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It was a week or so later before Harry heard from "College_Boy" again.

He was checking on the creature forum when he noticed some extra entries, and even a few new treads that where posted by him. But it was the entry on the Vampire's thread that he made that really caught Harry's attention. He had no idea that dead man's blood affected Vampires like a poison… Harry filed that under 'interesting info for later use.'

One of the new creatures he posted up was also very interesting… 'Bloody Mary". Harry knew of that urban legend, but he had no clue that it was ACTUALLY real. Harry started following Sam's posts more often after that. Sam didn't type to much, just Matter-Of-Fact tidbits every now and then.. And one story about a Lady in white that sent Chills down Harry's spine. (Her soul captured and dragged to hell by her own children?… CREEPY.)

But then Sam had started posting about Demons. Exorcisms, Weaknesses, devil's traps, and many many other things.. And Harry got worried. Not just because Sam posted deep material, but also from the tidbits he added in. 'Never look them in the eye, even for a second, until you have a Anti-possession amulet or tattoo..' 'Demons, especially the girls, will lie and trick you.. They will wait for days, even weeks to get you..' 'Don't be shy about using holy water; it doesn't hurt the person, just the demon'.

Things like that. Harry started to get very, very worried.

The night then came when he and Sam finally meet on the Chat rooms… and it was quite an eye opening conversation.

It was after 8 PM when Harry logged in. He had just put Teddy down to sleep, and he was feeling the need to look over his website. There were no new messages to answer, so he went into the lounge chat.

He was glad to see that 'College_boy' And "MITman" where in the room already.. He hated it when he came into the room, and he was the only one there.

MITman: Well, what did ya expect?
MITman: He worked his ass off getting that Impala back into working order. Of course he's happy about it.

He smirked. Seems Impalaman1 had been annoying his little brother with his newly fixed up ride.

Harry didn't type anything in yet, he just waited to see what Sam's response was.

College_boy: Yes, I understand THAT… but does he have to drive with that pervy smile on his face? It's gross.
MITman: Oh, please… You're just upset that he gave you the old Heve-hoe after he got his baby back.
College_Boy: NO I AM NOT! I just find the relationship he has with the car disturbing.
Master_Of_Death: Ever think that maybe he needs that relationship?…

Harry smirked more as he added in his two cents. Now to wait and see their reactions. Should be worth a laugh.

MITman: MASTER! long time, no see, dude!
College_boy: Oh… Hi, master.
College_boy: Woah, Wait, what do you mean he NEEDS that relationship?…
Master_of_Death: Well, think about it, Sam… Does Dean have a girl? A Best friend? A DOG?
Master_of_Death: Nope… None of the above. Just a his brother, and a family Heirloom. His Car.

Master_of_Death: I bet he even talks to her, pets her, and wishes her goodnight…

Harry grinned mischievously at the screen. The couldn't WAIT to see what Sam would say about that…

MITman: LMAFO! Yep. That's Dean.
College_boy: … Ok, now you're beginning to creep me out here.
College_boy: How did you know all that? How do you even know my real name?
Master_of_Death: Who? Me? I just know things.
MITman: I told him, Sam.
Master_of_Death: ASH! You're ruining my mystic, Mate…
MITman: LMAFO! Your MYSTIC? Really, You British Pansie?…
College_boy: WHAT DID YOU TELL HIM ASH?… and Wait, you're British? WTH?…

Harry laughed out load for a few seconds, before going back to his keyboard.

Master_of_Death: Yes, I am an Englishman… Yes, Ash did tell me a little bit more about you and your brother, but I knew OF you gents before hand.. And no, I am not a Pansie… I am a gentleman. There is a difference.
College_boy: Ok… That makes more sense.. Thanks.
MITman: Yes… You are a Pansie… You just admitted it.
Master_Of_Death: WHAT? When?…
MITman: When you admitted to being a gentleman.. Gentleman are pansies.. Case closed.

Harry glared at the screen as if boring a hole into the man himself. His smirk now wiped off his face. Harry then typed the meanest thing he could come up with on such short notice… with actually wasn't all that mean.

Master_of_Death: Ohhhh… Go drink another beer, you bloody redneck….

