Trecera's Knight

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Chapter 2: Las Noches

Mark awoke to a warm feeling in his arms. He opened his eyes and found himself embracing Sun-Sun. Mark restrained himself from freaking out and slowly took his arms from around Sun-Sun and slipped out of bed as not to wake her. Mark sighed and looked back an noticed her nightgown had ridden up during the night and he could see more of her pale thighs. Mark tried his best not to look but he couldn't help himself. He soon heard Sun-Sun stir as if looking for him. Mark leaned in thinking he heard her talking.

"Please don't go." Sun-Sun muttered. Mark pulled back surprised. He couldn't tell if she was having a dream or if she was actually talking to him. In the end he decided to brush some hair off her face to show that he was still there but when he did Sun-Sun grabbed his hand and pressed it to her cheek. "Stay...don't go." Mark blushed slightly. He could tell she was dreaming from the fact that she had yet to open her eyes.

"I won't." Mark said softly. "I will be right here for you." Sun-Sun smiled and released Mark's hand but he let it rest for a moment before taking it back. "I wonder what she's dreaming about?" Mark then looked through the cabinets for breakfast before stumbling onto some pancake batter. "I guess I can make breakfast." Mark got to work on the pancakes before he heard Sun-Sun get up. She looked over at Mark who was putting banana's into the batter as well as chocolate chips. "Awake now?" Mark asked.

"Yes I am." Sun-Sun stated. "I see you took it upon yourself to make breakfast." Mark shrugged as he cooked the pancakes. "Pretty quiet in the morning aren't you?" Mark didn't say anything as he served the pancakes. "Thank you but it would be nice if you talked."

"Sorry I get kinda focused when I make food." Mark said with his wolfish smile. Sun-Sun smiled back causing Mark to blush at her cute smile. "So what's on today's agenda?" Sun-Sun thought as she ate the pancakes before she looked up at Mark. "Well first thing we should do is wake Apache and Mila-Rose. They normally sleep until I wake them."

"I'll wake up Mila-Rose then." Mark said. "I just get this vibe Apache doesn't trust me ya know." Sun-Sun nodded before giving Mark directions to Mila-Roses room.

"Be sure to knock first." Sun-Sun warned. Mark nodded before heading out and following Sun-Sun's directions to get to Mila-Rose's room. When Mark arrived he knocked like Sun-Sun had warned him to do and was met with a sleepy come in from Mila-Rose. Mark walked in and closed the door behind him only to hear Mila-Rose gasp. When Mark turned around he tried his best not to blush at the sight of Mila-Rose who was as naked as a newborn.

"That's why Sun-Sun told me to knock." Mark said to himself. "Sorry didn't mean to see you like that. I'll just be-" Mark turned to leave but Mila-Rose Sonidoed infront of him and blocked his way out. "Ummm...I would think you would want me to leave."

"No I don't I want to talk." Mila-Rose said.

"Well shouldn't you get dressed?" Mark asked confused. Mila-Rose started to move and Mark backed away and rounded the corner before hitting the foot of her bed completely cornered.

"Why?" Mila-Rose asked. "Don't you like my body?"

"It sends me a lie." Mark said confused Mila-Rose. "I can never be loved or desired and you here like this makes me think I can when I know it's impossible." Mila-Rose felt sorry for Mark. She didn't know why he felt that way but she knew it must have been a lesson that he found out painfully.

"Well I just want to talk for a moment so bear with it." Mark nodded deciding it would be best to focus on her eyes. "You said you would protect Harribel-sama correct?" Mark nodded. "What about us Fraccion? Would you be willing to protect us as well?" Mark smiled slightly at the question as he lifted a hand to put it on Mila-Rose's shoulder, accidently brushing her breast along the way.

