing everyone.

He turned back to see Kayla locating one girl in particular, a younger girl with blond hair, who looked just as happy to see Kayla as Kayla was to see her. Shinji, John and Fred followed up through the group, locating Logan and trying to herd the kids out of a rear entrance.

However, it was during all of this, that Stryker had recovered and moved to the female doctor that had been working on Weapon XI.

"Activate Weapon XI!" Stryker ordered.

"But the bonding process isn't complete!" Dr. Frost stated.

"Just do it!" he said, desperately.

Back on the ground, the members of Team X were heading out towards a large pair of double doors that led out of the facility itself. Logan, Kayla and Shinji were in the lead as the doors opened up to reveal a single figure standing before them. He was a tall, bald figure, dressed in black shoes and red pants, various lines drawn on his athletic body, which reminded Logan of what they did to him when they infused him with Adamantium. He appeared to have no eyelids, and had no visible mouth. Almost like it had been sealed up.

"Oh my god." Shinji gasped when he saw him. "It can't be."

"What? Who is it?" Logan asked.

"It's... Wade!" Shinji gasped.

Logan extended his claws as Shinji pulled his swords out.

The man just stared at them, unblinking, as a pair of long katana-like blades extended from the knuckles in his hands.

"I'll handle this." Shinji said as he stepped up to his former sensei.

"Right." Logan said with a deep exhale. "Kayla, get these kids out of here." he said to the woman who was behind him.

"Logan?" Kayla asked, questioning his decision to have them leave.

"Find another way out." he said.

Kayla and her sister pushed past the other kids, finding Fred and John at the rear.

"What's going on?" John asked.

"Logan said to find another way out." Kayla said.

"What? Why?" Fred asked.

"They're being attacked by someone named Wade." she explained.

Fred and John looked to each other, shock and horror on their faces, as they spun around and moved to find a new exit.

Shinji stepped up to the man, glaring at him.

"Sensei?" Shinji asked.

"Wade?" Logan asked.

Suddenly, the man leapt forward and attacked, Shinji quickly bringing his swords up to defend himself against Deadpool.

"Sensei! It's Me! Shinji!" the Japanese sword master shouted as he continued to deflect each blade strike with his swords. "Don't You Remember Me?"

Deadpool spun away, flipped into the air and kicked Shinji in the chest, sending him backwards, right as Logan raced up behind him and stabbed him in the back, right between his shoulder blades.

The man twitched and spasmed, obviously feeling pain, his swords still waving around.

"Sensei! You don't have to do this!" Shinji shouted, using his swords to deflect Deadpool's own blades.

"I don't think he's got a choice in this, kid." Logan said, trying to move his blades from Deadpool's shoulders towards the middle of his back, only to see the cutting marks of his claws start to heal up instantly. "You're shitting me!" he gasped.

"Hold Him!" Shinji shouted, a plan instantly forming in his head as Logan rushed up behind him and impaled him in his back, right behind his stomach.

Deadpool shifted and threw his head back, striking Logan in the face, and pushing the adamantium-clawed mutant back away from the mutant killer.

It was in this moment that Shinji made his move, slamming his swords into Deadpool's blades and deflecting them enough to pull his sensei's right blade over to the side, before slashing at the base of the sword (where his knuckles ended and the sword began) several times, causing the sword itself to be cut clean off and fall to the ground.

It was during this, that Shinji failed to notice the thin yellow-orange glow that was surrounding his Adamantium swords as Deadpool brought up his other sword-hand to slash down at Shinji from above. Shinji quickly threw his swords up and blocked the second blade, his swords crossed like an X to catch the single sword at its intersecting point. Shinji quickly slid his swords down to the base of Deadpool's fist, and with some effort, managing to clip the blade like a pair of scissors.

They were fortunate enough that they had arrived before the Adamantium bonding process had been completed, otherwise, they would have never been able to separate the swords from Wade's hands. Even with his low-level AT-Field being unconsciously emitted through his swords. Without those two factors, Shinji never would have been able to remove Wade's swords.

"Nice work!" Logan declared.

"Thanks!" Shinji replied as he kicked Deadpool in the chest, knocking him back into Logan, who then lifted Deadpool off the ground and hurled him off to the side. The mutant killer tumbling around and coming to a stop, but slowly getting back to his feet.

