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Summary: She thought he would forget...

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I look down at the 3 month baby in my arms as a tear falls down my cheek. 'Oh Gohan I wish you could see her.' I place Pan in her crib next to the couch and take a seat after a long day. My mind drifted off to when Gohan left.


"Gohan please…you don't have to do this." I beg

"They need me Videl."

"We need you too." I say pointing to my stomach.

He gave me a tight hug, and pulled apart to place a light kiss on my lips. He placed his hands on my protruding stomach and smiled.

"She's going to grow up strong willed. Just like her mother. I know it."

Tears started running down my face as I looked into the eyes of the man I love.

"You better come back to us." I say while pointing a finger into his chest.

"You can bet on it."

He passionately kissed me again, and started walking away to board the plane.

"I love you!" I yell through the crowd

"I love you too!" He responded

I smiled, and turned away to go home.


I pick up our daughter and place her in my lap.

"You would be proud of her Gohan. A strong willed girl ju-"

"Just like her mother." A voice came from the front hallway. I held on to Pan, and jumped up and ran to the voice. I ran right into the arms of my loving husband. He took Pan out of my arms, and looked lovingly at her.

"Just like her mother." He repeated, and pulled me into a passionate kiss. All out troubled forgotten for the time being.

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