Jordan was resting at home in his living room. His mother was in her room resting, while he was sitting comfortably on the couch watching his favorite show, The Big Bang Theory. He had to do something to take his mind off of "recent events", and that was the best he could do. Jordan let out an exhale when his iPhone buzzed. He checked the caller ID, and saw it was Nick.

"Hello?", he answered.

"Turn on Channel 8 News." Nick said grimly.

"Why? What happened?" Jordan asked sounding concerned.

"Just do it!" Nick snapped back. Jordan grabbed the remote and turned it to Channel 8 just to catch the horrific story.

"Police are still investigating the cause of the fire, though it looks like nothing intentional. All that can be reported is all though fifteen year old Jeff Clark may have escaped the fire from his vehicle in time, he still tragically and horrifically lost his life when a wire was shot out from the destroyed car, heading right for the young teenager, killing him instantly. This is Joyce Kim for Channel 8 News."

"Oh, my God! Jeff is…. dead?" Jordan blurted.

"Yeah. Is, uh, is this what you meant by weird things?" Nick asked.

"Yeah. Do me a favor. Call up Jessie, Emily, Sam, and Samantha and have us all meet up at my place. I think we need to discuss some things."

"On it."