Chapter 1

"Imagine, helping him study?" Teddy rambled on. "Augh, I wish I could be there beside him right now."

Owen nodded and listened. He hasn't spoken to Teddy in so long. Now he can see how in love she really is. He saw the life in her. He saw the Teddy he knew; a Teddy he hasn't seen since he chose Cristina. Henry gave Teddy her life back. He wanted to tell her that her husband is gone, but he decided to let her have this one. He decided to let her be happy for a little bit.

"I really hope he changes his mind about this whole med school thing. I just want to enjoy him as much as I can, you know. I can finally have life and I can finally be happy."

Owen's heart was breaking. Her eyes sparkled. His pager started going off. He thanked it silently. He could use a little distraction.

"Uh.." Owen said, reading the page. "I gotta go. It's about that ambulance thing." He cleared his throat.

Teddy looked up at Owen "Oh. Okay. Well, if you get a chance, can you check in on Henry?"

Owen nodded and left the OR. Everything that could go wrong went wrong under his watch. Being the chief sucked.

Derek walked back into the OR and his colleagues were still working on the child.

"Any news?" Arizona asked.

Derek sighed and paced around the OR. "It seems like Murphy's Law is taking effect in this place right now"

Mark raised an eyebrow. "What's happening out there?"

Derek shook his head "Teddy's husband was brought in-"

Arizona looked up. She liked Henry. He made her best friend really happy "Oh no. Is he okay?" She said, interrupting Derek midsentence.

"He didn't make it"

Arizona's heart sunk. "Shit." She sighed. "Do you guys still need me? I'm gonna go check on Teddy"

"Teddy doesn't know yet…."

Jackson sighed "She's still operating on Laura"

"Oh god" Arizona muttered "I just want to give her a huge hug right now."

"Owen is watching her like a hawk." Derek said. He started to get them updated with what's going on; how Cristina was the one who operated, without knowing who the patient was, how the Chief opened him up. He sighed. "This is a bad night for everyone"

"Bad night to be married, huh" Mark said, slight attempt to keep the mood lighter "We lost contact with your wife." He said to Derek and glanced to Arizona "Your wife botched a surgery. Teddy's husband just died on Hunt's wife's watch."

"Are you trying to be funny?" Arizona said, slightly irritated. "None of these is funny"

"I'm sorry. I'm just trying to keep the mood light. It's depressing in here."

"I feel so bad for Teddy" Arizona shook her head. "She's been so happy lately. I can't even imagine the love of my life dying, while I'm somewhere else saving someone's life. I don't know what I'd do"

Derek groaned in frustration "I have to go out there and see if Hunt has any news on Meredith"

Teddy was scrubbing out hurriedly after her finishing up on Laura. She can't wait to hold Henry's hand, as promised. April Kepner joined her in the scrub room.

"Good job tonight, Kepner" She said with a soft smile.

The resident smiled back at her. Kepner was a great help to her. It made things go faster. She knew Kepner wasn't really that interested in Cardio, but she appreciated every initiative Kepner showed in that OR.

She looked up and saw Owen walk into the scrub room. She smiled at her friend, who looked so stress.

"Hey, thanks for looking after Henry. How's that ambulance thing, anyway? Did anyone find them? I really hope they're okay."

Owen just blinked a few times, somehow relieved that Teddy's done with the surgery because he couldn't keep this from her anymore, but at the same time dreading the moment when he will actually deliver the news that will ruin his friend's life. He doesn't even know how to start.

"Kepner, can you give us a second?" He asked the resident. Kepner nodded and walked out of the scrub room.

Teddy could sense that something wrong is happening. She furrowed her brow at her friend. "Owen…"

"Teddy…" He sighed

"You're scaring me." She said as her smile slowly faded.

"The tumor in Henry's lung eroded right through the pulmonary artery and there was nothing Cristina or Webber could have done. There was too much bleeding. It was too late. He lost too much blood. They did everything they can."

Teddy stood there, numb, trying to process the words coming out of Owen's mouth.

"You're…. you're joking, right? You said he was fine. You said his stats were good."

"I—I couldn't tell you earlier while you were in surgery." Owen said. He stared at his friend, who was just standing there. He was expecting her to break down or yell or hit him. "Teddy…" He took a step closer to her, and she immediately took a step back.

"He died on the table?" She said, barely a whisper. "You said he was in post op. You lied to me, Owen."

"You had a patient open on your table" Owen said "I'm really sorry, Teddy"

"Where—Where is he?" She asked, her voice cracked and tears started to pool in her eyes.

He reached his arm out for Teddy's hand. "Come on, I'll take you to him."

She blinked the tears away and took a deep breath. "Owen, you're messing with me right?"

He closed his eyes and shook his head "I'd never joke about death, Teddy."

Death. It sounded so harsh in Teddy's ear. "I—Henry—my Henry's dead?" Owen's words were starting to register. Tumor. Eroded. Pulmonary Artery. Dead.

Henry took another step closer to give Teddy a comforting touch, but Teddy took another step back. "I'm sorry, Teddy. Come on, I'll take you to him"

Teddy nodded and walked out of the scrub room with Henry by her side. They walked towards the OR next door and Henry was lying there on the table.

"Oh, honey" Teddy whispered as she walked towards an expired Henry on the table.

Owen kept his distance and stayed inside the scrub room. He watched as Teddy stood by Henry's side. She didn't sob. She didn't wail. She didn't touch him. She stood there and looked at his face with tears were just streaming down her face.

The Chief walked into the scrub room and stood next to Owen.

"I found Cristina. She locked herself in an on-call room" the Chief said silently "How's Teddy?"

"I don't know. I can't tell" Owen said honestly. Both their gaze fell on the blonde standing in the OR. "She barely made a sound."

They watched as Teddy looked up at saw Webber. She made eye contact with him, her face expressionless.

"She's never going to forgive us" Webber muttered

"You did everything you could" Owen said.

Teddy stood there, staring at her husband's corpse. She still couldn't process it. It's a bad dream.

She'll wake up from it.

This isn't happening.