A/N: I've only read a few chapters of this manga, but I've got to say that I enjoy it. For now, only one drabble; I may add more in the future. This one is based on the story in chapters 3 and 4.
: I don't own Mermaid Saga.

There is an island out in the great blue sea, where the air is laden down with salt and the water laps against the shore. The gulls cry an endless refrain, and the people of this island make their bounty from the sea.

And on this island, there is a woman.

A woman sits on the shore, at sunset and at dawn, staring out at the water stained red and gold and purple with the sun. She does not cry, she does not scream, she does not say a word. Her eyes are glazed and heavy, but more tired than melancholy. None dare approach her.

This woman wears a face of strength at all other times, and smiles and laughs as if there is not a hint of sadness on her soul.

"You were my wife."

Tears cascade down her face like a raging storm, and all she can do is bury her face in his back before he pulls away. "I had the same dream," she sobs.

Rin knows he won't come back. But she still can't help but hope that if she stares out long enough, she'll see a black dot on the horizon, and eventually that dot will be him.