"What's wrong with him?" Shinji asked.

"Stryker's probably messed with his mind. (What there was of it.) He won't listen to anything. He's just gonna keep coming until we're dead." Logan stated.

"There has to be a way to..."

"There ain't! Get out of here!"

"What? Why?"

"Because you don't want to fight him! That'll give him the chance to kill both of us. No offense kid. You got the skill, but you don't have the instinct. Now Go!" Logan ordered.

Shinji looked at the man, almost in a helpless state, before realizing he was right. He turned around and ran back to where John, Fred, Kayla and the others were.

Logan turned back to Deadpool as he stood up and just glared at the razor-clawed mutant.

"You've been declawed, Wade. I think you'd better give..." Logan started to say, only to have him vanish right before his eyes. "What?"

Deadpool appeared behind Logan, grabbing one of his cut-off swords, then teleporting over to where the other one was.

Rearmed, Deadpool stood up and turned to face Logan.

"Great." Logan groaned, realizing now what Stryker had been trying to accomplish.

A mutant killer with the powers of several mutants. And he knew how to use them as well. Or was he actually in control of himself?

It didn't matter as Deadpool quickly moved and attacked Logan.

Logan's claws were out, slashing back and deflecting the swords that Deadpool had in his hands, even kicking down the mutant killer. First in the balls, then in the face, and then in the stomach.

However, Deadpool rolled with the blows, staggered back a bit, and then attacked again.

He flipped over Logan, kicked him in the head, landed behind him, and as Logan spun around, Deadpool jumped into the air and kicked Logan with both feet, sending him out the large double doors and skidding along the ground. Logan rolled backwards, jumping back up to his feet, his claws out, ready to face the mutant killer. Deadpool just glared at Logan and advanced towards him.

"This isn't working. I need some place where he can't jump around." he said as he turned to look at the large and very high cooling tower he was standing in front of.


The second Logan had told him to go, Shinji quickly spun around and ran back to where the others mutants were. Seeing that they were pinned down by gunfire from a group of soldiers on the upper level that over looked the holding cells, Shinji leapt through the air, over the gate itself, and landed right between the soldiers and the escaping mutants. Kayla's sister Emma had turned her skin into diamonds and blocked as many of the bullets as she could. Having landed in front of them, Shinji quickly spun his swords around at incredible speeds, deflecting as many bullets as were shot at him.

Some of the kids who saw this gasped at Shinji's sword skills.

Fred had grabbed a large steel plate and was using it to deflect and cover the other mutants. John winced as he held his arm, a small patch of blood on it.

"You okay?" Fred asked.

"Just a scratch, man!" John said, still holding his arm.

"I can help! Let me at them!" a boy with a metal visor over his face said.

"Gonna get your chance, son." John said as he teleported next to the boy, grabbed him, and quickly teleported both of them away, and right behind the soldiers on the upper tier. "Right behind 'em. Now!" John said. The soldiers turned around as the boy took off his visor, bright red energy exploding from both eyes and slamming into the armed men, blasting them and knocking them away. A couple of the men flew out over the prisoner holding area and crashed down into two of the cages that had been holding the mutants.

"Did I get them?" the boy asked as he pulled his visor over his eyes once more.

"Yeah." John said, grabbing the boy and teleporting him back to the others on the ground. "What's your name, son?"

"Summers. Scott Summers." the boy said.

"Alright, let's get these kids out of here." Shinji said.

"Let's go." Emma said to her sister.

"I can't go." Kayla gasped.

"Kayla, come on!"

"I have to stay. You get them out of here." Kayla said.

However, it was Shinji that noticed something off about Kayla.

"You're bleeding!" Shinji said, crouching to her side where a spot of blood on the right side of her stomach was growing larger by the second.

"What?" Emma gasped.

"Uh!" Kayla hissed in pain. "I'm fine."

"Not really." Shinji said as he picked her up in his arms. "I'll take care of her, you guys get these other kids out of here." Shinji said to John and Fred.

"Alright." John said as he and Fred started moving the mutant teens out.

"I'm staying!" Emma said.

"Emma!" Kayla protested.

"I'm Staying!" she insisted.

"Discuss this later, we need to get you some help." Shinji said as he lifted Kayla into his arms and hurried out another exit, racing back to the medical facility on the upper level in order to at least find some bandages and antibiotics.

