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Outtakes for Close to Home

Chapter 3 - The Reveal

October 14, 2010

Jess POV

Up until this afternoon, my life had been pretty close to perfect. I had a sexy man that I was fucking, and a daddy who thought the world of me, paying all my bills and doing everything he could to take care of me. He's even in remission and was just given a clean bill of health from the doctors, so I get to spend more time in Seattle. Earlier this afternoon, I got the news that I know is going to change everything. So here I am, waiting outside of Mike's apartment, wondering how he'll take it. Its not every day you give someone life-altering news like this; even though he does equally shares the blame with me.

I'm pregnant...with Mike Newton's baby.

I can't believe this is happening to me. I didn't ask for this to happen, nor did I want it to. This wouldn't have happened if it weren't for Mike being so impatient and fucking horny all the damn time. Ugh! The problem is, I know it's my fault, too. He's just so damn fuckable. No, I never missed a pill, but there is always that slim chance that the damn things won't work. Apparently, I'm one of those women in the point one percent. I could have insisted that Mike wear a glove, but I didn't think even once that I would get pregnant. It just never crossed my mind. So unfortunately, we're both equally to blame in this mess we've created.

After my appointment to confirm the pregnancy, I came straight to Mike's apartment. Well, I came after I sat in the car for about an hour and thought about how fucked up this whole situation is. The home pregnancy test, even though all I had to do was pee on a stick, was the hardest test I've ever taken. When I looked at the test - alone - and saw the little pink positive symbol - alone - that was the scariest moment of my life. Wait...maybe the scariest moment of my life was waiting in the doctor's office - alone, just to have the doctor confirm that there is a human being living and growing inside of me.

Everything is falling apart. Well, at least I'm pretty sure Mike is only having sex with me right now. I knew he was a man-whore when we first started having sex, and that he was with Bella Swan at the time, but I didn't care because he is just too damn sexy to resist. I knew he was having sex with more than just the two of us at one point, too, but I think after Bella caught us going at it, he stopped all his shit. Well, except for me, of course. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

There are really only three questions on my mind at this moment. One - is Mike fucking anyone besides me right now? Two - how the hell are we going to deal with a baby? Three - where the hell is Mike! I can't do this on my own; I know that. I need him here so we can figure this out together. In less than five minutes, two of my three questions are answered.

Mike comes out of the elevator that's right in front of his apartment. When he sees me sitting on the floor beside his door, I start to second guess myself; he looks pissed right now. After a second, I decide to just get it over with, and give him my signature seductive smile that I know always gets to him. My smile quickly fades when I see a skank walk out of the elevator behind him. I guess I should have known, but I still feel like I'm going to cry when I see that I'm apparently not the only one Mike is still fucking.

I was right about Mike being in a bad mood, too, because right after the skank came out of the elevator Mike turns to me. "What the fuck are you doing here, Jess? I thought you had an appointment today and couldn't come over!"

I completely ignore his question. I am so goddamn pissed and humiliated that Mike has still been fucking other people. I can't help myself when I look straight at that skank but address him with my question. "Who's the whore, Mike?" My voice is tight as I try to maintain control of my emotions.

The whore obviously doesn't like being referred to as such, and starts screaming shit at and about me. Never one to back down from a fight, I start in again, and we end up bitching at each other. Mike finally loses his patience and speaks over us. "Would you two shut the fuck up, already? Heidi, Jess... Jess, Heidi." He makes introductions, but I honestly don't give a fuck what the skank's name is, and I really don't want her knowing my name. Too late now. Thanks a lot, asshole!

Mike unlocks his door and walks in without saying a word. He does leave his door open though, so I follow him, hoping that bitch will just turn around and leave. Unfortunately, my luck hasn't seemed to have changed and she follows me inside.

We all end up sitting in the living room, and for some reason I start getting nervous. I still don't know how I'm going to tell Mike I'm pregnant with his baby, or how he's going to react when I do. I think he notices my nerves though, because I'm never nervous. Fuck! I probably stick out like a sore thumb right now!

Finally, I take a deep breath to help steel my resolve. "Um, Mike? Do you think we could talk for a few minutes alone? I really need to discuss something with you."

Mike opens his mouth to respond, but that stupid skank-ass-ho beats him to it. "I'm not going anywhere, bitch, so just say what you have to say and then get the hell out!"

