It was mid winter in Chicago. It was soon to be Hell. "Man, I've been looking forward to this trip all year!", exclaimed Jordan. Jordan and the rest of his freshman class at McKinley High School were finally going to Springfield, Illinois. He and the rest of the class were inside getting ready for what would soon be an unforgettable event.

"I know! It's finally here!" his friend Nick exclaimed. Nick was one of Jordan's best friends. Nick was a questionable friend, but meant well. "Hey, I'm bringing my iPhone!", Nick said revealing it in his hoodie pocket.

"Dude, we're not suppose to bring that stuff with! It could get taken away!" Jordan protested.

"Relax! I'll keep it hidden and later on I'll put the headphones on and wear them under my hoodie. Problem solved!", he assured. Across the hall, Samantha, Emily, Jeff, and Jessie were also conversing about going to Springfield.

"So, we're going on a charter bus, right?" Jeff asked.

"Yeah." Emily and Samantha both said simultaneously. Samantha and Emily were the best of any friends. They had known each other since practically preschool. Around first or second grade, Jessie was added to the best friend circle.

"Sweet! I've never been on one before! Hey, I got a lucky penny! Call it!" Jeff said as he flipped the coin in the air.

"Um, tails!" Jessie shouted. Jeff finally caught the penny and looked.

"Heads! Sorry!" They both shrugged. Jeff put the penny back in his pocket. In no time at all, everyone was lining up, and getting on the charter bus. Ice and brown slush completely covered the streets. On the bus, Ruth and Viviana sat together. They too, were best friends. They were talking about the new updates on their cell phone apps. Jordan was walking along the middle and sat at a window seat. Jeff and Jessie joined him. A boy named Sam sat at the end of the seat with Viviana and Ruth.

"Three to a seat everyone! Three to a seat!" Mr. Ren called out. Nick, Samantha, and Emily sat behind Jordan's seat. All the freshman were chattering amongst themselves. Jeff leaned over to look out the window. A small black kitten was walking along the sidewalk.

"Aw, I've never seen a cat THAT small before!", he exclaimed. Jordan looked out the window and smiled at the sight of the feline. The doors finally shut and the bus soon started moving. everyone applauded as it did. As they did, a red Jeep was on their left side was driving around like a maniac. The driver was clearly intoxicated, and threw one of his empty glass beer bottles right along the charter bus. The bus's tires ran over the shards of glass and were completely blown out. The entire left side of the bus gave one violent lean. That lean was all it took. The bus slammed down hard on it's left side. Everyone piled on top of each other. Some died from being crushed against each other. Cries and moans were heard through the fallen bus. Jordan was still alive. He had just enough energy to look out his window to see an on coming pickup truck. He let out a loud scream as the truck got closer. Just as it made contact, the bus was back on it's wheels. Jordan looked around. Everyone was fine. The bus started moving when Jeff spied a black kitten along the sidewalk. "Aw, I've never seen a cat THAT small before!", Jeff exclaimed.