The trio rushed into the medical facility and found one of the doctors still there, hiding out since the firefight.

"You!" Shinji shouted.

"Y-Yes?" Dr. Frost asked.

"We need a doctor!"

"Like Now!" Emma shouted.

The woman doctor quickly took to patching up Kayla. But as she did, Shinji suddenly discovered the nearby cryo-cells and their frozen occupants.

However, the one he was more fixated on was an athletic and attractive Korean woman, who looked a little like Agent Zero, but with longer hair. She was dressed in a gray t-shirt, gray sweat pants and underwear.

Shinji gasped in shock as he activated the cryo-cell's thaw-setting on the device. He grabbed a nearby blanket and waited for the person inside to awaken.

"What the... what are you doing?" Emma asked.

"I know this woman." Shinji said.

"You do?" the blond asked.



"Because I captured her."


"Who is she?" Kayla asked.

"Her name is Diane North. She was Zero's twin sister." Shinji explained.

Suddenly, the cryo-cell dinged (like a microwave) and the door opened.

The woman inside fell forward as Shinji caught her and wrapped her in the blanket.

"D-D-David?" the young woman asked, her head trying to clear itself.

"Your brother is dead. I'm sorry." Shinji said.

"You!" the woman spat as she recognized Shinji.

"I know. I'm sorry." Shinji said as the woman fought to stand on her own.

"Did you kill her brother?" Emma asked.

"No. Logan did, when Stryker sent Zero after him. I'm the one who captured her. Back when I worked for Stryker." Shinji explained.

"Let me go!" the Korean mutant hissed as she tried to push herself away from Shinji.

"Right. Sorry."

"How long have I been... on ice?" she asked.

"Almost four years." Shinji said.

"Wait. You captured her?" Kayla asked, sitting up on the table, Dr. Frost finished with her dressings.

"Yes." Shinji said.

"And she's Agent Zero's twin sister?" Emma asked.

"Yes." he said.

"Then what is she doing here? In that cryo-cell?" Kayla asked.

"She didn't agree with Stryker's actions of capturing mutants. She tried to set them free, only to have Zero imprison her." Shinji explained.

"I thought you captured her." Emma said.

"I did. But Zero was the one who put her into that cryo-cell. He figured it was better that way." Shinji said.

"Great. So what do we do now?" Emma asked.

"We get out of here as soon as we can." Shinji said.

"I'm going with you!" Diane hissed.

"What?" he gasped.

"My brother's dead and I was imprisoned by you! The way I figure it, you owe me!" she hissed.

"Yeah, I know. But we should get you some clothes first." he said.

"Grrr." Diane hissed as the quartet quickly moved out of the medical bay.

"Thanks again." Shinji said to the doctor who had patched up Kayla.

The quartet eventually got to the armory, where Diane quickly found a uniform to fit her.

Black boots, black cargo pants, belt, a new gray t-shirt, a black vest with gun holsters, and finally a quartet of polished silver Beretta 92F handguns, plus clips. Amazingly enough, they all fit her, which spoke more for her physique than anything else.

"Alright. I'm ready." Diane said as she loaded her handguns.

"Do you know how to use those things?" Emma asked.

Just then, a quartet of armed men rushed into the armory.

"FREEZE!" the soldiers shouted.

Diane squinted her eyes, before she leapt into the air and over Shinji, Emma and Kayla, her handguns in hand as she opened fire upon the men.

Four bullets, four heads, and all dead in the two seconds before she landed on her feet.

"Next question." Shinji said as the two other female mutants looked on in amazement.

"So... she's got..." Kayla started to ask.

"All the same powers as Zero. Enhanced speed, reflexes, agility, she can jump really far, and has superhuman accuracy with firearms." Shinji said.

"Right. Let's go."

The quartet of mutants quickly moved from the armory and out of the base, even as a massive explosion reverberated across the entire Island.


Back outside, atop one of the Cooling Towers, Logan and Victor were fighting Deadpool.

Despite their hatred for each other, the pair actually worked well together in order to defeat Deadpool. The mutant killer teleported to the other side of the cooling tower, where he fired his optic energy blasts at the pair. Logan blocked the energy attacks, which superheated his claws, which distracted him enough so that Victor could race around the tower and get behind Deadpool.