"My vow was to protect Lady Harribel and that included her happiness." Mark said. "You all seem close so if she were to lose one of you she would lose some of her happiness and I can't let that happen so I will protect everyone I can. That is the root of my vows and I did not make them idle." Mila-Rose was surprised. She assumed Mark made only loose vows to keep himself alive but she heard the conviction in his voice and realized he meant every word of what he said. Mila-Rose backed away allowing Mark to leave. "I hope I satisfied your curiosity." Mark left as Mila-Rose put a hand over her heart which was beating slightly faster.

"You did at first but now you've made me even more curious." Mila-Rose said to herself. Mark walked slowly back to Sun-Sun's room so that he could calm himself. He would be lying if he said that seeing Mila-Rose didn't make him a little esxcited but he steeled himself since he knew he couldn't be loved or desired so long as he fought against the gods and the world. As Mark continued to calm himself he saw the shirtless Arrancar he saw at his hearing. Mark was slightly confused about who he was.

"So I see you again." Mark said to the shirtless Arrancar. "Haven't seen you since my hearing." The Arrancar looked at him and smiled slightly.

"Would that be buena suerte or mala suerte?" The Arrancar asked. "I'm not sure but you are a damn lucky human."

"I say a bit of both." Mark answered modestly. "So just who in the name of the Magician are you?" The Arrancar chuckled at the tarot reference.

"My name is Verothorn Anstigua. I'm told that I'm related to the Sexta Espada Grimmjow." Verothorn said. "No idea if that's true or not but I could care infinately more. Besides, what's currently occupying my mind is who and what you are. Maybe your intents as well." Mark sighed slightly when Verothorn said that.

"I thought I made it clear who I was. I'm Mark Frey, Knight to Lady Tia Harribel the Trecera Espada. My intents are to serve my Mistress to the best of my ability." Mark said meaning every word of it. However Verothorn didn't seem completely sold.

"Then riddle me this: how'd a person like you just appear here? You're a human but you seem to have powers like us Arrancar?" Verothorn asked with great curiousity.

"How in the name of the Priestess should I know? I'd say it was the work of the gods but we are at war." Mark replied with his fist shaking at the injustices he'd suffered. Verothorn sighed at not getting his question answered.

"I suppose my curiousity must remain unsated for now. But you must be willing to honestly follow through with the intent of serving your mistress to the best of your ability for as long as you live or have an afterlife. Treat her and her Fraccion well and with honor." Verothorn warned the knight. Mark looked at him with a great deal of resolution in his eyes.

"I assure you, I have no intention of failing Lady Harribel. As for treating Mistress and her Fraccion with honor, I chose to be a knight instead of a mere servent. To treat them with honor is what I always intended."

"Good. Women deserve praise, worship, and every form of respect and pleasure in the worlds. After all, where would we be without them? Non-existant." Verothorn stated as Mark nodded in agreement.

"I hear that. I've gotten a couple of my scars from defending women, including one that nearly ended me." Mark replied as he put his right hand over the scar over his heart and remembering that look of pain and sympathy that Sun-Sun had the night before.

"At least you're still alive so you should enjoy what you can to the fullest, including your duty to Hallibel-sama."

"I intend to. I am lucky to serve someone as kind as Mistress."

"Looks like we might not have any problems. Especially if you honestly lay down your life to protect them, should it come to that."

"I will." Mark said simply. "My vows are not idle in any way."

"Then we shouldn't have any problems in that regard." Verothorn said with a slight smile.

"So it would appear. Well I best not keep Mistress waiting any longer. Guess I'll be seeing you Verothorn Anstigua but know that if you ever cause my Mistress or her Fraccion any grief, to have the Devil take you before I find you." Mark threatened. Verothorn looked at him seriously as the knight walked off.

"Pray to whatever you believe that you can hold yourself to the same standards, if not higher, Mark Frey. Failure is never an option before the inquisition." Verothorn countered causing Mark to stop but the knight did not look back.

"I believe only in Darkness and I assure you that should I fail my blade shall do the work of the inquisition." Mark said simply before continuing off causing the Fraccion to smirk.

