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I slammed my fork down. This time I had enough. No, you, Virginia Marie Weasley, will not look over at Harry and Cho again. I quickly stopped playing with my mashed potatoes to sneak a glance at Ron, from across the table, to see if he noticed the little love fest between the two. No, of course he didn't. He was too involved in that luscious chicken leg. Well, Ron is always oblivious...but I mean they are sitting right next to him!

"Eek!" Okay. Ew. Harry squealed again. Yes. Squealed. Like a girl. I quickly looked over, and yep, Cho was squeezing that thigh of his again. Damn it. I told myself not to look.

"Ginny?" I tore my eyes off Cho's revolting teasing, and looked over at my mum.

"Yes?" I asked innocently. Because that is me. Innocent. I am Ginny Weasley, shy, sweet and innocent. I hate that. If only I could speak my mind - I've got tons of things floating around in my mind.

"Do you want more potatoes?" Oh.

"Oh," I said voicing my thoughts. Well what did I think she would say? 'Let's throw mashed potatoes at Cho and Harry and see if they notice'? Yep. "No, that's okay." I placed my hand on my stomach, just to show that I was full. Yeah, right. More like if I ate while looking at Cho and Harry I might just become violently sick.

"Ack!" A squeal. That's it. I slammed my water glass down, maybe a tad bit harder than I intended too, but it served its purpose. Everyone's head shot up - surprised. Good. I was going to be outspoken for once.

"Excuse, me," I said putting on a hearty smile. Then, narrowing my eyes to a full-fledged glare, I looked over at Cho and Harry. This, I could tell, surprised Harry. "I just have to hurl." And with that, I left. Not bothering to see their reaction, not bothering to care. I walked quickly down the hall, and when I got to the stairs I bolted. I could hear Fred and George sniggering, my mother's gasp, and the scraping of Hermione's chair, and then the patter of her footsteps, jogging after me.

Then, as I reached my room, slamming my door behind me (forgetting about Hermione) I did something that surprised me. I had begun crying. But there was no reason for these tears. Why would I cry now? That's when I realized, that it was because I was in love with someone I could never have. I was in love with Harry Potter.


"Ginny...please open the door," Came the reasoning voice of Hermione.

I sighed, getting up from the bed, and unlocking the door for her.

"Oh Ginny..." She whispered, pulling me into a hug once seeing my tears. This only made my cry more.

"I'm fine - really," I said, pulling away.

Hermione shook her head and dragged me over to my bed, and sat me down while she took a spot next to me.

"Don't give me that Ginny. We all saw you leave at dinner tonight - and you never speak up like that."

I tried hard not to yell. Why does everyone have to assume such things about me? "I just..." How do I say this? "Cho was practically down Harry's pants today at dinner." Nice way to keep it on the down-low. I inwardly shook my head at myself.

Hermione smirked. "So Fred, George and I weren't the only ones who noticed?" She said obviously trying to hide a snigger.

"Someone 50 miles away would have noticed. Unless your daft, like Ron," I said reasonably. I think even my parents noticed. But they're too nice to say a thing. They must be too nice, if they let Cho stay with us this long.

Hermione burst out laughing. "I know...Ron really is oblivious," Hermione said her giggles dying out and being replaced with some dreamy grin. Uh oh. "But that's what I love about him," She added as an afterthought, more to herself than to me.

I blinked a few times. Quite a fast change of conversation. "Please don't talk about my brother like that," I begged.

The mist from Hermione's eyes disappeared, and she shook her head back into focus. "I'm sorry, Ginny. It's just...we have been together for one year now..."

"I know Hermione, I know. It's perfect. You're in love. He loves you. Any day now, he'll be popping the question. It must be wonderful to have a life like that." I didn't mean to self-pity myself like that, it just sort of...happened. I also didn't mean to snap at Hermione. And, I immediately felt bad when I saw her downcast eyes. I inwardly cringed, what was up with me lately? Ever since Cho came I've been snapping at everyone.

"I'm sorry Hermione..."

"No, Ginny...I should be sorry. I completely got the conversation off track, and was thinking about myself while you were here crying." You gotta love that Hermione Granger.