Deadpool took his eyes off of Logan long enough to refocus them on Victor, blasting him in the chest and knocking him down as he got up and loomed over the feral mutant before firing again.

It was in this instance that Logan rushed up behind him and sliced his neck, before kicking him off the tower. But Deadpool's laser beams were still active, destroying the Cooling Tower in the process as his head spiraled downwards.

Victor was the first to go, leaving Logan to jump off the collapsing tower, and hit the ground hard.

A massive piece of the tower was about to crash down upon him, when a single figure exploded through the air, shattering the tower debris and saving Logan's life.

It was Gambit.

"Did you miss me?" he asked with a grin.

"Oh, Jeez!" Logan huffed in annoyance.

"You know, when you said you were going to kill everybody, I thought you may have been exaggerating." Gambit said.

"Do I look like a guy who exaggerates?" he asked.

"You're welcome." the Cajun card player stated.

Logan suddenly cocked his head as he heard Kayla's voice through the cloud of debris.

"There's a bunch of kids trying to get off the island. Make sure they get out." Logan said.

"I'm on it." Gambit said before rushing off.

As he left, Logan followed the voice, Kayla's voice, and quickly found her being carried by Shinji, her sister Emma following behind her, and all three being followed by a heavily armed woman who reminded him of Zero. Logan quickly took notice of the gauze that was wrapped around Kayla's gut, a small splotch of blood seeping through it, but also the small amount of blood dripping from her leg.

"Kayla!" Logan gasped. "What happened?"

"She got shot on the way out. John and Fred left to get the other mutants out of here." Shinji explained to him. "We managed to get her stomach patched, but on the way out the cooling tower exploded and collapsed and she caught some debris in the leg."

"I'll take her." Logan said and Shinji willingly handed the woman over to him.

"I love you, Logan." Kayla said, bringing herself up to kiss Logan softly on the lips.

Logan pressed his forehead against hers as she said that, not saying anything himself. He then turned to the woman with the guns.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Diane North. I'm... Zero's twin sister." the Asian woman said.

Logan looked at Shinji. "Where'd you get her?"

"Long story." Shinji said.

"Right. Come on. Let's get you out of here." Logan said to Kayla.

The quintet were walking back to Remy's seaplane, Logan carrying Kayla, Shinji on his right, Emma on his left, and Diane right behind Emma.

Just then, a shot rang out. Logan shouted in pain as a bullet tore through his shoulder.

"ARGH!" he shouted, dropping himself to his knees with Kayla still in his arms.

Shinji, Emma and Diane quickly spun around, each of them reacting in different ways. The boy pulled his swords from his back, the girl's skin transforming into diamonds, the woman pulling out her handguns.

Standing several meters away from the group was Colonel Stryker, a single six-shot handgun in his right hand, an M-60 machine gun in his left hand.

Stryker lowered his handgun and raised his machine gun. Pulling the trigger he fired a spray of bullets towards the mutants, hoping to at least hit two of them.

Diane dove to the left as Shinji lunged to the right. Emma remained in front of Logan, shielding them both as Logan himself shielded Kayla from the spray of bullets.

Emma's diamond body deflected the bullets from the machine gun, even as Stryker raised his handgun and fired, an Adamantium bullet ripping through her shoulder.

"AHH!" she cried out.

"EMMA!" Kayla shouted.

Stryker grinned at hearing this, before he noticed, out of the corner of his eyes, two people coming at him from both sides.

His eyes instantly darted left and right, realizing what was happening, as he raised both of his hands up, pulled them apart towards his attackers, and pulling the trigger on both guns to hit them.

To his left, Diane North emerged from behind a large pile of debris, firing at the Colonel. Some of her bullets actually hitting Stryker's bullets and causing them to drop to the ground. While this happened, Shinji Ikari ran towards him from the right, racing towards the man with murderous intent in his eyes as his swords quickly spun around and around.

Sensing that Shinji was closer, Stryker turned to face him, turning both guns towards him even as he ducked back behind a large chuck of fallen Reactor Tower. Undeterred, Shinji raced up the slope of the debris where he saw an incline, and leapt into the air where Stryker was. At the last second, Stryker looked up and saw him, aiming his handgun up at Shinji, and fired, only to gasp in shock as the mutant swords master pulled his black Adamantium blades in front of him, like an X, to deflect the Adamantium bullet and saving himself.

