I close my eyes

-and open them anew. Thoughts before and after regeneration.



This is new, this is new and he is terrified.

(It occurs to him humility is a sensible word. Perhaps he is not so entitled, perhaps- perhaps he should play some music.)



Zoe? Jamie? Where are they? What are they going to do to them? What are they going to do to him? What- how dare they force this change.

(And he really, really, would like to tear some red tape.)



He is casting off his final shackles.

(His nose is better, the world is wider, and more far and he's finally free!)



He's falling. Friends? Enemies? They are laughing, he's falling, laughing- and the ground is hard remember?

(He should have kept them safe. He needs to keep them all safe.)



Not fair. Not fair. It's not-

(The universe owes him now. Big time.)



Everything is spinning out of c/o/n|t\r/o\l

(He's got to stop making mistakes. Screw Poker, he's playing chess.)



It's as sudden as goodnight and flick, goes the light.

(Wake up, and the stars are so bright)



Knee itching, stomach groaning, worlds burning, NO!

(Time doesn't heal all wounds.)



Stupid ape- this feels like a revelation, and he's so sick of being a god.

(He feels old, but- no time for thoughts, regrets. The world's ending. Up to him to save it then, right?)



Can't leave, not yet, not yet, too much to do, say, solve-

(Can't I be a kid again? A kid without a home?)



One day he'll be different. One day he'll be dead. But for now-

"Come on, Ponds!"

And here we go again.