Title: The one that got away.

Summary: When Bella Swan arrives back in town for her high school reunion, she is unexpectedly reunited with her schoolgirl crush. Hollywood heartthrob Edward Cullen was way out of her league then, so what chance does she have now that he's moved on to bigger and better things. Bella knows she should stay well away from him because if she's not careful she could find herself falling for him all over again. Or did she ever really get over him in the first place?

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~The one that got away~

Looking down at the elegant script, I read the contents dubiously.

Forks High School. Class of 2006.

5 year class reunion.

Miss Isabella Marie Swan

You are invited to celebrate with all the familiar faces that you have missed over the past 5 years. Come and join us as we renew friendships, reminisce about days gone by and share in life experience both past and present.

Saturday 14th August

Forks high gymnasium.

We hope to see you then!

Yours sincerely

Jessica Stanley

Chief of the reunion committee.

A class reunion? Already? Well, that was certainly unexpected. It didn't seem like five minutes ago that we were graduating and I certainly wasn't in any hurry to go back.

I wasn't particularly fond of my high school years. As a matter of fact, I'd go as far as to say high school was a living hell for me. Back then, I was shy, clumsy, and incredibly introverted, which made me a ideal target for all the 'cool kids'.

Those who say that high school is the best days of your lives obviously didn't got to school with the idiots I did. Kids can be cruel and they terrorized me the whole of freshman year of high school for being the new girl.

From the start I didn't fit in and the other students made my life a misery with cruel jibes and taunts about my oversized glasses, horrible braces and flat chest. I was the butt of all of their jokes and cruel pranks. I was that girl who was tripped in the corridor, got pushed aside in gym, and generally humiliated on a daily basis. Every day, I would dread riding the bus home from school because I was bullied by the other children on the bus.

I had hardly any friends, I was never invited to parties, and I certainly didn't go to any of the other typical high school socials like prom or sporting events. I was good girl Bella swan; more likely to be found in the library than at any social occasion with my fellow classmates.

With time I had hoped that their focus would inevitably move on to their next victim. Sadly, I had no such luck and the clique of bullies teased me more than ever.

When I was a senior my image remarkably improved. My hair was less haystack like, I lost my puppy fat and I finally had my braces taken off. Unfortunately that only seemed to gain me the attention of meat heads like Mike Newton and the evil glares of the school bitch, Lauren Mallory. I couldn't win!

Yeah, high school didn't hold very many happy memories for me and I certainly wasn't in any hurry to see her or any of those other idiots again. The reunion would only serve as a reminder of all the things I had desperately tried to leave behind me. So what point was there in going to some stupid reunion and being irritated by former classmates who are only interested in finding out where you work and how much money you are making now.

No I wouldn't be going. For the simple fact that I didn't want to make small talk over crap foods and cheap wine with people who couldn't stomach me back then and who I didn't like very much either. My time would be much better spent with a good book and a large glass of wine than with the very people who made my teenage years a living hell.

I didn't need to think twice about going and I was about to throw the letter in the bin when my flatmate Rosalie appeared.

"What's this?" she asked, spying the document in my hand.

"Oh, its just some lame reunion invite. Can you believe it has only been five years since we graduated and already they are planning this." I answered unenthusiastically.

I showed it to Rosalie who immediately said, "you should go. Don't you think it would be fun to reminisce about your youth."

I eyed her curiously. Rosalie was by no means stupid. She knew the whole sorry story of my high school years and from the moment we met she had made it her mission to bring me out of my shell. After all, she had done it herself.

To look at Rosalie now you'd never think that this blonde bombshell was once ridiculed about her weight. That was probably why she had pushed me to be more confident and assertive. I had spent the last five years getting back my confidence and learning to feel comfortable in my own skin but I was finally there.

So why waste my time going over old, painful memories.

"Rosalie, you know how much I hated high school and almost all of the people there. Why would I want to go back and see them?"

"Look, I know high school was tough for you, but you're not that girl any more, Bella. You're smart, confident and successful. You can't deny that it would be satisfying to see their reaction."

"I don't need their approval any more," I justified.

"I know you don't Bella," she said gently, "but aren't you even a little bit curious as to how those losers turned out. Besides, you never know, HE might be there?" She said, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

The 'He' in question was Edward Cullen.

The only good thing about high school had been my best friend, Edward. The first day we met in biology we hit it off straight away. He got my weird obsession with classic literary novels, while I understood his attachment to comic books. Okay, I kinda got it anyway. I swear that's where he took his inspiration from; He had the whole peter Parker vibe going on with his glasses, shy demeanour and clothes more suitable for a college prep than a high school student. But I loved his sense of style. It was who Edward was. He was smart, friendly, intuitive, inquisitive and I was instantly drawn to him.

Underneath his geeky exterior Edward was incredibly good looking and he would have had the whole female population of Forks High running wild if they had only took the time to look at the man behind the ridiculously wide glasses he wore. He was also lanky and pale which made his green eyes even more intense. The only part of him that didn't scream geek was his wild bronzish-brownish hair. I swear he must have run his fingers through it religiously to achieve that dishelved look, but I had yet to meet anyone who could pull off bed head quite like Edward Cullen.

