Trecera's Knight

Hey everyone. OC Merchant Kaien Kurayami here reviving my old fic back when I was a member of the Trioblivion. This version will be better written than the original though the premise of the old one is still here. So then without further ado I require a disclaimer.

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Chapter 1: A Knight Like no Other.


All I could see at first was a blinding light. It burned my eyes even though I had them closed most of the time I was surrounded by it. When my eyes no longer felt the searing pain from the light I opened them and blinked to adjust to the light. I lokked around and saw that all around me were white buildings and I was standing in sand. The sunlight felt good but it also felt dead, like it was an illusion. I continued to look around before I felt my breaths become shallow. I started to panic but continued to look around until I saw some one walking towards me. I raised my arm to wave but before I could I fell to the ground as my breaths became to shallow as I started to pass out. My vision blurred so I couldn't see who it was that was walking towards me. I noticed that as they came closer I slipped more and more into unconscious ness until finally the black took me.

I didn't know how long I was out or why I passed out but I did know that I felt like I knew where I was in my state of unconsciousness. My mind played lines in my head and the voices and lines were familiar to me. When I woke up and saw where I was and who was around me I knew immediatly where I was. Around me were the Espada, Ichimaru Gin, Tosen Kaname, and Aizen Sosuke which meant I could only be in Las Noches. As I looked around more I saw the various Fraccion including one I'd never seen before. This unknown Arrancar had smokey black hair to the middle of his back that was striped orange and his mask fragment was the same as Grimmjow Jaegerjaques's but on the opposite side of his face. He looked to be twenty-five and fix foot ten and his hole was on the upper roight of his chest where his heart would be. He only wore the Arrancar hakama with a tiger head buckled belt to show off his decently muscular body. He was glaring at me but then again I'm only a human so it's to be expected.

"Ah so you've awakened." Aizen said. I got up and looked at him doing my best to disguise my hatred of the man. There are very few things I truely hate but god-complexes is pretty high up on my list of things I do truely hate. I only nodded so that I wouldn't need to talk because if I did I may say something to get me killed. "How interesting that a human entered Las Noches and is also quickly developping reiatsu. Now if only I knew what to do with you. Killing you would be a bit much as you could have only come her on accident but letting you go may prove to be unfortunate for use."

"Just kill the fucking human." Nnoitra Jiruga said. I glared at the one eyed sociopath not trying to hide my hatred of him. Nnoitra noticed and smiled widely. "Heh looks like the loser has some fight in him. Aizen-sama allow me to beat that fight out of him." I smiled a wolfish half smile revealing the sharp and elongated canines I had. "Either he's insane or he thinks he stands a chance."

"Stand down Nnoitra." Aizen ordered and the Quinta Espada obeyed. "As I said killing him would be a bit much. Any other suggestions?" I stopped glaring and smiling at Nnoitra since it lost its fun and waited for another suggestion that would also be unbelievably bad. I looked around and they were all deep in thought.

"Perhaps he could Serve one of us like a Fraccion?" Aaroniero Arruierie asked. I had to admit the idea was a good one if what Aizen said about me developping reiastu was true. Aizen sat and contemplated the idea very carefully before he smiled and nodded.

"An excellent suggestion Aaroniero. Very well then I would like the Espada to vote on the idea proposed by Aaroniero." Aizen said. "Yammy your thoughts?" I looked over at Yammy Riyalgo and glared at him due to my hatred of him as well.

"I say the brat should suffer. He's human after all." Yammy said. I wasn't all to surpised. The moron had rocks for brains after all. My attention went over to Szayel Apporo Grantz and my hatred of him was almost as great as my hatred for Aizen but I did what I could to contain myself.

"Let him serve someone. Preferably me since I could do reasearch on him." I almost ran over to punch him at that line but controlled myself. My gaze then shifted to Zommari Rereaux. I felt nothing negative for Zommari because I couldn't think of anything that would make me hate him. Zommari looked directly at my eyes for a moment.

"I see." Zommari said after a moment. "Let him serve. He like us hollows has been judged simply because of who he is so he would be able to understand us better than most." I nodded at Zommari who nodded back. My eyes then went to Grimmjow before I looked over at the odd Fraccion with him. No how hard I tried I couldn't remember him in either the manga or the anime but I soon realized that maybe not everything that I read and watched was the truth.

