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Harry sighed as the woman before him started crying loader and harder in front of him. He patted her back lightly, and she wailed even loader.. God, he just couldn't win..

"I know.. I know I shouldn't be upset.. He was an ass, I KNOW it.. But.." The dyed-blonde and trashy looking woman said between sobs. Harry nodded kindly, and gave her on last quick hug before pulling himself away and sitting back on his chair.

"I know that this is hard on you, Jolene, but you WILL make it past all this. But he was your boyfriend for three years. It's going to take a bit of time..."

The young woman wiped her eyes as she nodded. She started righting herself as she took deep, long calming breaths.

"But you're sure, Harry? You're sure He's ok with me selling his motorcycle?"

"NO THE HELL I AM NOT OK WITH IT!" Said a pissed-off, transparent, and angry-looking male ghost standing behind Jolene. The ghost was clad in black and leather, with a bandana around his head and biker boots on. Harry's jaw locked, and he refused to meet the Dead man's eyes.

"You tell her I am not ok with it! Dead or not, that bitch is not getting rid of my Harley!"

"He's perfectly fine with it, Jolene... He's not around to ride it anymore, and you've got bills and baby to take care of. Really, Jolene, It's alright."

"NO THE FUCK IT IS NOT, YOU LITTLE SHIT!" The man yelled, jumping at Harry. Harry didn't move.. The ghost fazed through his body, and landed in a heap on the floor... Harry stopped himself from snickering. Served the arrogant endoplasmic git right...

Jolene smiled lightly as she stood up from her chair, fixing her too-short skirt and nodding happily.

"Thank you, Harry.. I didn't mean to bother you, but.. I just... I know how Danny was about his bike before he died. I guess I just wanted to make sure he wouldn't be upset."

"Don't worry, sweetheart, You're not a bother at all. Now, go sell that bike and give the baby a kiss for me." Harry said with a sweet smile. Jolene lit up like a Christmas tree, and hugged him again, before rushing out the door. Harry sighed one more as he followed slowly behind her, flipped the window sign over to read "Closed'. He deadlocked the front door and turned off the light to the sign that read Harry Potter; Physic Medium.

After watching Jolene drive away, He turned around to face the irate ghost.


"YES, I DID... So what exactly are you going to do about it, Danny-boy? Because, incase you haven't noticed, You're bloody dead!" Harry snapped loudly as he eyes narrowed. Now that Jolene was gone, He finally allowed himself to react to this unbelievable idiot of a ghost.

He had bit back his anger, and pretended not to notice his fits when ever Jolene came over.. Harry had grown tired of Danny belittling Jolene. And his cursing and screaming demands at him. The first thing he wanted Harry to tell Jolene that she was still HIS woman and he didn't want another other man around his kid. Harry refused, and the demands and the cursing got worse from there.. And now, he had officially had it with this guy...

The ghost's eyes widened in fear, if only for a moment. Harry didn't stop.

"You're GONE. You died in that bar fight, and Jolene was left alone.. With YOUR baby girl. She needs the money, you have no use for a Harley.. So, you bloody prat, leave her the hell alone and cross over already!"

Danny had been an abusive, whiskey loving jerk... Just Jolene's type. When he had been stabbed to death, she had taken it very bad. So she came to Harry for comfort. Had been for the last few months. With a new baby and money problems, Harry wasn't sure why she would pay his fee over and over; but she did...

And Harry wasn't going to let her down now. He roughly grabbed the resurrection ring on his hand and twisted it once. With a flash of Harry's own magic and a yell, Danny was forced over to the other side... More the likely the Hotter half of it.

Danny's ghost, Who was probably well on its way to becoming a vindictive spirit, was now dealt with and gone.. And Harry (And Jolene) could take a deep breath.

He was sure now that in a few weeks, she would be just fine. Harry released the death ring, and started putting things away. He was officially done working for the day.

Sometimes, Harry really hated his "Day job..." But he had to do something, didn't he?

He locked up the rest of the front of the house (what he called 'The Shop') and then went to the back of the house. (What he and Teddy both called 'Home') Teddy was already watching some random cartoon on the tv, with his coloring books scattered around him. He seemed intent on the t.v, and the books laid around him, obviously forgotten.

"Not coloring than?" Harry said, pulling the cub into his arms with a smirk. The 4-year-old curled into Harry with a smile.

"NOPE! No color... Do't know wh'ich one..." Teddy said, looking toward the books still on the floor. Harry chuckled. Teddy was like that sometimes. He would sit and ponder over his choices. Like what hair color he wanted that day, or what toy to play with.. Harry found it endearing.. The babysitters found it annoying.

"Well, first we will have Dinner.. Then we can decide what to do next. Alright?" Harry hoped that was tempting enough for the 4-year-old. Teddy nodded his acceptance with a smile, and Harry gave a relived sigh inwardly. The last thing he wanted was for his cub to have a fit.