In high school we made quite the pair; me the shy bookworm and him, the comic book loving genius, and throughout school we were inseparable.

Edward was my greatest supporter and he was always there for me when I needed him most. He was the friend to pick me up when one of my tormentors tripped me in the hallway. He was the friend who rallied round to cheer me up when I was having a down day. He was also the friend who mopped up my tears and held my hand the whole way back to his house after the time Lauren Mallory put chewing gum in my hair in English class. Bless him, he'd tried effortlessly to get the damn gum out of my hair, but eventually even he was forced to accept defeat when his mom, Esme declared it a loosing battle. It was barely noticeable, but I had cried like a baby when she cut what seemed to me to be a massive chunk out of my hair. In the end I ended up being comforted by Edward, who rubbed my back comfortingly and assured me that it wasn't even noticeable anyway.

Then in our senior year when I still hadn't managed to save enough money for a car of my own Edward insisted on picking me up every day so that I was saved the dreaded bus journey to and from school. His house was on the other side of town in a much more affluent neighbourhood but despite my concerns he was adamant that he would pick me up every day despite the round trip.

Edward was everything to me and if we weren't chilling at my house, we'd be at his place studying. However, the best times were when we'd go to one of the local coffee shops or restaurants after a particularly lengthly study session. Edward was old fashioned and gentlemanly and always insisted on paying for me, no matter how much I fought him. The maddening part was that all it took was that wonderfully crooked smile and I was putty in his hands. It was pretty infuriating.

"When you and Edward are together its like you're in our own little bubble." Maria, the owner of the coffee shop we frequently visited once commented and it was true. He got me in a way no other person ever had or has since. I had always been the shy, awkward loner but with Edward I could be myself; the nerdy bookworm who loved nothing better than a night in with her best friend, curled up on the sofa watching crappy quiz shows and arguing over who was better, Austen or Bronte.

Apart from the unattainable teen idol or movie stars, Edward was my first major crush. I couldn't pinpoint the moment I realised I felt more than friendship for him. The possibilities were endless. He was too God damn perfect for his own good.

We never had intimate moments not that I wouldn't have welcomed them, but there were instance when I wondered if there was a tiny chance he felt the same way I did. He made subtly hints that he liked me, without actually making a move, so I'd given up hoping for anything more than friendship from him.

Though a few times I did come close to telling him how I felt, but I always chickened out at the last second. It was just as well really, because as far as I was concerned, I was a wasting my time with Edward. He was too smart to be interested in a nobody like me. Sure, I got good grades and I was able to amuse him with my clumsiness and sarcastic comments, but apart from that everything about me was just ordinary.

Plus I was afraid that if he ever found out the way I really felt it would ruin the close friendship we had. And I valued Edward's friendship far too much to risk loosing him by confessing my unrequited love, so I stayed quiet.

Hiding my feelings required a certain amount of control I hadn't quite anticipated and when I was around Edward I worried he would know how I felt. Thankfully he was oblivious to it all. In fact in general he was in denial when it came to the female race and he missed the longing looks of the other geeky girls who were crushing on him.

Edward was not exactly smooth with the ladies, as I had witnessed when Victoria, a girl from our math class asked him to prom. He seemed embarrassed and uncomfortable throughout but I thought it was endearing the way he'd blushed and mumbled out a gracious no before Victoria finally got the hint that he wasn't interested in going to prom with her, or anyone else for that matter.

"Hello! Earth to Bella. Are you even listening to a word I'm saying?" Rosalie asked, interrupting me from my trip down memory lane.

"Sorry," I blushed.

She looked at me pointedly. "Look Bella I know you're against it but I really think you should consider going. You've got unfinished business you need to work on. Its time to say goodbye to old ghosts once and for all.

She was right, of course. Edward and I had issues to resolve but that wasn't likely to be resolved at the reunion for a number of reasons. For one thing Edward hated high school almost as much as I had and no matter how satisfying it would be to see the looks on the faces of the people from his childhood I highly doubted he would travel half way across the country, possibly even the world to put a few people in their place. In fact I was certain he wouldn't be attending and I told Rosalie as much.

"Rosalie there's no way in hell he'll be there." I argued.

"He might be."

"He wont, trust me."

"Then what exactly are you afraid of?"

"Nothing!" I said defensively then realised my mistake when Rosalie smiled victoriously.

She had that determined look which meant I was fighting a loosing battle. "There's the strong Bella I know and love. Then its settled. You're going."

In all fairness she was right. I'd worked through almost all of the demons from my past, the only one I needed to address was the hardest one of all; Forgetting Edward Cullen. I'm not sure how going to the reunion would achieve that but my curiosity got the better of me and I found myself reluctantly agreeing.

"Fine! I'll go." I conceded. "But if I'm going then you're coming with me!"

That same night I filled out the form, wrote a check for forty five dollars and put the envelope in the mail the next day before I had the chance to change my mind.

Hopefully I wouldn't live to regret it...


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