I smiled a little, and she grinned back. Hermione was still the same. Bushy hair and all. She was clever, and witty, and one might say, "bookish"...She was a great person. It's obvious why Ron liked her for so long, I mean, she's wasn't gorgeously beautiful or anything...she was, Hermione. She was beautiful on the inside, and it was like that beauty was practically a glowing halo around her. More overpowering than looks. That's what Ron sees, he told me that too. He said, "When you love someone...it doesn't matter how they look, because they will always see that person as beautiful. Hermione is the most beautiful person on this planet - and I love her." I remember crying when Ron told me that, and he mumbled something like "Girls", shaking his head. Anyway, Ron and Hermione have true love. Not that dumb, "Your hot, I love you" stuff. It's better than that. And, yeah, I was jealous. But really happy. My brother wasn't immature Ron, he was growing up, and he really was a nice person. Sometimes anyway. He wasn't shallow like...like...Harry. Why, if Cho looked like...er...well, me, I'm sure Harry wouldn't go after her the way he does now. It's sick. That's what it is. Speaking of Harry.

"Does this have to do with Harry?" Hermione asked, arching an eyebrow. Sometimes I think Hermione has hidden mind-reading powers.

Why even bother lying? "Yes," I said firmly. And then dropped the businesslike tone, and laid back on my bed. "Why is he with...that thing."

Hermione smirked at this. "She's not so bad-"

"She's awful," I intercepted. "All she has is nice hair and perfect teeth."

"I know she comes off as a snob-," I snorted at this understatement. "-But," Hermione continued. "They have been going out for about 10 months now...I think he loves her."

My mouth dropped open. Hermione, of all people, I thought would have seen what I see. It really is not love it's...animal attraction. Yuck.

"Hermione I-" I was about to ask how I could go the rest of winter break while that thing was here. I was about to tell her that I didn't just like Harry...I practically loved him. Sometimes. I was about to tell her, that I can't even look at them together because my heart breaks into 20,000 little pieces each time. I would have said it all, and much more, but at that moment there was a knock at my door.

I quickly clamped my mouth shut, and, wide-eyed, looked at Hermione, trying not to freak out. What if it was Harry? What if he heard? I closed my eyes, and envisioned a shooting star, and silently wished that anyone but Harry was at the door. Two more knocks.

"Hel-lo?" Be careful what you wish for.

"The door is open," I said with a bit more edge in my voice than I had meant.

The door swung open, and in walked Cho. "Whatever," She mumbled. I swear she looked like she walked out of "PlayWizard" magazine. (A/N: haha...playboy, playwizard...get it??) I mean, she re-applied her make-up, and, her hair was falling all perfectly around her skin...her outfit was completely matched with her complexion, and, her perfectly tweezed eyebrows were narrowed making her look angrier, and meaner...if possible.

I slowly let out a breath, and counted to 10.

"I just wanted to tell you," Cho began in her ditzy flair of a voice. "That your little outburst at dinner...well, if it was because you were uncomfortable by the way Harry and I were...acting, then I'm sorry." She said this all while flicking a piece of dirt out from under a perfectly manicured nail.

"Okay..." I began.

"I know you have a little crush on him Ginny. Just...don't get all freaked anymore. Like, gosh." This girl was seriously PMS-ing. And, if I was a little more outspoken, and tough, she would have a death wish.

"I don't have a crush on him-"

"Whatever. I'm sorry. Um is that, like, good enough?" Cho asked, still not taking her eyes off those nails.

A good enough what? Oh. It just came to me. Damn that Harry. He must have told her to apologize.

"Yeah. You can go back to admiring yourself in the mirror now. Sorry for taking 10 minutes out of your busy, hair-flicking schedule." I heard the intake of Hermione's breath. Where had that come from? I'm not sure...but it felt good.

Cho finally looked up, and narrowed her dark menacing, and really creepily intimidating eyes at me. "Watch out Ginny Weasley." 

Cat fight.

I narrowed my eyes as well, although I had no idea what to say next. "Yeah. I'll watch out. But, Cho..." I paused thinking about this for a moment, then, trying to get a sincere look in my eyes, I said, "You won't last."

And for a split second, I saw a flicker worry in those eyes. I had her bothered.

I Ginny Weasley, had been outspoken. I had, er...what was that muggle expression? Burned over a new beef. Or something.

I was one up on Cho. And I didn't care if Harry yelled at me, protecting his precious...because I will always remember that flicker in her eyes. That flicker that meant that maybe she was thinking just what I was hoping.

That flicker that just might help me get through the rest of the night.


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