"ICHIGO'S MISSING" Rukia yelled, racing into the room.

Renji looked up. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"Ichigo is gone, just disappeared like POOF" Rukia panicked.

"How long has he been gone?" Renji asked.

"A few days…his reistu just disappeared a few days ago…no one has seen him since" Rukia replied.

"Did anything happen before he disappeared?" Renji asked.

"Nothing unusual" Rukia sighed.

The door opened and a blue haired man came in. He was dressed in the normal Shinigami uniform except he kept his top open so you could see the long pinkish scar down the middle of his chest all the way to the hole in his stomach, framed by his rock hard abs. "Yo pineapple, where do you want these papers?" he asked.

"Put on them on the desk cat" Renji responded.

The bluette smirked, glancing at Rukia. "Another midget? And on the same day?" he teased.

"Shut up Grimmjow" Rukia sighed.

Grimmjow rolled his eyes, dropping the stack of papers on Renji's desk. "So what can we do for you today Rukia" Grimmjow teased.

"Ichigo went missing a few days ago and Renji isn't being helpful" Rukia whined.

"…Any idea where he disappeared off to?" Grimmjow asked, a nearly choking amount of worry for the smaller male attacked at Grimmjow's throat. Rukia shook her head. "He might have been taken" Grimmjow sighed.

"By who?" Renji asked

"The Prince of Hueco Mundo"


"The Prince will become the ruler of Hueco Mundo but first he would need a bride…All alpha rulers need a beta and all beta rulers need an alpha" Grimmjow explained.

"Ichigo is a beta" Renji blinked.

"Exactly…he is probably one of the candidates to be the Prince's bride" Grimmjow sighed.

"We have to go get him then" Rukia panicked.

"We can't just drop everything and go" Renji sighed.

"Calm down midget…even if the Prince chooses Ichigo to be his bride, Ichigo can still say no and come home" Grimmjow explained.

Ichigo jolted up in the plush, light blue bed. He looked around, noticing a note on the black nightstand to his left. He picked it up and started to read.

Ichigo Kurosaki, you are a candidate to be the Prince of Hueco Mundo's put on the outfit left on the desk chair and someone will escort you to the main room to meet the other candidates. Please don't try to escape, the Prince personally requested for you to come and you were hard enough to bring the first time. Thank you.

Ichigo stared at the note. He reread it a few times before blinking. He shook his head, dropping the note. He crawled off the bed and to the desk. He once again gawked. This time at the chosen outfit. It was a loose sky blue shirt with oversized sleeves that would obviously cover his hands, an extra short black miniskirt, white knee boots, and a pink lace ribbon to tie up his shoulder length orange locks. Ichigo sighed. At least there was no corset. Ichigo wore one once and decided to never wear one again. Ichigo stripped quickly and redressed in his outfit. Surprisingly the skirt really defined Ichigo's ass for a flirty look while the loosen hand covering shirt gave his a playful look. The boots were comfortable and Ichigo knew he could easily run in these. Ichigo's inner beta loved the pink in the bright orange hair but the rest of Ichigo wanted to throw up, perhaps on this 'Prince' fellow. The orangette was sort of glad his Hollow, Shiro wasn't commenting on this skimpy outfit. the young male sighed, a hand resting on his slightly bumped stomach that the baggy shirt hid. Ichigo started to walk towards the door, his boots making no sound. He didn't understand what was going on yet but he planned on figuring it out.