I could take all of you in and not even flinch. And you'd do it, wouldn't you...you'd like to do it. I know you, Lab Rat. Frat Boy. Charles. You're the telepath, but I know your mind without that luxury.

You want to fuck me.

You'd be darling at first. Maybe try to charm me with one of your mutation lines. You'd risk my temper, doing that. You'd bruise my intelligence with false Oxonian velvet and risk bottoming rough yourself, just to see if I liked the pain.

I don't. I don't like pain. I've never...I don't.

...But it would hurt a little, wouldn't it? If you ever managed to get me on my back. It would take at least an hour, with your scientist's thorough foreplay and polite dithering. Eventually, you'd have to stop being polite. You'd have to take the vaseline I've already half-used up on you, take it from the nightstand, slick your own cock...you'd want to do it yourself...yes...

You'd have to push into my asshole, and it would burn...but I've had worse...so much worse...and Charles...you'd haveto groan.

And then what would you do, white-faced and wide-eyed and sweating above me, buried balls deep and speechless like it was some sort of religious rite. Worth anything. Sacred.

You're you, so you'd find a way to talk. You'd spout foolish things. You'd tell me I was beautiful, which is not the word, and say that you loved me, which is not advisable, (which is not possible),you would thank me over and over in all your perfect German, the harsh sounds somehow soothing on your tongue-

Even as you pushed deeper. Even as you fucked me faster and harder then you've ever dared fuck one of your human girls...you'd ram into me almost like we were at war, bite at my throat where you meant to kiss, you wouldn't be able to look at me, because I'd see the wilderness that's not supposed to be yours, and I'd clench around you hard, to let you know I've wanted this...needed this...to let you know that I know you, Charles Xavier-

I'd come just like that, I think. No hands, just pinned on your pretty, thick cock, choking on your name.