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"Stay away from him"

"Don't go near him"

"It's him again"

A child with spikey blonde hair and blue eyes always heard the villagers call him that.

Why?, Why? What did I do to them? The boy thought as he cried on the swing he sat on. He looked at the group of kids that were playing with eachother.

"Um" a timid voice said behind him. He looked back to see a girl with short navy blue hair, pupiless eyes, and was wearing a light purple kimono.

"Um, d-do y-you w-want t-to play" The girl said.

"Sure" the boy said

"um,my name is Hinata Hyuuga what's yours?" She asked

"Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki" he said then he stuck his hand out waiting for her to shake his hand

"It's nice to meet you N-Naruto" she said as she timidly shook his hand

"It's nice to meet you too Hinata" Naruto said as he saw Hinata blush

"Here you sit on the swing and I'll push you" Naruto said as he got off the swing

"Um, okay" Hinata said then she got on the swing

"So why are you playing with me?" Naruto asked as he pushed her

"Huh?" Hinata said

"Everybody hates me, they all avoid me" Naruto said

"I-I actually wanted t-to p-play with you s-sooner b-but my father wouldn't l-let me" Hinata said

"Your father?" Naruto said

"M-My father d-doesn't want me t-to play with you, but he had a meeting today and I-I thought I-I could play with you" Hinata said

"You stutter a lot" Naruto said

"I-I'm s-sorry" Hinata said

"You don't have to apologize" Naruto said

"My father says I'm weak" Hinata said

"Why?" Naruto said confused

"It's because I can't master the Gentle Fist" Hinata said

"Gentle Fist?" Naruto said

"It's a fighting style only the Hyuuga clan knows" Hinata said

"I-I think you're strong" Naruto said trying to hide his blush

"R-Really N-Naruto" She said. Naruto nodded

"Do you want to be friends?" Naruto asked while blushing

""Y-Yeah" Hinata said while blushing as well

"So since we're friends we'll look out for each other" Naruto said

"Yeah" Hinata said

"HINATA WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING NEAR HIM!" Hiashi Hyuuga yelled as he walked over to them

"F-Father" Hinata said

"I told you. You are not to go near that boy" Hiashi said then he grabbed Hinata's hand and then walked away.

"B-But F-Father" Hinata said

"No buts" Hiashi said as he walked away

"They all hate me" Naruto said quietly

a week later

Ever since Naruto and Hinata became friends Hiashi has strictly forbidden Hinata to see him again.

"I'm all alone" Naruto muttered as he sat on the same swing he always sat on. He looked at the same group of kids playing with eachother

"Hey it's that kid my parents told me to avoid" one of the kids said

"My dad said to never go near him" another kid said

"He's a freak" another kid said

"Freak" the kids yelled at Naruto.

Freak! Naruto thought. As he got up and ran away to his home. Once he quickly got into his home which was empty, as usual. Naruto cried as he leaned against the door.

I don't understand. Why? I didn't do anything to them, but why do they all hate me Naruto thought as his tears kept on streaming down his face.

I want to dissappear. I don't want to be here. Where everybody hates me. Naruto thought.

That's it! I'll run away, Naruto thought as he dried his tears. Then he quickly started to pack all of his clothes, food, or anything essential into his backpack. Naruto just finished when he heard a faint knock on the door.

who could that be, Naruto thought then he walked to the door and opened it. Naruto came face to face with Hinata.

"H-Hinata" Naruto said not believing she was there

"I-It's n-nice to see you again N-Naruto." Hinata said

"H-How are you here" Naruto said

"M-My f-father had another m-meeting and I took that as a chance to go and see you" Hinata said

"But how did you know that I lived here" Naruto said

"I-I saw you run to your home when I was looking for you" Hinata said

"Oh" Naruto said

"N-Naruto w-why are you carrying a backpack" Hinata said while looking at the backpack in Naruto's hand

"Hinata I'm running away" Naruto said

"W-What!" Hinata said

"I'm running away" Naruto said again

"Why?" Hinata said


"Is that why you're leaving. It's because everyone hates you" Hinata said. Naruto just nodded

"I-I'm coming with you then" Hinata said. Naruto was taken back and looked at Hinata in disbelief

"B-But Hinata what about your father" Naruto said

"M-My father hates me because I-I'm weak, all of members of the Hyuuga clan thinks I-I'm weak" Hinata said

"Hinata" Naruto said

"A-And besides we're friends. We're supposed to look out for each other, right" Hinata said

"Yeah" Naruto smiled

"Hinata you have to go home and pack up everything you need and some food me at the swing where we first met at 10 P.M., alright" Naruto said

"R-Right" Hinata said then she looked at the clock

"I-I have to go my f-fathers meeting is going to end soon I have to get home before the meeting ends" Hinata said

"Then what are you waiting for GO!" Naruto said. Then Hinata quickly rushed back to the Hyuuga compound before Hiashi finished his meeting. Hinata quickly packed some clothes, food, and etc.

10 P.M.

Naruto was waiting by the swing where he first met Hinata. His bag was already full of all the things he needed. Then Naruto heard a noise in the bushes and he saw Hinata. She was wearing black pants and shirt, since she couldn't wear kimonos.

"S-Sorry I'm late" Hinata said

"You didn't come late, I was here early" Naruto said. Hinata just blushed.

"Come on we have to hurry" Naruto said then he grabbed Hinata's hand and ran

"The entrance is ungaurded for a short amount of time before they close the gates. We have to get there before they close it, okay" Naruto said. Hinata nodded. Then they saw the entrance. Naruto motioned Hinata to be quiet and then they quickly ran thru the entrance and left the village behind. After about 20 minutes of running both of them stopped to catch their breaths

"We did it. We ran away" Naruto said as he looked behind to see if anybody was running towards them

"N-Naruto where are we going to go now" Hinata said

"We're going to go everywhere, we're going to travel everywhere and see everything" Naruto said

"B-But what if we run out of food" Hinata said

"We'll just get a temporary job and if we're in the forest we'll just look for anything that's edible" Naruto said

"O-Okay" Hinata said

"Let's walk a little more, we can't be too careful" Naruto said. Hinata nodded and walked with him

"N-Naruto" Hinata said

"Yeah?" Naruto asked

"D-Do you think that we'll come back to the Leaf Village" Hinata said

"Yeah, one day we will come back, but it's going to be a long time before we come back" Naruto smiled. Hinata just blushed

"N-Naruto where are we going?" Hinata asked

"I was thinking. How about we go to Suna" Naruto said

B-But N-Naruto if we're going to Suna. Then we need to go that way" Hinata said while pointing to the right

"Oh, silly me. I have no sense of direction" Naruto smiled then he walked in the direction Hinata was pointing towards.

"I sure am glad that you're with me Hinata" Naruto smiled. Hinata blushed a deep shade of red

"Come on Hinata, to Suna" Naruto said with Hinata walking right next to him

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