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This story starts during season 2 of Supernatural, and post-DH in Harry Potter. Ignore the prologue. Harry is a submissive creature and master of death, Though he doesn't like being ether. I'll take votes for the first 3 Chapters on what the pairing should be, as well as the One-sided pairing.

Harry/an angel or demon is what I would aim for… Gabriel? Crowley?

One-sided Harry/Lucifer or Ash/Harry would be funny….

Take a vote, let me know!

Note: Dean/Jo will play a part in this story, so please don't vote for ether of them.

Thank you all for reading. Now, onto the story!

Dean Winchester was silently brooding in the back of the roadhouse, drinking a beer, his thoughts tossing's and turning in his head, as he wondered over the sheer oddness of Sam's and his latest case.

A parent killing clown-creature… Who worked at a fair… and pretended to be BLIND when playing human…

Needless to say, wow. Just wow. Now he had seen some crazy stuff in his life, but this? It was a totally new number on the Coo-Coo clock. Thank freakin' heaven that Sam was able to loosen the pipe on that pipe organ and kill the thing. But it was still a close call… way to close.

Dean had just lost his father, he couldn't lose Sammy as well. That would of devastated him. He didn't know how he would get by without his brother. He was the only thing that he had now that his father was dead, and the Impala was smashed to bits. The last thing he had to hold on to. His mother was dead, his father was dead, He never had a steady woman in his life…

His little brother was it. His whole life.

Somehow that fact seemed to depress him even more.. Dean picked up the beer again, and quickly gulped the rest of it down.

Jo swooped over right after the last drop was gone. She placed another cold beer right in front of him. Dean turned and gave a confused look to the softly smiling blonde. She really was good looking'… But heaven help him he ever try to hit on her. Ellen might string him up to the roof of the roadhouse, and never let him down.

"You looked like you could use another one… On the house." Jo pulled out the chair across from him and sat down. She also had a beer for herself in her hands, and looked like she was getting comfortable.

She un-tied her bartenders apron from around her wait, and placed it on the table in front of her. Dean had watched with some interested before he realized what he was doing, and quickly started looking around the old western-like bar.

Bar was nearly empty, and the last few full tables where clearing out… Yep. It was closing time at the roadhouse. He had better get himself to rights soon, if he was going to drive all the way back to Bobby's… In that Junker of a Van he got stuck with. Ugg. His poor Impala….

"So… Care to enlighten me on what has you drinking beers like Soda?"

Dean dove back into his beer with a vengeance. Jo gave him a deeply worried look as downed the next bottle like nothing…

"HEY! Dean! Come on over here!" Ash called out loudly from the other side of the room. Dean and jo both looked over, as the mullet-wearing man waved them over to where he and Sam where sitting. They too had drinks in there hands, but it was obviously some kind of Soda.

Dean and Jo both turned to one another.

"Why not?…" Dean asked.

"Fine with me…" Jo added. They both shrugged, and picked up their glasses as they walked over. Sam, who was sitting at the bar, turned to Ash as well. After he took a seat next to them.

Moments later Sam and Dean sat on ether side of Ash, with Jo standing behind them. All looking at Ash's laptop screen.

"So.. I was looking over Death's door, and I see that you two don't have a account yet…"

"Death's door?…" Dean raised a eyebrow. "Why do I sense a hunt coming on?"

Sam cuffed his annoying brother on the back of he head. He rolled his eyes, and looked back to Ash.

"So, An Account?… Do you mean it's a website?" Sam asked, as he looked with more interest at the screen.

"Oh…. Yeah, you two REALLY don't have a clue, do you?…." He turned the laptop a bit more toward Sam and clicked open the page. Instantly a creepy photo of an arched doorway standing on it's own, with a veil-like cloth acting at the door.. Sam and Dean looked at one another with a small amount of disinterest, until they saw the veil on the screen start to move, and hands and faces appear on the cloth… It was a pretty unsettling image... 'Death's door' indeed.

There where only two links at the bottom of the screen. "Sign in" and "Contact webmaster".

Ash clicked the 'sign in' feature right away, and typed in '" and his password. His password was written so quick that Sam and Dean didn't catch it.

"Death's door. Com.. It's a website just for hunters. We don't allow anyone else in. It's run by a webmaster, 'Master_of_Death,', But I've been known to lead a hand every now and then…"

"Really?" Sam leaned over and looking glued to the screen. "Hunters only? How many people?… How do you register?" Dean rolled his eyes at his nerdy little brother.