The last thing Stryker saw, was Shinji unfurling his black blades like a scissors, and slashing him across his neck as he landed right in front of him.

From his crouched position, Shinji looked up at Stryker in anger. Stryker just looking down at Shinji in shock, even as his head pitched forward and literally fell from his body all the way to the ground. His body followed suit, falling backwards, and collapsed to the ground, both guns still in hand.

Shinji stood up and sheathed his swords before moving over to the handgun and picking it up. He pulled the pin back and rolled the six-round chamber out from the gun. Seeing two bullets left, Shinji pulled them out of the chambers and looked at them.

Adamantium bullets. I thought so. Shinji thought as he put the gun back in Stryker's hand and pocketed the bullets.

"So, you got him?" Diane asked, walking up to Shinji.

"Yeah. You alright?" Shinji asked.

"I'm good. Better now that he's dead." she said.

The pair turned around and rushed back to where their friends were. When they arrived he saw that Emma was holding her shoulder in pain.

"What happened?" Shinji asked.

"One of the bullets... tore through my skin. I don't even know how. My skin was diamond hard when it hit me." Emma whimpered in pain.

"Adamantium bullets." Shinji said as he picked Emma up, bridal style, and carried her like Logan was carrying Kayla.

Despite her pain, Emma actually blushed.

"So, I'm guessing Stryker's dead?" Logan asked.

"You guess right." Shinji said as the group headed back to the seaplane.

Once they arrived, Shinji started tending to Emma's wound using the First Aid kit that Remy had aboard the plane, as Logan helped Kayla sit comfortably in her own chair.

While he was doing that, both Kayla and Logan noticed the blush that came across Emma's face as Shinji was dressing her wound. Diane seemed indifferent, though she did smirk a little as Emma blushed.

Just then, Remy, John and Fred arrived.

"Where are the kids?" Logan asked the trio.

"They got off the island. Some bald guy in a helicopter." Fred said.

"He said his name was Charles Xavier." John said.

"Thought it, actually." Fred said.

"A mutant?" Diane asked.

"Yeah. Who are you?" Remy asked.

"Diane North. She's Zero's sister." Shinji said.

John and Fred looked at the woman in shock.

"Zero had a sister?" John asked.

"I thought you were dead." Fred said.

"Not dead. Just iced." Diane said.

"The kids went with this Xavier guy?" Shinji asked.

"Yeah. Said he was taking them to his school, in Westchester." John said.

Shinji sighed in relief. "Good. Now we need to get out of here."

"Uh..." Gambit started to say, hesitating a bit.

"What's wrong?" Fred asked.

"I can't take... all of you... in my plane." the card-player said.

The group looked at each other and the plane, and realized he was right, even as sirens started to sound in the distance.

"Alright, you guys get out of here." Shinji said to Remy, Logan, Kayla and Emma. "John, Fred, Diane and I will find another way. We'll meet up with you later."

"Where?" Emma asked.

"Westchester, New York." he said.

The sirens continued to grow louder and the group realized they didn't have any other better option.

"Wait! Why am I going with you?" Diane asked.

"Because you're not as injured as the others, and I don't think that Logan will just let Kayla and her sister go away with Gambit." Shinji said.

"He's right." Logan said.

"Alright, fine!" Diana huffed.

The quartet of mutants moved away from the plane as Remy started up the engine.

Within seconds, the plane was in the air. The sounds of sirens getting closer.

"So, how do we get out of here?" John asked.

"Follow me." Shinji said as he quickly moved out.

Diane easily followed behind the sword master, John teleporting in order to keep up, which left Fred to keep up by jogging behind them. Even though he was in better shape than he had been a few days ago, the others were still faster than him.

The group of mutants were able to get off the Island without much trouble, finding a truck that they had to hotwire in order to get out of the area.

Their destination: Westchester, and hopefully to a better life than they had beforehand.


Authors Notes:

To anyone who is curious, I created Diane North to be Zero's replacement on this new Team X. She has all his skills and abilities, but she looks like Maggie Q.

Hope everyone likes that.

And just so everyone knows... the next chapter will feature Magneto and his Brotherhood. So be prepared for a showdown of epic proportions.