Hello! Because of all the recent hype and speculation about The Dark Knight Rises, I was inspired to write a BatCat fanfic of my own. I've always been fascinated by their relationship in the comics and I'm interested to see Anne Hathaway's portrayal of Catwoman. This is in no way meant to be my interpretation of TDKR-Bane will not appear, but the Joker will definitely play a part later on. I'm just playing around with the Nolanverse and having a little bit of fun with its characters.

Also, Catwoman won't be portrayed exactly how she is in the comics. There will be some characteristics and aspects of her personality from the comics, but I've made her largely my own and tried to make her more human and realistic. This particular universe calls for a particular type of character, and I hope I'll be able to do justice to that.

The romance will contain several unexpected twists and turns as well. I have a few tricks up my sleeve! :D

With that out of the way, here's the prologue. I hope you guys enjoy! It takes place about a month after TDK. Batman is currently a fugitive, but there are still reported sightings of him every now and then. This is Catwoman's first "official" night out in Gotham.

DISCLAIMER: Sadly, I do not own anything recognizable.

She was ready to strike.

Crouched low on the rooftop, the dark figure crept along the edge of the building, unnoticed by the two men who were currently immersed in a drug deal. Far below them, the streets of Gotham City pulsed and shone with life.

The figure stopped when she was directly behind one of the men. The pale light of the moon illuminated her sleek black suit and the whip she carried in her right hand. She lifted up one arm.

But before she could lash out at them, another dark shape appeared beside her. Quick as a flash, it forced her arm down and pried the whip out of her hand. Enraged, she lunged at the intruding figure. She hadn't taken all those years of martial arts for nothing.

But the newcomer was much larger and stronger than she was. He pinned her arms behind her back and she lost her balance, falling to the ground. She barely had time to give a cry of indignation before the huge figure was upon the two men. Their eyes widened in terror as it knocked them both to the ground. Needles and bottles scattered everywhere.

"Get out of here," the hulking figure growled as he effectively slammed one of the men's faces into the gravel.

"No," she shot back. She wasn't about to be outdone by Batman. While he was busy with the first man, she jumped lithely to her feet and leapt onto the second man. He had fainted, tongue lolling back into his head.

Barely a second after she reached him, she was yanked forward by an invisible force. She glared angrily at Batman, who appeared so large he blocked out the light of the moon. "I got to them first," she protested. "They're mine."

"But I was here first," Batman replied. In an instant, he was gone. The two men had also disappeared, leaving her standing alone on the rooftop.

She allowed herself a smirk, adrenaline still pounding through her veins. He thought she was trying to help him. He didn't know that she wanted to do the exact opposite. Well, it looked like she would have to fix that. When she became a household name, Batman wouldn't be so quick to let her escape.

The villain who called herself Catwoman took two strides and leapt to the next rooftop, pocketing the second man's wallet as she did.