Chapter ten. (Oh! Double digits!)

Avi's pov.

I led the dwarf into the woods a ways, and soon found a clearing that was empty. I motioned for him to sit, as I did, but he remained standing. His head was turned at an awkward angle, so that he could stare at the golden dragon on his right shoulder and keep his face as far away as possible. His mouth was open in astonishment, and he was blinking rapidly.

"Are you trying to get the dragon to crawl into your mouth?" I asked him.

He whipped his head around to stare at me, but kept his head away from the dragon. "What?"

I raised an eyebrow at him, and he realized what I had meant. "Oh."

I glanced around for Eragon or Arya or perhaps Saphira or Firnen, but all I could see was Naille, who had followed our mental link when she heard about the egg.

The dwarf followed my gaze to Naille; apparently the fact that she had entered the clearing and lay down next to me without him knowing scared him even more.

He tried to back away, but his movement disturbed the baby dragon, who had just curled up for a nap on his shoulder. When he was disturbed, he wailed for a second, but then caught sight of the moon. The golden body was soon crouched, wings loosened, and head pointed toward the moon.

"What's he doing?" The dwarf asked nervously.

"Finding the moon. All dragons do something of the sort, and nearly all hatch at night. I have heard tell of dragons that hatch during the day finding the sun, but I have never seen it myself." It seemed like a perfectly fine comment at the time, but looking back, just "finding the moon" would have been better.

The dwarf glanced at me. "And you're so wise, having been a rider for what, a moon and a half? I bet your just trying to intimidate me."

I will admit, I had no patience for that comment. "Since you didn't know me until a few moments ago, you wouldn't have known this, but I am a changeling. Therefore I have had many, many lives and lived longer than you dwarves ever will!"

The dwarf started twitching when I told him I was a changeling. Now I was convinced he was about to run.

I sighed. "I am not very good at this, am I?"

The dwarf just stared at me.

"Look, what should I call you, at least?"

The dwarf started blinking.

"Just tell me what your name is… please?"

The twitching stopped, but there was still no response. And he was still blinking.

"My names Aviella. This is Naille. Now what is your name?"

The dwarf took a breath, and then let it out. Took a breath, and let it out.

"My name is Kelfor."

Kelfor meant 'sun' in ancient dwarvish. Which I only knew because I had been a dwarf who spoke ancient dwarvish. What just occurred to me was that my current name meant 'moon' in the same language. Naille heard this thought, and showed me a picture of the soothsayer, when she was saying that prophecy of sun and moon.

For a moment I forgot Kelfor was there. I was just focused on how that prophecy could play out. We are in newfound peace….. I could be moon, he could be the sun….. But we aren't silver, and though his dragon is golden, he is not… This was true, for Aviella's hair was certainly brown, Naille was definitely green, and Kelfor had dark hair that might have been brown or black.

Kelfor noticed her silence. "What? What is it about my name?" he asked apprehensively.

"it is nothing…. Only my own overactive imagination." I shook myself a little. "now, since I doubt that there is some grand speech I am supposed to give, do you have any questions?"

Kelfor seemed to relax a little, but that might have been because the dragon had jumped off his shoulder to glide to the ground, or maybe because he had convinced himself he was dreaming.

"well, I do have one. Where is Vokmor, and why aren't the dragon riders still in Alagaesia, on Doru Arabia?"

I had a flash of memory, a bright light on an island, then fleeing. Coming back later to search for dragon eggs. Galbatorix's anger at not finding any.

"Vokmor is several days' flight down the river. The riders could never be safe in Alagaesia, and Doru Arabia is now toxic and there are several creatures there that are quite odd."

The dwarf seemed to have more questions, but I do not know, for then was when Eragon and Arya finally made an appearance, along with King Orik.

"thank you, Aviella. We will take it from here." Eragon said.

I nodded, and walked over to Naille. In a few seconds, I had climbed up her leg to her back. Naille took off, wheeling in such a way that the wind from her wings would not disturb the others, also pointing us in the direction of the nearest river.

Show off. I thought teasingly at Naille.

I do not know of which you speak. I simply tried not to disturb the others. The fact that it happened to point us in the correct direction is chance. She responded. But I could feel her pride in her voice.

Now, my proper duties as dragon rider would be to return to the festival like nothing had happened. Instead, I flew to the river. There was someone I wanted to see, and to ask a few questions.

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