"Let him serve. Not like it matters any way." Grimmjow said. I could care less if my serving did matter because I had another vote in my favor. I then looked over at Nnoitra and knew what he wanted.

"No. Just kill the stupid human." Nnoitra yelled. I rolled my eyes at how predictable he was before looking over at Ulquiorra Cifer. Though he was my second favorite Espada I knew he would most likely call me trash and say I shouldn't serve.

"Serve." Was all Ulquiorra said. I raised my eyebrow but kept my mouth shut. My gaze then found my favorite Espada Tia Harribel. Our eyes met and like with Zommari earlier I could tell she was looking for something.

"Pain, hatred, misery, despair, bloodlust, vengeance, depression, and so much more lie within his heart." Harribel said. I was surprised at how well she read me like that. "But with all of those negative aspects lie the desire for redemption and the will to serve and sacrifice. Let him serve whom he wishes." I smiled a5t Harribel slightly and nodded receiving an nod in return. I then saw Barragan Louisenbairn and knew that the ancient Arrancar and once king would never let a human serve in Las Noches.

"To let the boy serve us would be blasphemy. I am against the idea." Baragan stated. I glared at him not out of hatred but just because his existence did nothing but piss me off. Finally I looked over at Coyote Starrk who was bored but surprisingly awake. I waited for his answer patiently because I already had the majority but I still wanted to know.

"While my opinion doesn't count since has the majority if my vote were to determine his fate I would still say let him serve." Starrk yawned. "I can tell he knows lonliness." I nodded at Starrk before looking up at Aizen.

"Very well. Go ahead and choose whom you wish to serve." Aizen ordered. I didn't even hesitate. I knew exactly whom I would bow to and lay my life for. I walked over to them and knealt at their feet.

"I, Mark Frey, hereby pledge to my heart and sould to become the shield and sword that you may do as you wish with. My allegience is to yiou and only you and I will forsake what ever must be forsaken to ensure that I can perform any duty you would have of me. I swear all of this on my honor and my life should you desire me as your knight, Lady Tia Harribel." I proclaimed meaning every word of it. I looked up and saw Harribel draw her zanpakuto and resting the blade on one shoulder before transferring it to the other.

"I accept your allegience and take you as my Knight. Arise Sir Mark."

3rd person POV

Mark got up off the ground and stood to Harribel's right. Harribel decided now was as good a time as any to examine her new knight. Mark appeared to be in his early twenties and had messy light brown hair and grey eyes that showed no light due to all of his negative emotions. He wore black boots, black cargos, a crimson shirt, black leather gloves and a black leather jacket decorated with studs. Around Mark's neck was a silver chain with an athame pendant and two fangs on either side of it.

"That concludes our buisness for today so you are all dismissed. Oh and Mark any uniform preferences?" Aizen asked the knight. Mark thought for a moment and shrugged.

"So long as it's loose and black I won't complain." Mark said repressing his hatred. Aizen nodded and left as Mark followed Harribel and her three Fraccion who had assembled behind her as mark thought about what he wanted for a uniform. Mark followed the women out of the meeting hall and headed to Harribel's chambers. When they arrived and walked in Mark was amazed at how extravagent and expansive Harribel's chamber's were. "Mistress, your chambers are breathtaking."

"Leave it to the noob to be impressed." Apache said with a sneer. Mark looked at her indifferently. "Listen up human boy. Normal Arrancar and us Fraccion have dcorm rooms while Espada have large complexes like this. Each room and complex is made according to the tastes of who lives in it. It's like a special power of Las Noches but it'll be a bit before you have a place to sleep."

"Really?" Mark asked. "Well I guess it would have been too convenient for me to have a place to sleep but what am I to do for lodging?" Mark asked himself.

"You may stay in my room until you have one of your own." Sun-Sun said surprising Mark, Mila-Rose, and Apache. Harribel looked at the calmest of her Fraccion curiously but said nothing.

"Wait, Sun-Sun-san are you sure?" Mark asked. "I mean not only am I a human but I'm also a male and you're okay with me sharing a room with you?" Sun-Sun nodded without hesitation and her face betrayed nothing.

