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10 years later

"Bella love, what are you doing in there? We have to get going." Edward called out.

Even from the other side of the door I could hear the irritation in his tone. It was understandable really; I'd spent the past twenty minutes locked away in the bathroom, trying to figure out a way out of this evenings get together.

I was half tempted to skip the latest reunion altogether, but Edward was insistent that we go.

While the last reunion had certainly been both rewarding and memorable, sadly, the outcome of that particular evening didn't help ease any of my anxieties. Being face to face with many of my high school nemesis' was bad enough the first time around, I was in no hurry to go through that all over again.

I'm sure I would have been fine if I hadn't been feeling so exhausted and self conscious of late. The extra pounds I had piled on since the last reunion didn't exactly inspire confidence either.

That's what having three kids in the space of ten years will do to you, I thought dryly. Damn Edward and his instability. That and the fact that twin ran in his family! Our five year olds Mason and Lucas were a handful to say the least. They had Edward's bronze hair and his eyes, while our daughter Emily took after me. She had turned two just last week but already she was the apple of Edward's eye. She had him wrapped around her little finger and even just a hint of tears and he was putty in her hands.

Nowadays we led a surprisingly normal life, well as normal as one can be when your husband is one of the most successful and desirable actors on the planet.

That's not to say life was always easy. The months following the last reunion were trying to say the least, and though Edward had stayed with me in Seattle for as long as he could, he had to return to work when the filming of his latest movie commenced. He was gone for a whole three months; the longest three months of my life, but the wait was worth it and we did manage to fit in a few brief reunions into that time.

As soon as he was back in the US Edward asked me to move in with him at his LA home and I didn't hesitate to accept. The prior months separation had been torture enough and I couldn't bare the thought of any more time apart.

I couldn't have asked for a better life; Edward was perfect. The most caring and thoughtful boyfriend possible. He really was too good for me. It wasn't always perfect; we had our ups and downs, and we certainly had our fair share of disagreements, usually about not seeing each other nearly as much as we wanted, but we always worked through all of our problems together. We'd definitely learnt from the past where we'd let a stupid misunderstanding and a reluctance to tell each other how we felt come between us.

Living together was absolute bliss and I'd never felt happier or more loved, so I didn't hesitate when Edward proposed during our first Christmas together. Though our friends and family were thrilled for us, they were no doubt dubious at the speed at which our relationship was progressing. And after breaking the news my dad had idly looked down at my stomach and asked why the rush? Edward had laughed in response and answered that we'd wasted enough time already. I couldn't have agreed more.

"We're going to be late!" Edward warned, breaking me from my reverie. Again I tried to ignore him, but of course this being Edward he started to panic when I didn't answer.

"Bella?" his voice rose. "Is everything okay in there?"

"I've changed my mind. I'm not going!" I declared to ease his concerns.

Almost immediately, I heard a gentle tapping on the door. "Open the door Bella."

"No!" I stropped like a petulant child. I could hear Edward laughing at my antics.

"Please," he I could see him, I was pretty sure he would be sporting his infamous pout that made me crumble every time. Unfortunately for him, there was a 2 inch piece of wood separating us. However, when I failed to acknowledge him, Edward brought out the big guns.

"Don't make me get Alice on you," he threatened in a tone that I knew meant business.

"You wouldn't dare" I accused, though I suspected he wouldn't hesitate to get Alice on my case.

Besides Edward she was the only person capable of getting me to back down when I was being unreasonably stubborn as Edward called it

"I would and you know it," he said sternly, though I could hear the hint of laughter in his voice which made me all the more irritated.

"Last chance, Bella," Edward warned again, obviously loosing his patience with me. It was only when I heard his footsteps across the room that I finally caved in.

"Fine, you win," I huffed in aggravation before stepping out, or should I say waddling out of the bathroom just as Edward was reaching for the door handle out of our bedroom.

He turned around, smirking that infuriating crooked smile of his that made me both huff in annoyance and feel a smile tugging on my lips.

He was so unbelievably handsome in his designer suit paired with my favourite green tie, his hair its usual untamed mess. The past ten years had certainly been kind to Edward. He was just as handsome as ever. Just one look and he could have me blushing like an infatuated teenager.

It was hard to believe that he was mine and sometimes I still had to pinch myself to make sure that this was all real and that this perfect, kind, thoughtful man was mine.

Feeling the emotions welling up inside me I looked down at the ground. I could hear Edward approaching but I kept my eyes downcast. When he reached me, he lifted my chin before he cupped my face in his hands, his eyes fierce as he looked down at me.