"We'll see, should it come to that." Verothorn mused before Sonidoing off. Mark arrived at Sun-Sun's room to see her talking to a female Arrancar holding a box.

"There you are, Sir Knight." The Arrancar said. "This is your new uniform that was specifically designed for you."

"Thank you for getting it done so quickly." Mark said taking the box before going into the bathroom to change. When he walked out he was wearing black boots, black pants, black long coat that was sipped up but there was a gap at the bottom where you could see a black shirt as well as silver metal on the shoulders and forearms, black fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back, and a long black scarf. "This is great and loose making it easy to move around in. You have my gratitude." The female Arrancar bowed and walked out.

"Well I must say that is a fitting ensamble for you." Sun-Sun said. "What took you so long to get back?"

"I ran into Verothorn Anstigua and we had a short chat is all." Mark said not wanting to tell Sun-Sun about his other short chat with Mila-Rose. "So what else do we need to take care of?" Sun-Sun thought for a moment before looking at Mark again.

"I think we should head over to Harribel-sama's complex and see if she needs anything done." Sun-Sun replied. Mark nodded and followed the Fraccion to Harribel's complex. When they arrived they saw Apache and Mila-Rose already there as well as Szayel Apporo holding an odd orb with a lot of reiatsu eminating from it. The pink-haired Octavo saw Mark and smiled which caused Mark to tense up.

"Just the human I was looking for." Szayel Apporo said. Mark tensed seeing as he hated the scientist with a burning passion. "If you would be so kind as to touch this orb."

"What is it?" Mark asked cautiously. Szayel Apporo grinned entering his raving scintist mode.

"This, dear human, is a combination of reiatsu and metal forged from a dead Arrancar's bones." Szayel explained. "You could say that it is a zanpakuto in its infancy. Touching it will give it a form and one that'll compliment you." Mark looked at it for a moment before reaching out his right hand and putting it inside the orb which started to reform itself until it formed a hilt that looked like a revolver with a longsword style blade. "My such an odd looking weapon. How does it feel?" Mark swung it around for a moment before resting it on his shoulder.

"It feels right." Mark said with a smile. "Thank you Szayel Apporo." The scientist smiled as he left.

"No thank you for the data." Szayel said. When he left Mark turned to Harribel who knew exactly what he was going to ask.

"I just want you to familiarize yourself with Las Noches for today, Sir Frey." Harribel said to her knight. Mark bowed and headed towards the door when Lilynette Gingerback burst in.

"Sorry for barging in but have you seen Starrk?" Lilynette asked. She received head shaked from everyone. "Dammit where is he hiding now?" Mark walked up to the young girl.

"I'll help you find him." Mark said. Lilynette looked at the human curiously for a moment before nodding. The two started to look around Starrk's complex but couldn't find him anywhere. Mark then decided to set a trap and made a simple rope and pully system that had a water balloon. Lilynette saw it and laughed. "You like it then I take it?"

"It's perfect!" Lilynette said. "I've wanted to make one but well...short you know." Mark nodded b3efore they went out to look for Starrk before finding him in the meeting room. "You idiot!" Lilynette screamed kicking the Primera in the stomach.

"I was hoping you wouldn't find me." Starrk said earning him an elbow to the gut. "Ow. Oh well if it isn't the human...what was your name again?"

"Mark Frey."

"Ah yes now I remember." Starrk said. "Any way you mind taking Lilynette with you? I need to rest." Mark thought for a moment and nodded causing the young blond to follow him."

"So what do you weant to do now Nii-san?" Lilynette asked. Mark was surprised that she called him big brother but he liked it. Mark thought for a moment before a grin split his face.

"How about we prank the living hell out of everyone except Mistress and the girls?" Mark suggested. Lilynette was bouncing up and down in excitement nodding her head as they started to plan who to prank and how.

There's chap 2 for ya. Hope you enjoyed it.