November 1, 2011

Prompt: saint

Idea Completion: no good deed goes unpunished

They used to call me a saint. Back in school I was voted most likely to become the next Mother Theresa...not what a kid who just wanted to fit in wants to hear. What teenaged girl wants to be compared to a wrinkled old nun? Looking back I still don't know if it was meant as a compliment or a joke. I was just trying to be nice, trying to be liked. Between the two is not much space to ever say no. Good Southern ladies are supposed to make those around them feel comfortable and good Southern girls are also not supposed to let good Southern boys into their pants; just one of the many childhood contradictions.

Of course any talk of canonization flew out the window after I grew up a bit and did two things: started speaking my mind and came out of the closet. Honesty is supposed to be the 'best policy' but I guess no good deed ever goes unpunished.