"While you are human you have dedicated yourself to Harribel-sama so I have no quarrel with you and even though you are a male you have taken the mantel of a knight meaning you have honor and virtue so I shoulod have nothing to fear correct?" Mark nodded immediatly. "Then there is no problem that I can think of for you to share a room with me for a few nights. Though where in my room will be a problem. My couch and recliner are both still being cleaned thanks to Apache's drinking habit."

"Hey!" Apache yelled. "Don't dis the wine!" Mark could already tell what had happened to the couch and the recliner. "Besides blame Mila-Rose and her huge tits for being in my way!" Mark sighed.

"So let me guess, Apache was incredibly drunk and as she was trying to get some where she ran into Mila-Rose's chest and spilled wine every where right?" Mark asked and he received a nod. Mark then looked over at Harribel. "Milady, is there anything you desire from me?"

"Nothing at this moment except perhaps more information." Harrinel said. "Since you're my knight now and will be working with my Fraccion we would need to know more about you." Mark had a confused look since he wondered what exactly his mistress wanted him to say. "Just a few simple things such as your likes and dislikes will suffice." Mark nodded.

"As you desire." Mark said respectfully. "As I said when I pledged myself, my name is Mark Frey. I'm from the U.S. but I've taught myself japanese. My likes are anim and manga, practicing my own way of fighting, baking, and reading. Dislikes are god-complexes, justice-complexes, crimes against women, and the world because of how twisted it is."

"So you don't like those who consider themselves to be god and those who believe that they stand for justice?" Mila-Rose asked. Mark nodded but said nothing. "Why would you not like them? I mean they are annoying and all but why?" Mark looked over at her and she shivered seeing the black flames of his hatred burning in his eyes.

"I have a personal grudge against the gods themselves for allowing me to suffer for their amusement and any one who wishes to become a god is sure to do the same and as for justice it is non-existent. At one time it may have existed but now it's been twisted and perverted that it is no longer in existence so if any one says they represent justice they can't only represent their justice which is false and should not be pushed onto others." Mark explained. He got up and looked out the window into the night covered desert of Hueco Mundo. "The world is twisted and corrupt because of gods and justice so I have stood against them on my own. No matter what pain it brings me I will never allow the gods to win. I'll crush them when I find the chance. Maybe the world will be pure once more and true justice will resurface. I'm only human so I don't know what will happen but we all must do what must be done."

"You really don't like the world do you?" Sun-Sun asked. Mark shook his head while looking out the window.

"You know I barely met you and already I think your an idiot." Apache said. Mark shrugged.

"It's been an interesting day. I suggest we all head to bed." Harribel said. Her three Fraccion and her new knight all nodded and left her complex. "Mark-san you are definately a strange person."

Mark followed Sun-Sun to her room and when he walked in he was surprised. Sun-Sun's room had a large fully stocked kitchen with a bunch of cook books by world class chefs. Mark looked over at Sun-Sun with his surprise evident. "I like to cook. It's a personal thing. I wish I could bake though."

"I bake." Mark said. "I'm not a professional or anything but I do pretty well."

"Really? Then maybe you could bake something sometime" Mark nodded in agreement. Sun-Sun smiled before going to her armoire and grabbing her night gown and going into her connecting bathroom. Mark took off his shirt and coat revealing some scars on his back and an x-shaped scar over his heart. He zoned out for a moment until he heard the door to the bathroom open and saw Sun-Sun examining his scars. Her white night gown barely made it halfway down her pale thighs and it had no sleeves"You said the world was corrupt and twisted. Is this your proof?" Mark only nodded not wanting to talk about the scars on his back. Sun-Sun then walked in front of him and traced the scar over his heart lightly whith her finger. "You may get new scars you know."

"Those will hurt less than these. These are scars of betrayel." Mark said. "So where am I going to sleep?"

"The bed is a king sized one." Sun-Sun said. "We can both sleep in it and not be close to each other." Mark nodded as Sun-Sun climbed into the bed and slipped under the covers Mark go on the opposite side and slipped under the covers as well falling asleep.

Mark's dream wasn't odd for him. The smae teens dead at the door of a destroyed cathedral and he walked further in seeing more dead with a moving shadow eating another. However what was new as at the alter was a woman wearing an Arrancar version of a french maid's costume with long turqoise hair. Mark walked up to her cautiously.

"Who are you?" Mark asked the woman. The woman only smiled slightly before disappearing.

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