MITman: Don't mind if I do!
MITman has now logged out.

Harry stared blankly at the chat room for a few moments..

College_boy: …
Master_Of_Death: …
Master_Of_Death: Did he just?
College_Boy: Yes… Yes he did.
Master_of_Death: … Well, that was unexpected.
College_boy: …. Wow… just WOW.
Master_Of_Death: So… Nice posts in the creature index. I found the new info for Vamps and Demons very interesting…
College_boy: Oh.. Thanks. I was just looking through the info, and I saw that you didn't have those posted up… So I figured I'd add it in while I was online.
Master_of_Death: Well, the reason I didn't add it was because I didn't know it… I mean. Dead man's blood? Wow. Who would have guessed? Good work, Sam. I'm impressed.
College_Boy: Well… Thanks, I guess.

Harry looked at the screen for a bit and smiled. It was obvious that Sam wasn't used to getting positive feedback from people. Maybe Harry could work on that… But, before that, Harry had another subject he wanted to bring up.

Master_of_Death: Mind if a ask you something, though?
College_boy: Yeah… Sure. Go for it.
Master_of_Death: About your posts about Demons…
College_Boy: Yeah. What about them?…
Master_Of_Death: Well; Far be it from me to say, but… They are pretty bloody hardcore. Devil's traps, Amulets, the Knife you have. You've made about 5 different posts so far…
College_Boy: And?

Harry sighed as Sam deflected his question. He knew asking Sam this wasn't going to be easy, but still…

Master_of_Death: And… It looks like you've got a little more then handing out information on your mind. It looks to me like you've got it out for Demons… Sounds personal to me. I wanted to make sure you're alright.
College_boy: I'm fine. Really.
Master_Of_Death: Ok… So you DON'T have it out for Demons then?
College_boy: Well, No… I mean, I kinda do… it's Just…
College_boy: It's complicated.
Master_of_Death: Sam…
College_boy: ok… So MAYBE I have it out for a Demon or two…
Master_of_Death: Yeah.. That much is obvious… But what I'd like to know is WHY.
College_boy: …
College_boy: … Look, I'm not really sure I should be talking about this… but…
College_boy: A Demon killed my mother when I was 6 months old. And we're pretty sure that one had something to do with my dad's death a few weeks ago… and… He's the same one that killed my girlfriend, Jessica, last year….

Harry froze as he read those words on the screen…. A chill ran through his bones as he looked over the text, again and again. He almost couldn't believe what he was reading, but from the bits and pieces he knew of Sam and Dean. He knew it had to be true… It fit in to well with what he heard to be a lie.

College_Boy: And not only that! They killed Pastor Jim… He was this hunter priest who had been looking after us since we where kids.. We used to spend WEEKS at a time with him…
College_boy: And Caleb. A friend dad had since he became a hunter… And Rummsfeild. Bobby's DOG… Seriously. A DOG…
College_boy: AND The dog was CHAINED for Christ's sake! And… And…
College_boy: … And I'm ranting now, aren't I?….

Harry frowned a little bit as he realized that he had been reading, and not responding. He quickly snapped out of his thoughts, and when back to the keyboard.

Master_of_Death: I would actually call it 'Venting.'
Master_of_Death: It sounds like this has all been adding up for you… Have you tried to talk to Dean about it?…
College_boy: Yes… and then I tried the wall. Same response.
Master_of_Death: My guess is that he isn't taking it well, ether.
College_boy: Not really.. He isn't taking it in At all. It's like he's pretending that Dad, Pastor Jim, and Caleb aren't gone… just driving now the road, looking for a new case.. Like nothing ever happened.
College_Boy: A part of that, I get… Neither of us have seen Jim or Caleb in years… But Dad? Dean and Dad where closer then any other son and father I've ever seen.. Dean worshipped dad. I don't get it…
Master_of_Death: People grieve in there own way, Sam.. Dean needs a little time to let it sink in.. And you're not wasting any time in helping others find ways to take demons out. We all have our own ways of dealing with Deaths… and Murders are by far the worse… Give it time, Sam. And let it go.

