News Reporter: Today residents of Central Los Santos are coming to terms with the aftermath of a full blown war that hit the area yesterday. Witnesses describe a single black gun man fleeing the scene with a critically injured dark haired Latino woman. With the death count already over 100 and still rising, there has been no official denial that the dead were members of street gang The Ballas and law enforcement agency the Zaibatsu. Police have not yet discovered the Zaibatsu's reasons for their connection with the Ballas. Following the death of Zaibatsu founder Donald Love in a mysterious plane crash earlier this week, it has been suspected that both Love and the Zaibatsu were working with the Ballas for something that had to do with politics. There still have been no leads as to the cause of the massacre. Local residents Roman and Niko Bellic describe the scene.

Niko: Yeah, My cousin and I got a good view of the action. A couple explosions rocked the mansion before the place finally came down.

Roman: Those Ballas were always doing something in there, killing, extorting, stealing; hearing of the massacre is somewhat of a relief to me.

News Reporter: This has been the largest gang related massacre since the 2001 Cartel massacre, which still remains a mystery. Rumors are circulating that the cause of the massacre was a ransom exchange gone horribly awry. Reporting from Channel 5 news, this is Jane Yamamoto.

(Brian and Rosita are heard kissing as the credits roll.)