I want more than anything to bitch-slap her. Now, I'm normally not a violent person, but I figure it's the pregnancy hormones already wreaking havoc on my body. I've been really moody all day. Instead of smacking her, though, I look at Mike, thinking he'll say something to the skank. Instead he just looks at me and shrugs. God, I can't fucking believe him! I know he's in a pissy mood, but still!

I let out a huff in anger, look Mike straight in the eye, and finally gather enough nerve to just tell him. "Fine, you arrogant asshole! I'm fucking pregnant, okay? And the baby is yours!"

Mike completely freezes and stares at me with wide eyes, but it feels like he's actually looking through me. Finally he starts to talk. "Is this some kind of sick joke, Jess?"

I almost laugh, because that was exactly what I thought when the doctor told me. Actually, I wish it was a joke. If it was, my perfect life wouldn't be turning into a total fucking disaster right now. I glare at Mike while I answer him. "No, Mike, this isn't a sick joke, even though I wish it was."

We both realize in that moment that the skank is still standing here watching everything. Mike turns to her and says, "Heidi, get the fuck out of here." She looks completely shocked that he is saying this to her instead of me, but she doesn't argue. Right before she gets to the door, she turns around and glares at me. In response, I smirk at her and wave. I'm a bitch; what can I say?

For a second, she looks murderous. Then, without warning, her look changes to satisfaction. She turns to Mike and gives what I think is supposed to be a seductive smile. "Bye, Mike. Call me if you need anything." She follows up with a wink, walks right up to him, and locks her lips with his, making sure I witness their little make-out session, including the very obvious feel she cops of his dick. When she breaks the kiss, she turns to me, smirks evilly, and then leaves. That skank is so lucky I didn't put her in a coma right then and there.

Mike turns back to me, and finally speaks. "Jess, you are not pregnant. You told me you've been on the pill since you were sixteen!"

I look him straight in the eye and tear into him. "Look asshole, I am pregnant and if you want me to, I'll prove it." I really can't believe Mike right now. I mean, who the hell would lie about being pregnant? Ok, fine - a lot of people would, but definitely not me, and I thought he knew that.

That's when I remember the pregnancy test in my car. When I set the bag on the seat after I bought a few tests yesterday, one of the boxes fell out. I was in too much of a hurry at the time to worry about it, but now I can use it to prove to Mike that I am actually pregnant. I look at him evenly before speaking. "I'll prove it right now, Mike; I have a pregnancy test in the car."

He stares at me for a few seconds then finally speaks. "Fine, go get the test, Jess. There is no way you're pregnant."

Without even looking back at him, I get up and head out the door. As stupid as I think this whole thing is, I need to prove it to him, because there is no way in hell I'm raising a baby on my own. Let him see the damn stick for himself. He'll have to believe me, then. When I get to the car, it takes me a few minutes, but I finally find the test and practically sprint back inside.

When I get back up to Mike's apartment, I run inside and straight to the bathroom. I take the test immediately and come out to sit with Mike again while we wait. When I sit down, I look him squarely in the eye. "I'm not scared, Mike, because I know what that test is going to say." Neither of us say anything else as we wait.

After a few minutes, I look at the clock on the wall and realize that it is time to look at the test. I look over to Mike and say, "Go ahead, Mike, go take a look. I already know what it says. You're the one who doesn't believe that I'm pregnant." Without a word, Mike gets up and heads towards the bathroom with me following closely behind.

Once we're in the bathroom, he picks up the stick and just stars at it with his mouth wide open. He finally shakes his head, snaps himself out of the daze he's in, and looks at me. I shrug and speak softly. "Mike, we're having a baby whether we like it or not. I know you're freaked out, but so am I."

Mike shakes his head again before speaking. "Jess, I know I have money and that's why you came to me, but there is no way that baby is mine."

What the hell! He thinks I'm after his money and the baby isn't his? Oh, HELL NO!

"Mike, I don't need your money, but I do need help raising this baby! Of course you're the father! You might have been fucking other girls while we were together, but I never even kissed another guy when I started having sex with you! I'm not some cheap whore after your money. You will help me raise your child, or so help me, God!" I am so angry with him right now that I can't even finish my threat.

What the hell am I going to do if Mike refuses to accept responsibility for this baby? I can't do this on my own; I absolutely fucking refuse! We got into this mess together, and I plan on finishing it together, even if I have to call Daddy and tell him everything. Yes, that's exactly what I'll do; I need to call Daddy. He'll know what to do.

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