Harry walked into the kitchen and just started to make some bangers and mash.. He hadn't had it a long time, and Teddy needed a good english meal.. When a knock sounded on the 'Shop' Door. Harry winced, and tried to ignore it. It was coming the front of the house, and the sign obviously stated that he was closed...

But when the knocking got loader, Harry only growled in annoyance and turned off the stove. Cooking would have to wait... He picked up Teddy and placed him on his hip, and walked back to the front door.

Two very odd-looking officers where standing on his front porch.. Detectives? FBI? Hunters? His eyes narrowed for only a moment, before he slipped a calm mask on his face. He opened the door, and looked at the two officers.

"Good evening... Can I help you gentlemen?"

"Are you.. Harry Potter? The owner of this place?.." The darker skinned man asked.

"I pay the lease, if that is what you mean..."

"Good.." The lighter skin officer said, with a weird smile. A chill ran through Harry's spine...

"Chirsto." Harry said quickly, before ether of the men could say anything more. To his surprise, (Or maybe not) both of the 'Officers" eyes turned black. The darker skin man even winced. Harry quickly slammed the door shut, and jumped back, holding Teddy tighter in his arms... His wand found itself in his palm before he even realized he had grabbed for it.

The two demons leap at the newly closed-door both looking enraged. Teddy shrieked in terror and buried himself in Harry's shirt. It was just before the two managed to break through the window and into the house when two very blinding blasts of light covered them; Both suddenly stood rigidly still, and fell awkwardly to the ground.

Harry grinned smugly as he turned to calm Teddy down. The little boy was shaking in his arms. Soon, Harry got him righted enough to go and wait in the kitchen by himself. It was only after Teddy left the front of the house, and Harry was sure there where no more demons about to attack, that he opened up the door again. This time to step out to look at the two he now dubbed 'Moron 1' and 'Moron 2'.

"You know... Attacking a Wizard is very bad idea." He started at the two, as he stepped out to his porch.

"Attacking a wizard with a CHILD to protect, Welll.. That's just stupid..." He said, now bending his knees, and kneeling down to them.

"But, attacking a wizard.. With a child.. In his own HOME that you very well know could be warded is.. Well... Suicidal." He ended, as he grinned mockingly at the two.

"But I guess being Demons, you don't give a second thought about death or suicide, do you? Oh... and in case I may forget to mention later.. I linked the wards of the house with a Perfituis Totalis spell..." The two demons glared up at him with even more hate in their eyes. Harry only smirked more.

"So, now, if you don't mind telling me, Moron 1 and Moron 2... Why oh why would Demons be interested in little-old me?.."


Posted by Master_of_death


Ravenmockers are very misunderstood creatures. Like Grims, or 'Black Dogs', they have a very bad and dark reputation. This reputation leads to fear, and often times, a wrongful hunt.

Ravenmockers have two forms. A Body, or physical form, that is Human in every way. Almost always with pale white skin and dark black hair. They also have a second form. This is the form mostly associated with Ravenmockers. A body covered in Black-blue feathers, with red beady eyes, sometimes even with beaks and talons (Much like Veelas). These features are why these beings were labeled "Ravenmockers," being bird-like traits mostly seen in Ravens...

In fact, Raven mockers are not related to ravens in any way, but are in fact, related to Angels. When Angels walked the earth, Before god forbid it, many took human wives and husbands. These resulted in children that were sometimes giants, sometimes strong warriors, others being unearthly beautiful depending on the traits of the Angel parent.

The Ravenmockers where such children; But the children of humans and one of the seven angels of death. Many gifted with powers over Death. Much like Reapers, sometimes becoming similar to angels of death themselves. Any Ravenmocker found alive today would be very rare find indeed; as it is believed that most of the lines of the angels have been killed or breed out of their angel blood.

Let it be known that the true purpose of Ravenmockers is not to take souls or kill people at all. Their first purpose is to help (Sometimes force) The crossover of the spirits of people who have already died. Troubled, vindictive, and trapped spirits are their job, nothing else. The second is to reproduce, and continue their line. As such, most Ravenmockers are submissive creatures. (See Creature Mates, in open forum.)

There are a very few ways to be sure if a person you are hunting is a Ravenmocker. One, is of course, to see then transform into their Ravenmocker form. The second is to make them fall asleep. If is firmly believed that when a Ravenmocker in human form falls asleep, there blackish-blue wings always come out of their back and show themselves.

Unless you are CERTAIN that the being you are hunting is a Ravenmocker, and that He/She has killed someone, DO NOT HARM THEM. They are very tough to Kill, and will not take attempts on their lives lightly.

On a side note, It is also widely belived in the hunter community that the famed 'Mothman" in actully a Ravenmocker.