Harry finished typing up his sentence, and sent it. He then waiting for a while as he sat at his desk. It seemed like forever, but he knew that at the very least Sam had read it, and was probably re-reading it a third time. Sam seems that type. The one to look over and analyze things before responding.

College_Boy: Oh, Really? So how did you start to 'Let it go'? By making a little website, then calling it quits?
Master_Of_Death: Yes, Actually.
College_Boy: Wait… What?
Master_of_Death: Yes. I did.

He sighed. He didn't want to have to go through the process of re-living all of this… It had only been about 4 years since this all happened… But Sam needed to know that someone understood. And if he had to drag himself through the memories in order to help him, he would.

Master_of_Death: When I was 17, almost 18, I held a party.. I was going to surprise everyone and announce my engagement to my.. "high school sweetheart" of sorts.. Her name Was Ginvera. We all called her Ginny.
Master_of_Death: Right before the announcement, one of the other quests found out… and he went berserk. He snuck into through the kitchen, and went into the waiting room when Me and Ginny where alone fully intent on killing her.… Little did I know, he was a Werewolf. And it was a full moon..
Master_of_Death: He killed her… Tore her up… Right in front of me. And I wounded him badly, Really, I did… Don't think I didn't put up a fight… But she died anyway… right in my arms… and the bloody bastard got away with it.

Harry froze after typing that, because of the flashes that where going through his head.. Him and Ginny, talking in the great room about there upcoming wedding.. A glass of champagne each in their hands… Her hair was curled up and pinned, and he new dress was lovely… he had told her that she had never looked better. She had blushed…

Then the door nearly burst into splinters as the werewolf came it… He jumped on Ginny and dragged her to the ground before Harry even knew what was happening… Harry wasn't ashamed to say that some of the spells he fired weren't exactly legal… But none of them helped… Not even his status as the Master of death helped.. Her body was to torn and Harry knew he didn't have the heart to stop her soul from crossing over…

He sighed mournfully, as he turned back to his keyboard.

Master_of_Death: Her murder shattered my world entirely. All of my hopes and dreams for the future were dashed… for days it seemed like I couldn't even breath… Not really even sure I wanted to…
Master_of_Death: I was stuck. I had frozen myself in the few moments after she had died.. And I stayed that way for weeks. It wasn't until my friends pointed out how Dunderheaded I was being that I realized it.
Master_of_Death: I moved out of London then, and started a new life here in the U.S. I made my website, and started putting every little thing that I knew and could find about dark creatures, light creatures, and all up here... And it helped me. I still update every chance that I get. I keep hunters informed of what is going on, and what needs to take care of or overlooked..
Master_of_Death: Did it stop me from missing her? No.. Did it stop me from being angry and hating the person that killed her?.. No… But did it help me "get over it" and move on with my life… yes.
College_boy: …. I had no clue… I read the Entire werewolf thread and the index post on them.. You never mentioned it… In fact, you make a point to remind hunters that werewolves are only dangerous on the full moon..

Harry looked from his desk, to the door across the hall… Where he saw Teddy, fast asleep, in his Toddler bed. His eyes softened as he looked at his adorable little ward. He turned back to the keyboard.

Master_of_Death: That's personal information, Sam. I didn't give it out easily.. And besides. Werewolves ARE only dangerous on the full moon… Just because one rouge werewolf killed my Ginny, doesn't mean every werewolf in existence needs to wiped out.
College_boy: I don't know if I can do that… I mean.. I get what you are saying.. But every time I think of Dad and Jessica.. Every single time…
College_boy: I guess I still feel Frozen..
Master_of_Death: In the words of my best mate, 'Get the hell up, and start living again. Because no one is going to do it for you!' it's your choice, Sam… Do you want to stay 'Frozen'? get Angry and Bitter? Or start living again?…
College_boy: Good question.. I just wish I could answer..

Harry sighed as he thought over Sam's words. He had been there, too.. Sam would have to pull himself out of this mess… Harry just hoped Sam would let him help along the way.

College_Boy: Now, I've got a question for you…
Master_of_Death: Shoot.
College_Boy: Can I Please, PLEASE change my user name?

Harry burst out laughing again.

Sam and Harry then spent the next few hours talking to one another on the chat room. They both went to sleep that night feeling better.