"You register by getting a member to make a account for you, or you write to Master, and he'll make one."

"Does it have chat rooms? Messaging?…"

"You can send private messages, like e-mails, to one another… But no instant messaging and there is only two chat rooms. 'Hunt Chat' and 'Lounge Chat.' But there is also a creature index, and a Hunter's forum.."

"Creature index?…" Sam said, his eyes now lighting up. His interest was highly peeked as he looked over the website that Ash had just revealed to then.

"Yep… A listed catalog of all the niceties and nasties out there. A hunter network, so to speak. Me, Jo, and Ellen are on the site, so why don't you go grab your lap top, and I'll set you up with an account?… I can get you boys logged in with time to spare." Ash pumped out his chest importantly a way he thought looked manly. Dean just smirked, as Sam dashed straight away to the van to grab his new laptop.

Dean watched his geek of a brother leave the roadhouse in a rush, and smirked as the door closed behind him.

He turned back and looked to Ash.

"Hey.. Ash.. About that account?… Do you get to name it?…"

"Yep." Ask said, as he was typing away at the screen. Dean smirk turned even more mischievous, as he took another drag of beer.

"Perfect… Cause I think I got the perfect name for Sammy's account…"

Harry Potter was laying in his bed, shirtless and fast asleep. A Large Celtic knot could be seen from it's fixed place on his back… Accentuated by two large, black wings with a blue tint. Ravens' wings. Open and stretched out as far as they could go… As they always where whenever Harry feel asleep. He could hide them away during the day when he was awake, but the moment he fell asleep, they unwrapped. The tattoo with Gaelic and Latin words took up the rest of Harry's back.

The Celtic knot he looped around more then a few times. Around his wings, around his muscles, around his spine. As if highlighting them. Both wings and tattoo where intricate, large, and very impressive. And functional. One for flying and working his 'Night Job'. The other, for stopping Demonic and Spirit possession, as well as shielding his mind from Magical attacks like the 'Imperio.'

He sighed contently, as he softly flapped his wings. He was more then willing to let the day pass him by while he slept in bed. It was Saturday after all, and he had no reason to get up. Teddy didn't need to go to school, he didn't need to work, (not that he had a REAL job, anyway) and the house was clean and cared for as usual… He wasn't really even that hungry, and it was still early in the morning.

It was unfortunate for him that moment, when he was just about to fall asleep, that a "TING" and "BING" from the large desktop computer that was in the side of his room.

He groaned loudly, as he heard Teddy's little footsteps pitter-patter down to his room.

"PUTER!" The toddler yelled, as he burst through the bedroom door, and hopped into bed with his Godfather.. Or more like hoped on top of his godfather. Right in-between the wings.

"PUTER, PUTER, PUTER!" Harry groaned into his pillow, and then laughed as his energetic godson kept on yelling. "PUTER, PUTER, PUTER!"

Harry groaned, and willed his wings away, as he turned around, knocking the Were-pup to his side. Teddy laughing as he rolled off. Enjoying the toss as only a toddler could.

"Yes, Yes, I'm up. Let's go to the computer."

"PUTER, PUTER!" Teddy chanted again, as his hair turned a baby blue.

Harry stood up and yawned, as he picked up his laughing ward from the bed. He sat down at the desk, and clicked the mouse as he set Teddy on his lap. His inner submissive creature purring as he cuddled up closer to his godfather. Soon the screensaver went away, and a Death's door. Com message page showed on the screen.

'Two new messages…. Death's door requests. New accounts." Harry read out load to Teddy.

He then clicked the first E-mail and started reading it.

"Account name: College_Boy…." Harry snickered loudly as the ridiculous name. He then shook his head, and went back to the E-mail. He clicked the 'Accept Account' button. The page then loaded the next Message. Another account request. This one by 'Impalaguy1'. Harry chuckled again, and this time, he knew for sure what two men where asking to join Death's door.

He had heard about John's boys years ago, and had been waiting for them to join for a while now. And now that they HAD joined up…

"This is going be interesting…" Harry said with a smile. He clicked the 'accept' button on that message as well. Teddy squealed loudly in reply. Harry chuckled, and started rocking the Were-pup in his lap.

"This is going to be very interesting indeed…."

What will the website be like? What other hunters are on the site?

What kinda of winged creature is Harry? And what in the heck happened to Ginny?

Find out next chapter, on.. Death's Door .com!