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"We just want to thank everyone for coming tonight," Phineas said, hugging his new wife to his side. "We want to thank you for supporting our," he pause to look at his brother. "and Ferb's decision."

Taking his eyes from his fiancé, the silent of the two looked at his brother from the table. He smiled.

I sat there at his feet, chittering as he would sometimes lean down to scratch under my chin. I winced. My once smooth purring now sounded more like a rusty motorboat that refused to start. Huffing grumpily, I straightened my single brown bowtie.

"…and I'm sorry to say that the 'Thank You' cards might be arriving a bit later than expected."

Ferb snorted. "I tried explaining that cards the size of windows don't exactly fit in people's mailboxes-"

"But I ordered the supplies anyway." The crowd of family friends laughed nostalgically. My tired grin slipped as I crouched down to nap on the polished tile of the dining hall. It hardly mattered how old my boys were; they never changed their inventive ways.

Phineas' deep voice drew the speech to a close. That was my cue to yawn and walk to the door. My social tolerance had ebbed away with the years. I groaned, as did my bones.

All was quiet, aside from the whisper of my boy's wife.

"Oh, oh!" Phineas yelped, causing the microphone to produce a squealing feedback. "I almost forgot. Has anyone seen Perry?"

All eyes fell upon me, the exit not even a foot away. Phineas knelt down and lightly patted his legs.

Sighing resolutely, I weaved around the chairs and table legs to jump unceremoniously in to the adult's arms. I found it even odder when Ferb stood up, bringing the chair out so Phineas' wife could sit down. The green haired adult stood next to us.

I peered up at them. "What's this all about?" They winked at the same time.

"This is Perry," Phineas briefly held me under my arms, raising me so the family could a good, yet redundant, look. "He's more than just our pet platypus, he's family. And we need to thank him."

"If it weren't for him," Ferb placed a gentle hand on my scrawny shoulder blades. "We may not be standing here today. None of us would be."

"It took us a few years, but we finally figured out where Perry runs off to everyday." Phineas nodded at me before placing me on the floor. I paused, breath hitching at what they wanted me to do.

…I raised myself onto my hind legs, adjusting my eyes to a more intelligent focus. I wasn't surprised to hear collective gasps...I'm pretty sure Candace said I was busted, too.

"For years upon years," The redhead continued into the microphone. "Perry, or Agent P, worked for The Organization Without a Cool Acronym, a facility that trains animals to become secret agents." I stifled a growl when a few people scoffed. Phineas took zero notice to that.

"Agent P has valiantly protected the Tri-State Area from evil scientists, robots, and anything else that could put a possible dent into a perfect summer's day. Mind you, that was a long time ago. Perry, along with his nemesis, both agreed to retirement."

Ferb knelt to run a hand through my scraggily fur. He wasn't the only one who flinched when strands of my pale hair drifted to the floor.

"It doesn't matter how old he gets or how much his muscles ache, we know Perry would protect us, all of us, from any threat. Therefore, we feel that it is only fitting for all of us to say 'thank you' to the best platypus secret agent in the world." I mentally rolled my eyes.

There I stood in front of the crowd and waited. With my aged state, I knew I appeared so bedraggled, so pathetic. Secret agent… A newborn platypus could knock me down with a flick of its tail. All it would have to do is step on me and I would be done for. Secret agent? Those days were over, never existing to me any longer.

Chairs creaked as people stood. I tipped my chin to the floor, waiting for the jests and mockery.

It started sharply, and then turned thunderously in an instant until it was just a dull roar. My eyes snapped to our family friends. They were…


Still recovering from the shock, the ground left me as Phineas and Ferb placed me on their shoulders. Bashfully, I jumped back to the floor with an almost nimble pose.

And I bowed gratefully with a smile that showed my still perfectly white teeth.

The crowd cheered and hooted with a strange air of respect.

I was in another world at that point, not taking notice when everyone finally calmed down.

Phineas began another speech, closing with a wish for everyone to drive home safely. My mind wandered back to the exit.

"Once again," Phineas smiled. "Happy holidays and thank you all for – Hey," There was a pause. "Where's Perry?" While everyone gazed around, idly checking under tables, the two brothers glanced at each other.

Phineas and Ferb smiled.

The Flynn-Fletcher's sold the house shortly after their children left for college. It may be sad to say that no one ever bought it. No complaints from me, though.

I sat in the middle of their empty room. Paint peels from the once sky-lined ceiling rested here and there, even a few fell onto my back. I no longer took notice to my lair; this bedroom was always my favorite place of solace, no matter the vacancy.

My webbed feet took me downstairs, an eerie echo sounding around the house as I walked.

Turning in small circles, I finally rested on the spot where my basket used to lay. Its true home.

Even with the memories, it was no longer a part of me. For the fedora stayed in the lair, taking its final place on the computer chair. The hat never collected a single particle of dust, yet I never touched it.

I took one last peek at the snow and frost slowly piling onto the window before my eyes slipped close. Every fiber of me waited for the boys to race to the backyard, blueprints in hand and imagination at their fingertips.

Even now, some things never change.

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