"You look beautiful," he complimented me. I didn't feel beautiful; I felt heavy, uncomfortable and unbearably hot.

When I grimaced unconvinced, Edward mistook my reaction for something else. Stormy, concerned eyes connected with mine as his hands immediately flew to my bump.

"What's wrong? Is something the matter with the baby?" he worried, his voice was croaky and black. He was a real worry wart and the last pregnancy had been particularly trying for the both of us.

"It's not that," I admitted looking down at the ground to hide my face. I knew I was being over-sensitive, but I couldn't help it.

Edward once again took my face in his hands, tilting my chin so that I was forced to look at him. "Then what is it?" He asked, frowning.

"Look at me Edward!" I mumbled suddenly weary.

"I'm looking," he answered, looking confused. " You look beautiful," he leaned in to kiss me but I pulled away.

"No, I look like a whale," I corrected. "I'm huge."

"Hey! That's our child you're insulting!" Edward faked outrage as he gently started rubbing his hand over my bulging belly before crouching down so that he was level with my stomach.

No matter how many times he had done it in my other pregnancies, I still went all gooey inside at the sight of Edward speaking to our child.

"Ignore mummy, she's just being silly," he playfully chastised, before looking up at me with love in his eyes.

I gazed at him, tears blurred my vision. damn pregnancy hormones.

"Baby Its one night, just a few hours and I promise we will never have to see these people again," he pleaded. "Besides, don't you want to see how they've changed?"

"Not particularly," I claimed, though I was a little curious as to how time had been to some people more than others. Tanya boobs had to be sagging by now and Lauren was onto kid number five so I doubted she still had the body of a supermodel.

"Bella, if you are really so against going we wont." Edward offered, though I could see the disappointment in his eyes.

"It's not that." I began "I just don't understand why you're so adamant that we should go? You hated it just as much as I did."

It was true. Edward hated attention and he was just as uncomfortable as I was at the last reunion so I was confused why he was so keen to go through the same thing all over again.

"Yeah but things have changed now," he said shyly.

"I don't understand," I replied confused.

"Your mine now. Is it so wrong that a that husband wants to show off his wife,"Edward declared his tone soft. The love in his eyes, brought tears to mine.

I smiled a little through my tears as Edward pulled me back into his arms and gently wiped the tears from beneath my eyes. I looked up at him wearily, all the fight draining out of me as looked into his gentle expression.

"Fine," we'll go," I conceded.

Edward's smile was blinding but at the same time a little hesitant. "Are you sure? I don't want you to do something you're not comfortable with?"

I'm sure," I agreed, feeling confident despite my earlier meltdown.

"I'll make it up to you later," Edward vowed and claimed my mouth with his in a slow kiss.

He broke off the kiss with a chuckle and glanced down, his eyes poured over me in adoration
"I love you," he said softly.

"I love you too." I replied smiling as Edward brought his mouth to mine. I stood on my tip toes and kissed him back with everything in me.

As usual I lost all sense of time when Edward was kissing me, but despite my reluctance to stop I somehow managed to find the strength to pull away from his embrace.

"We're going to be late." This time it was my turn to warn.

"Maybe it's not such a bad idea if we skip this reunion after all," he said in between kisses.

"No way," I replied outraged, smacking away his wondering hands. "You got me to dress up, were going now, end of story. Besides, you know how much Alice is looking forward to looking after the kids." I reminded him as I dragged Edward towards the living room to say goodnight to the children before we left.

Ten minutes later and a lot of hugs passed before we finally managed to pry Emily away from Edward and be on our way.

"You be good for auntie Alice," I said, knowing how much of a handful they could be.

"Have fun guys," Alice smirked suggestively, making me blush crimson and Edward send a cocky smile my way.

We didn't speak much in the car journey to reunion, both lost in our own thoughts but when we pulled up outside the school I felt my nerves hit. Edward must have sensed it because he reached out and put a reassuring hand on my arm. The contact calmed my nerves quickly and I began to relax. It was amazing how with one touch, he could ease most of my worries.

When he had finished parking the car Edward raced around and opened the door for me. He took my hand in his and helped me out. Outside I took a moment to take in my surroundings. We'd been through a lot of heartache and tears to get to this point, but we we're together now, happy and free of all those dramas of our teenage years.

"Ready to face the masses Mrs Cullen?" Edward asked, breaking me from my reverie.

When I looked back at him he smiling that adorable smile that made my heart ache and the blood rush to my cheeks. He held out his arm for me and I took it immediately.

"Yes." I replied confidently, knowing that I could face the whatever the night and the rest of my life threw at me with Edward by my side.

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