Disclaimer: I don't own Narnia or any characters you may recognize from the books or the movies, I wish I did but I don't... I also don't own the Narnian Calendar. It belongs to Elecktrum who was kind enough to let me borrow it for my story. Her own stories are awesome and you should go read them too.

Summary: A stranger arrives in Narnia one year after the Pevensies begin their reign. Accused of being a witch herself, she risks her life in an attempt to save young Queen Lucy from falling prey to a terrible plot.

Warning: There will be mentions of torture, murder, and some scary moments. So, this is a mid to high T.

A Light in the Darkness: Awakened



Prologue: Evil Stirs


24 Sunbend 1001

Seven hundred years had passed since he last looked on the Eastern countries and a hundred more since he had stood upon Narnian soil. Nevertheless, with Jadis and her enchanted winter gone, he could finally continue the plans she had interrupted with her ultimately futile ambitions. A slight smile stretched his thin lips as he contemplated how much fun he was going to have with Jadis' successors. Four children, children who knew nothing of his role in Narnia's dark early days. And, why would they? Everyone who would have warned these children believed him dead. Even those cursed Centaurs didn't know he was still around.

He smiled again as he drew his cloak closer to his body. No, this time would be so much more fun and far easier than last time. All he had to do was wait for his pawns to reach their appropriate places. Not even the Lion could stop him this time.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

21 June 2011

A young woman fought her way through the crowd of reporters with the aid of four burly sheriff's deputies. She hoped this trial would finish faster than the D.A. predicted. She raised a hand to block the glare from another reporter's camera. Being the star witness and only survivor of a serial killer...not fun, not fun at all. Maybe she would be forgotten once the media frenzy died down. She flinched when a microphone was stuck in her face. Maybe, and maybe animals could talk.

The crush of reporters surged closer. She lost her footing. A deputy shoved against her back, keeping her from falling down the courthouse steps. She turned her head to thank him, then she jerked and a sharp pain bloomed in the center of her chest. She had been shot! His threat wasn't completely empty after all. Her vision went black and the sound of screams faded until only an unspoken prayer remained. Dear God, help me.



29 Sunbend 1001

The man consulted the bones again, though he wondered if they would again refuse to show him what he desired. Still, the faun child he had murdered should serve as an appropriate price for these fickle servants. He looked closer, reading the pattern, and hissed in delight. She was here. His newest toy was about to learn a harsh life lesson. He cackled as he tossed the bones once more. This was perfect! His final pawn had arrived, and now his plan could begin in earnest.